Catholic Event Bulletin

May 17th, 2011 by Staff

A listener sent us this bulletin from a Catholic church, Here is the email:

I was forced to go to a catholic event this weekend. I was sitting in the middle of the ceramony when I looked down and seen the bulletin from their church. I lost it and alsmost got thrown out. I immediatly thought i have to get this to you guys. Here is a picture:


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  1. Katie Fay

    I can’t decide what is funnier… the church pamphlet or this guys spelling.

    You rock, Bubba

    Katie Fay

  2. steve

    Wow I wonder how long I can go tape not cd

  3. Bob

    Priceless and Disturbing.

  4. AmyP

    Love this!!!! Love Ned’s Catholic Schoolboy parody!!!

  5. Adrian

    Perfect example of why religions are bogus and are the hiding place for child molesters. If this sign doesn’t invite child molesters to become priests then I don’t know what the f else it would mean! You guys rock!

  6. Adrian

    Pastor is Rev. GAM……Good At Molesting.

  7. justlu

    What is a confirmation? the only thing I can confirm is that dude is getting a hefty mouth pumping and the priest isn’t gonna let go anytime soon. Look at that grip, he has his fingers dug into the skull.

  8. Gary

    whats the big deal? im not seeing a problem! im catholic, went through communion and confirmation. i dont currently go to any church. im spiritual, not religeous. i feel sorry for anyone that is an athiest! i know GOD is real! peace be with you all!

  9. Gary

    the picture shows the priest applying an ointment or holy water as a blessing. it is a religeous ritual that is not neccesary to believe in GOD and go to Heaven. yes they could have come up with a better pic. if yall didnt have such a perverted mind you wouldnt look at it the way you do! i used to listen to the BTLS show everyday on sirius but now i cant. the people running sirius xm are idiots!

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