Bye Bye Bubba!!!!

May 7th, 2010 by

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  1. yuradik

    W…T…F… ARE YOU TALKIN ABOUT !!! ALL I HEARD WAS “BLAH BLAH BLAH” duh…..some one needs to poke this guy in the EYE “three stooge style ”


  2. eric

    why is this bubba show so fixated on hate why is he bubba always talking about penis and testicals thats not a real man as i guess he calls him self

  3. Jeff

    Wow, I only watch TNA because of Hogan and Bubba. So these are the people who Dixie listens to… WOW bubba, Dixie Carter is definitely a MARK!!! And this guy is a retard and needs to stay in his speech impediment class.

  4. Corey

    noone is wondering why u aint done no vids. Bubba was assaulted have u forgotten that words do not justify violence. Just because someone says something u dont like does not mean u hit them. Duh. If thats how it was this world would be even worse. U suck Dont u have anytyhing better to do

  5. Central Fla army

    this dude cracks me up….he has a bad case of mush mouth….. I think he missed a few speech classes back in the day….. LMAO

  6. jeff

    try to open your mouth when you speak

  7. Leethal


  8. peteo

    sounds like a black retard.holla holla hoolla hollla bitch!

  9. J

    If they ever decide to bring Elmer Fudd back as a black guy, this dude will fit the bill. Holy Shizz!!!

  10. koboss

    this guy sounds just like bubba when he reads the mail, is this a spoof or what?

    hey studders, he repeats him self like bubba and also clears his throat all the time just like bubba

    wow no wonder sirius pays him peanuts, they could hire this looser to do the same shit show.!!

  11. Jimmy from PA


  12. ChainSAW

    Wow get a life man Bubba has a national radio show and speaks to alot of people way more then you. Your a half assed hack by the way you do know wrestling is fake right. Amd Im pretty shore your summer will not be off the hook.

  13. Paul

    I am glad to see 25 cents dad is doing well.

  14. aaron

    hey bubba why did u go ahead with that stupid crap & get ur butt fired? it seems as though u should have thought bout it before u opened up ur mouth!! u lost a really nice contract easy $$, over talkin crap with kong,, was it really worth it? i think u should have left her alone, yeah she did attaxck u but u recovered okay, didnt u? now uve lost sum extra$$ over stupidity!! maybe next time ull think a bit better before u open ur mouth!! have a nice weekend!!

  15. tx tornado

    show pic. of whats going on the show. asshole!!!!

  16. JOHNNY

    You and kong give African Americans A BAD NAME. Get a life LOSER…….. Feel bad for this ADULT…He is a mental wreck!!!

  17. Jdizz

    Cant even understand this stuttering moron… Sounds like his mouth is full of mush.. This guy gives African Americans a bad name. He’s obviously uneducated.. Cant bring myself to make fun, or say anyhing too mean. I truely just feel sorry for him.. I think he’s mentally handicaped. If thats the case, I show no disrespect. Just hope someone starts to look after him….

  18. Ned

    WOW ,,, another mental midget marking out to TNA & the Awesome Dumb Black Biotch.

    However, I do like the way his mom’s basement is decorated.

    Ned Rules

  19. Timothy Deal

    Dear God, I’m more stupid now for having listened to this tard rant about things he has know clue what he’s even talking about. Why is it only the complete morons of our society run out and get web-cams and start video blogging away like anyone cares to hear their ignorant views of societies issues?

  20. TheNext1

    are you REALLY upset that this retard is talking shit about you?

    this is a 40 year old special ed student who really thinks pro wrestling is real.

    the funniest thing is that he thinks he actually has fans.

    actually fighting him would be a lose/lose for you. if you win you’d be criticized for beating up a retard. if you lost you’d be laughed at for getting your ass kicked by a retard.

    NED RULES!!!

  21. Pete S

    Ebonics at its finest!!It could almost be a boopily! This guy,that i’m sure handed me my BK stacker today,needs to get a life!!! WRESTLING???? ARE U F’ING KIDDING ME??? Get a Desert Eagle 50 cal. and get back to me…….ya jackass!!!

  22. Pete S

    actually,scratch that get a gun thing…..Your too much of an IDIOT!!!!

  23. mark

    whys awsome kongs brother hatting on bubba for.he acts like wrestlings real.she had no right to put her hands on matter what he said its america not haiti. its typical its ok for minority,s to do as they please but a white guy says black bitch and hes crusified get a life.welfare wackpack

  24. t


  25. Joey

    Wat a JOBBER! This black guy is retarted as HELL and has a lisp. He reminds me of a black WARREN from the movie “there’s something about mary” He doesnt even make n e sense with his Boopily talk. JABRONE no one cares about you and how you havent been “youtubbin” for a long time!

  26. Marquino

    you better tuck in that lip boy, before you get it caught on a trip wire.

  27. clayton

    This mother fer needs hooked on phonics or a peny in the cheek hollywood style to loose the gangtarded slang.
    Fen funny, I don’t know who Bubba Sponge is but I do know a Bubba The Love Sponge,LOL. This is fen BWEWDALL.

  28. Jordan mclean

    The only thing he will have a nightmare about is he finally can talk like a normal person hell B fudd can talk better than this retard mark bubba you should do a game show between this guy andB fudd it would be radio gold

  29. Kev

    DUDE SERIOUSLY!!!! Why the f*** does every black person have to run to racism when they have no other means to justify their support? Not So Awesome Kong was the one that was in the wrong, and since they had no other way to blame anything on Bubba, they pulled the race card… but ofcourse that will never go away, cuz then they won’t have anything to hold over “white” peoples heads … by the way what is illistic? And I’m pretty sure this guy couldn’t even beat his own d!ck, let alone anyone else…. Shut up you mush mouth pussy!

  30. geoffrey

    these comments are hilarious!!!!. i have to agree with all comments except tx tornado. he must be related to this jackass. the only reason anybody is watching this is because bubba put it up on his site. no one wants to listen to this stuttering jackass who can’t put a complete sentance together. this is the problem with youtube and what not. it makes people like this think there important.. BUBBA ARMY, BUBBA ARMY.

  31. geoffrey

    sorry tx tornado. it was aaron not you. i appologize profusly. aaron is the jackass

  32. Dangerous

    Could it be B-Fuds long lost “Brother”?

  33. MJ Sucks

    Gotta be Down Syndrome PEEEPO!!

  34. nedsnuts

    this guy is 5 beers short of a six pack i think his mom held her water too long when he was born and now has brain damage! Duhhhhhh!

  35. tom the treeman

    Learn to pronounce your R’s dumb ass.

  36. Hooser

    Dude, get a GF and a Life…

  37. ukme

    Who let this Retard have access to a computer.
    Just look at him and you can understand why he’s a wrestling fan.
    TNA you need more Retards like him
    Thats not right Retards wouldn’t watch wrestling my apologizes to the retards

  38. John

    Sounds like his momma should have went to ABORTION CITY!!

  39. mizzle

    its the black b fud

  40. Tc

    This video is a train wreck! It just keeps getting better. What a dumbass retard!

  41. fan of 88

    this guy needs a job anb buy hooked on phonix

  42. Sean the Security Mark

    Bubba…..I think you should probably give him 25 minutes,(eh, get it?) with this chap on radio. Let him ride it bro! And, open the lines for this jack ass since he’s such a bad ass online thug for life kinda guy, right budda?

  43. jdig

    you know its funny its like all these losers on here are knocking bubba but they are on youtube trying to be somebody by having there own show bunch of wannabees if u ask me what a loser he is i bet he seats at home all day praticing on what to say on youtube. bubba i got your back

  44. MrGz0r

    I love all these hates it just funny

  45. Raider2581

    DUDE STOP SAYING “YOU KNOW” because we don’t know WHAT THE F**K your talking about!!!! Maybe if you’d stop thinking about getting ass f**ked by your boyfreind then maybe you’d be able to talk Like you know. The male version of a valley girl.

  46. sam

    hey is this bubba blue from forest gump movie hes about as smart

  47. cbar

    boobily boobily. clean those f**kin coke bottle glasses and get to steppin all the way to Haiti you hero virgin retard.

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