Dash-cam video from Michael Slager’s patrol car released

April 10th, 2015 by Staff

Slager, 33, has been fired from his job and is currently being held without bond on a murder charge.

(FoxCarolina.Com) NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. – The State Law Enforcement Division has released a copy of the dash cam footage from North Charleston police officer Michael Slager’s patrol car in the moments before he fatally wounded Walter Scott. 

In the video, Slager pulled over Scott and asked to see his license and registration. Scott tells the officer he is missing some paperwork, saying the car is not his but he plans to buy it and the current owner has all of the documents. Right after
Scott pulls over, you can also hear Slager tell him his third brake light was out.

Once Slager returns to his car to check Scott’s license, Scott gets out of his vehicle and Slager tells him to get back inside.
Scott gets back into his car, then suddenly gets back out and takes off on foot.

You can’t see Slager, but through his microphone you can hear him as he runs after Scott.

Moments later, the two meet in a grassy field where Slager attempted to subdue Scott through the use of his stun gun. Video captured by a bystander that has been shown around the world and shared through social media shows Slager squeezing off eight shots to Scott as Scott attempts to run from the scene.  

There was a bench warrant out for Scott’s arrest because of unpaid child support.

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