Chris Rock jokes ‘Matt Lauer will get cancer next’

December 2nd, 2014 by Staff

Rock made an appearance on NBC's Today Show on Monday.

(NY Daily News) NEW YORK – When it comes to comedy, nothing is off limits for Chris Rock –not even cancer.

“We’ll show you Robin Roberts!” the 49-year-old comic said on the “Today” show Monday while riffing on the ratings rivalry between that program and “Good Morning America.” “Matt Lauer’s gonna get sick next, watch!”

“The ‘Today’ show is doing well,” he said, referencing the morning show’s other guests. “You have Ray Rice’s wife. Take that ‘Good Morning America.’ The ‘Today’ show has the wife.”

Janay Rice was the victim of domestic violence at the hands of her than fiance. The altercation was captured on video, which later went viral online and the NFL made the decision to suspend Ray Rice from the league indefinitely.

While Rock’s initial remarks may have been funny to some, the joke about Lauer getting sick next based off Roberts’ very public battle with cancer, seemed cringe-worthy to the “Today” co-host.

Immediately following the “Top Five” star’s comments, Lauer said, “We should have cut to commercial 30 seconds ago.”

But for Rock, it’s just another day on the job.

“I don’t want to do it if people aren’t pissed off,” he told the Daily News in a recent interview about his new film.

“When I’m working out material, if it doesn’t piss off the squares — I know I should like an old man saying that — it’s like what’s the point?” he continued. “I’m in the right spot. I’m right were I’m supposed to be.”

Any Chris Rock fan knows he’s not one to shy away from saying what’s on his mind — as evidenced by his recent cover profile in New York Magazine.

“We had Bush for eight years,” he told New York Magazine while discussing the mid-term elections.

“They saw what that was. Apparently a lot of people want to go back to that,” he continued. “A lot of people think rich people are smart.

“Oh, people don’t even know. If poor people knew how rich rich people are, there would be riots in the streets,” Rock said after the interviewee equated class status and income inequality to being the “elephant in the room.”

“If the average person could see the Virgin Airlines first-class lounge, they’d go, ‘What? What? This is food, and it’s free, and they … what? Massage? Are you kidding me?”

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