Bubba’s New Ice Cream Truck

November 10th, 2010 by Staff

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  1. Mark

    bubba want a push-up!!!!

  2. Scorp


  3. Justin

    you gonna have to play (Mr. Icecream Man) by Master P
    na na na naaa

  4. pat

    now that is cool, The Bubba cream van

  5. Hary Seaword

    That is the biggest ice cream truck I’ve ever seen.

  6. Major venom

    Bubba, You should drop one of your old race motors in that bad boy.

  7. Ned's bastard Son

    Looks like you have enough room for a Soft-serve ice cream machine and sno-cone maker, Bubba. If this works out, maybe you can cut a deal on the backside at the dealership and get a fleet of trucks. I’ll drive for you.

    Ned Dra-gons!

  8. Caveman

    You can play I’m your ice cream man by Van Halen of course you have to paint it black with Bubba Army logo.

  9. Shag

    sweet ride bubba, can’t wait to see what you do to it!

  10. Boogiebush

    Dice Dreams

  11. Scott Gammon

    Dude, before you go ramping up this Ice Cream truck you should see this video a gay friend of mine showed to me a couple weeks ago before he went to see these freaks in concert down in South beach. Ever since I saw that video Ice cream trucks are now on the homo list. love ya bubba! PNYR SUCK!


    P.S Question your sexuality if you watch the entire thing and are straight…..

  12. outragis

    Looks awesome, cant wait to see it on the road!

  13. john boy

    you are the man there isent anything better than a ice cream on a hotday or any day mine is ice cream sandwich
    you keep on rocking big bad motherfer peaceout and godspeed brother

  14. Roadmagnet

    Can’t wait to see it with the wrap and all of the aftermarket goodies you bolt on.

  15. Jared

    YO, take this truck down to Miami and give out some free Ice Cream. Maybe you will get some ratings.

  16. doug

    scott your video gave me a boner

  17. Hank

    That ice cream truck isn’t creepy or weird at all, it’s pedo bear approved.

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