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October 4th, 2010 by Staff

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It has come to my attention that you are refusing to fund the minimum number of deputy sheriff’s needed to keep the public safe in Pasco County, for a “computer palace” costing the taxpayers $13 Million. Sheriff White asked for $3.9 Million in order to fund 28 more deputies. This is a reasonable request on the part of our sheriff, whom we elect to assess the law enforcement needs in our county.

Public safety is of the highest order in our county. I emplore you to change your mind, and fund the deputy sheriffs needed to keep the public as safe as possible.


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  1. PSO Deputy thats upset

    Hello! I hope this email mails work. Im a deputy here in Pasco county and I love what I do everyday! But everyday its getting harder and harder to tame 500k people. I hate reading comments on Baynews9 that the deputies aren’t doing anything. Come on a ride along youll see that I take about 6 reports a night. So that means I have to sit someone where and type them, meaning thats taking me off the streets. Just open your eyes. Building this new voting place is stupid. Protect the taxpayers first!

  2. Robert Haugh

    I have patrolled the Pasco County streets for over 17 years and have absolutely seen a decline in public safety. How am I supposed to respond when one of our older citizens tells me they are afraid to go for a walk after dinner in their own neighborhood due to the fear of being victimized, or returning home to find they have been burglarized by some thug or Oxy-fiend?

    This used to be a decent community and our county commissioners (I refer to as the Pasco Bunch)have ignored our citizens for the sake of adding to the county reserves, investments and coffers. Public officials used to make a legacy for themselves by serving the citizens well and keeping them safe. Protecting our citizens is the single most important responsibility any government must carry out. These 5 nincompoops have forgotten how to govern and only know how to politic. There IS a huge difference between the two.

    Sheriff White was dead right. More deputies will not ensure lower crime as an absolute, but the correlation is very real that when there is a heightened law enforcement presence, criminals move on to another place or decide to refrain from committing an opportunistic crime.
    The Pasco Bunch’s playing politics can be seen first hand when compared to our surrounding counties. Pinellas and Hillsborough counties saw issues developing with the panhandlers pestering citizens in the roadways and near businesses in those counties. Those commissioners enacted lawful ordinances to stop the panhandling. The Pasco Bunch did NOTHING. We have now seen a migration of the panhandlers from Pinellas and Hillsborough into Pasco. I believe one meeting would have been enough to keep up with those other counties and enacting an ordinance instead of ignoring, or inviting the problem to move here. Heck, they could have even plagiarized the ordinances from the other counties! Instead, the Pasco Bunch uses the meetings to approve land use changes for developers without the consideration for the impact on the existing public safety infrastructure resources. Ann Hildebrand bragged “We’re really, in 2010, watching a city evolve,” ( Wow, how about planning for the congestion and crime in that evolving area now while the start up costs are cheaper.

    I have a lot of contempt for the Pasco Bunch and John Gallagher because they even cut spending back in the 2006 and 2007 budget years when our Ad Valorem tax base was overflowing. They cry poverty every year and still manage to put money into a reserve account somewhere. We little folk call those reserve accounts savings accounts and when we can’t pay our bills, we certainly can not put money into OUR savings accounts. This county has hundreds of millions of dollars in various investments and reserves and wouldn’t hurt a thing if they took $20 million from those funds and infused the budgets for each of the next 10 years. They can fund the cost of 28 deputies but choose not to just to do battle with Sheriff White so they can create a rift in the agency and make a power grab over different services like Human Resources, Communications, IT and Fleet Maintenance. Then they would leverage his budget even more until we started getting hurt doing our jobs.
    Simple economics when dealing with public safety is a very good way of looking at the issue. If it cost us $10 a day to keep a neighborhood, it will cost us $100 a day next year to take it back. The Pasco Bunch needs to let that work it’s way into their brains and marinate for a while.

    Spending $13 million on a building in a year when you fired 45 people and put money from their salaries and benefits into a $2 million hurricane reserve account and told the citizens you would rather build a park or library than put deputies on the street is ludicrous. Jack Mariano said the community might “be better off” if they had places to go such as parks and libraries than if they had nothing but extra deputies on patrol.( a hurricane hit us head on, I think I would rather have 28 more deputies able to respond to the citizens guaranteed cries for help than to have a $4 million savings account. But then again, I am not one of the Pasco Bunch.

    Be well Guys and thanks for the forum for me to vent!

  3. Robert Haugh

    Oh, yes, and one more thing, dear Lord — about the Pasco Bunch and John Gallagher? Ignore their heathen prayers and help us send those little bastards straight to hell. Amen
    – Lieutenant Colonel Hal Moore (We Were Soldiers)

  4. kevin gillotte

    always. safty first

  5. Norma

    I heard the interview with the Sheriff this morning. To think that a computer palace is more important than deputies. The sports complex…..Tropicana Field can’t get enough people in it….what makes them think Pasco County will have enough people to play in their sports complex. With $13 mil they can fund the parks, deputies and raises for the employees who haven’t had raises in almost 4 years.

    Now that the union has been voted in the employees will have a say in the workplace. Get rid of the Boss Hogs and bring in fresh blood.

  6. Tax Payer

    No more money for deadbeat cops. These arrogant pricks contact Bubba looking for a handout? Half the cops in the area are poorly trained burdens on tax payers anyway. Why not meet us half way. Get this backwards joke of a state to decriminalize marijuana and you won’t need more cops, you could probably even let some go. Now I know why the area has so many bums on the streets looking for handouts….THEY LEARNED IT FROM THE COPS.

  7. Joe in Port Richey

    I am all for the x tra officers. I live in the Embassy Hills/Regency Park area of Port Richey and personally i am tired of the rising crime. Our elderly are being murdered and raped, home invasions are on the rise, burglary’s and assaults are out of control. These commissioners want to waste money then we the tax payers have had enough and it is time for change and if that means pushing these idiots out of office then so be it.

  8. Joe in Port Richey

    Reading the comments on BN9 and even here are really disturbing. We all know that anyone who puts officers down are usually felons who hate the fact they cannot do what they like to do and that is break the law. Are there bad cops out there?? Of Course, but the majority are good people doing a very hard job. Yes Bob Whites secretary makes way too much money, so start writing those including Bob White and let them know our Leo’s should get more money, not some secretary. But it really disgusts me when people claim our LEO’s do nothing. Wait for when you need them people.

  9. George H. Edwards III

    The county commissioners have once again failed the community they serve. Since Sheriff White took office he has fought to provide a safer environment for the citizens of Pasco County. It’s time to unite as a community and support the Sheriff in an effort to protect our families and friends. What if the victim of the next brutal crime is of kin to you?

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