‘Coast Guard killer’ filmed himself murdering officer he was obsessed with

March 31st, 2015 by Staff

Loya, 31, is facing murder and aggravated assault charges.

(The Daily Mail) BOURNE, Mass. – The chilling February murder allegedly committed by a Coast Guardsman from Virginia who drove 600 miles to kill a lesbian servicewoman with whom he was infatuated may have been videotaped.

New court documents reveal Adrian Loya, 31, strapped a video camera to his chest before invading the Massachusetts home of Lisa Trubnikova and her wife Anna in early February, shooting them both and killing 31-year-old Lisa.

Police say Loya wanted to enshrine the terrified final moments of the woman who, while serving alongside him in Alaska refused to reciprocate his advances, and said as much in a 250-page essay he allegedly left for authorities detailing why Lisa had to die. 

According to court documents, Loya had already been recording the couple using a video camera he’d affixed to a tree outside their Cape Cod home.

On his own 31st birthday, Loya drove from Chesapeake, Virginia to the Trubnikovas’ home in Bourne, police say.

Before reaching the home, police say Loya blocked a street with his car and then set it ablaze and scattered fake bombs around it to slow down police. 

Armed with three rifles and a handgun, Loya then allegedly donned a black mask and the chest camera, shot his way into the house and then confronted the couple in their bedroom.

Loya allegedly then ordered the couple to stand and opened fire. Lisa Trubnikova was shot in the legs and torso and killed, reports the Boston Globe.

Lisa’s wife of just two years was also critically injured, but managed to call 911 and summon police. 

As he fled the home and zigzagged around their neighborhood, police say Loya opened fire on them. One police officer, Jared MacDonald, was shot in the back.

Loya would surrender about a half hour later.

In his motel room nearby, police would discover face masks, handcuff keys, duct tape, fire-starting material, a survival handbook, a mess kit, a first aid kit, zip ties, a knife sharpener, and other items, reports the Boston Globe.

Loya has since been charged with first degree murder and ordered held without bail, though he remains at a facility where he was subsequently sent for a psychiatric evaluation.

His attorney J. Drew Segadelli told the Globe there’s more to the case than meets the eye.

‘This isn’t the entire bulk of the evidence,’ he said. ‘I still think there’s some skepticism as I review the police investigation,’

However, prosecutors remained confident they had more than enough evidence for the first degree premeditated murder charge to stick.

And when police told Lisa’s relatives of the incident, their immediate reaction was that Loya had been ‘fixated’ on Lisa since working with the couple in Alaska.

‘He became obsessed,’ a family member told the Boston Globe. ‘He was fixated on her.’ 

Lisa and Anna, who married two years ago in New York, were stationed at different bases in Massachusetts, and worked together with Loya in Alaska several years ago.

Lisa was a Coast Guard Petty Officer 2nd Class of Coast Guard Base Cape Cod, and Anna is a Coast Guard Petty Officer 3rd Class of Coast Guard Sector Southeastern New England. 

According to Cape and Islands District Attorney Michael O’Keefe, the attack appeared to be calculated.

Loya checked into a hotel near the couple’s residence two days before the shooting.

‘I think there was a significant amount of planning involved,’ O’Keefe said.

‘He wasn’t crazy,’ said Lisa’s older brother Luis Berlanga. ‘He knew what he was doing.’

After his arrest, police say Loya told them he killed Lisa ‘based upon a prior interaction’ that ‘made up his mind that he was going to arrive at her residence in Bourne and murder her.’

Court documents did not specify what or where that interaction was.

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