Dallas billboard advertising casual sex sparks controversy

April 10th, 2015 by Staff

Many say the billboards are in poor taste.

(Fox4News.com) DALLAS, Texas – A billboard near downtown Dallas advertising no-strings-attached sex for men is getting a lot of negative attention from some in the gay community.

Their complaint is that the ad is in poor taste. Others say that’s not so, and that it reflects what’s happening in our society today.

The billboard can be seen on Canton Street while driving into Deep Ellum.

“The main thing that bothers me is that the gay community is trying to, you know, we’re trying to get equal rights,” said John Anderson. “We’re trying to get marriage rights; things like that. And something like this being put up in a public place, it’s completely immoral.”

The app that the billboard is an ad for allows invitations for sex with strange men in public places.

“When you log in, you see malls, bathrooms, parks listed,” said Anderson.

Anderson’s gay friends share his opinion on his Facebook page.

“We are so much better than this,” one friend said. 

“Saddest part is it’s next to my living room window,” said another friend.

Not everybody thinks the billboard is out of bounds. 

“I don’ think it’s over the top,” said local resident Jessica Tindall. “I don’t think it’s too much. I think it’s catching up with the times and what we’re doing today.”

Jo Trizila owns the fastest-growing public relations firm in the southwest. She says sex sells, whether it’s another product or sex.

“I mean, we live in the United States of America,” said Trizila. “God bless it. We have freedom of speech, so what you find offensive may not be what your neighbor finds offensive.”

County Health Director Zach Thompson said in a statement to FOX 4, “Everyone has the right to free speech. With Dallas County having the highest rate of new infections in the state, more efforts and messaging should be dedicated to safe sex practices, and education and prevention of HIV/AIDS and sexually-transmitted infections.”

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