Devon James Exclusive Interview

March 24th, 2010 by

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25 Cent was behind the camera for this exclusive Devon James Photo Shoot!

Alleged Tiger Woods mistress Devon James called the show to claim that she has been carrying on an affair with the married golfer!

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  1. Bruce


  2. devon james | Trxnd

    [...] See photos of Devon James • James called “Bubba the Love Sponge” radio show to recount the affair • The pornstar is also an online escort – $180 for every [...]

  3. jack

    how do you get the interview if you are a member allready?

  4. Joe Harvey

    I cannot download the interview. I am a returning subrscriber and tried to sign up using another name and it still didnt work, when I get to the sign in screen and go to use the password I am given I am told that the password I am using is wrong. I tried for an hour to get this to work but just gave up.

  5. jim

    wow can u say white trah lookin haha

  6. clint in canada

    I think she is living in a dream world no way did she have tiger she is white trash

  7. LT

    this bitch is way too ugly, no way tiger hit that

  8. D M

    I recieve the password, but the website still does not allow me to download.

    Power Pig Hello, I’m Burnin’

  9. guttermouth

    just siz my f’n diz then hook up NED you hideous tweeker


    Man I work with this white trash, classless pig as a dancer in sarasota FL, well at least up until this past week. she’s not at the club anymore due to some very disgusting behavior. and I can tell you this, either her photos are really photoshoped, or she just got real dumpy. Didn’t wear any make up, didn’t fix her hair,….nothing. Has a huge gut as well. To be honest, she looked like she needed a shower every time we saw her. She walked around the club every and all night, bragging about her affair with Tiger Woods, acting so proud of herself, while everyone just thought it made much more sleezy. Needless to say, we’re very glad she’s gone. i highly doubt there’s any truth to her story.

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