Bubbapalooza Calgary

April 23rd, 2010 by

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    Where can I buy tickets???!!
    On this site?
    WHERE the f?!


    http://www.showtimetickets.com looks like a fake ticketmaster.
    looks like ticketmaster has the New Orleans show on with no tickets available yet.
    When do they go on sale for the Calgary show?

  3. Canuck

    Ticketmaster will have them on sale next friday starting at noon eastern.

    ~+~ FYI ~+~

    Promo Code: “bubba army” is completely sold out at the westin…


  4. Lori

    When will tickets be on sale for the Calgary show? My husband and I are checking the site everyday – we don’t want to miss out on this show!



  6. Romance

    what the f… I cant buy em yet????

  7. Backcountryme

    SWEET!! Can’t wait to see you Bubba.

  8. Backcountryme

    Calgary is gonna be packed. Bubba army is strong in Alberta.

  9. ctstride

    I just booked my room at the Westin; they added more rooms for us…..

  10. Amanda K

    I was just wondering if there was any pre-sales??

  11. johnny7284

    calgary sucks come to edmonton

  12. F.B.I.

    Going To Epic And Rediculous!God Damn It Going To Be Hot ! OH GOD!

  13. Tim

    I thought tickets were on sale today ????

  14. Nikita

    I just booked my room at Westin Calgary! I can’t wait for the day!

  15. lowermainlandmark

    Gots my room just need the tix for the show..cant wait. drivin ten hours to get there. see u at the meet and greet.

  16. Blaine MacKeil

    Can’t wait…I will be online and phone and get my family on as well to make sure I get 4 tickets. Bubba Army, Bubba Army…

  17. Scorch

    Not just Alberta Backcountryme… get ready for a Saskatchewan invasion as well!!!!

  18. Brandy

    Have hotel room booked….now just need tickets!!! :)

  19. Big Mike

    Been waiting 2 yrs for this fn’ show. Let tear it up boys Stampede Style

  20. Mike Adams

    We are flying up from Orange County California for the Calgary show!!! Already have the room and will be ready for the tickets! Should a good one! Can’t wait to see everybody.

  21. rippinshitup

    You guys are gonna wana have a second show in calgary when you see how fast those tickets sell out up here… You are gods in this neck of the world

  22. Snow White

    Booked the flight, booked the hotel, just need the ticket and bring it the f… on!!

  23. mpwrider

    right during the sturgis rally…..crap

  24. Hammer

    I missed the friday show…when and where do we get ticket for the calgary bubbapalooza?

  25. dva

    You might want to make room for an extra show. This is gonna kick ass

  26. Northern Arty

    Booked my room for Fri/Sat nights – $281/night. Will the meet and great be at the Westin?

  27. Dale

    You have no idea how excited I am to be hearing this! I have been listening to your stuff since I was approximately 15 years old.. I’m now 23, I get to see the people who have made me laugh for 8 years..

    from Edmonton.

  28. Madfukncdn

    Looks like; air canada and westjet got the jump on the news. booking flights from Montreal; damn; 590$ for a round trip; I’d rather drive. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity; I won’t miss.

  29. Kevin

    Workin at Syncrude! Makes this Gimmic bearable… Anyone else??

  30. Robert

    Nobody gave a shizz with a z when Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter came to Calgary.

    Bubbapalooza will be the best thing that happened to Calgary since the Flames Stanley Cup run in ’04.

    Bubba and the crew should tell Calgary what a couple of stupid c*nts they really are.


    Ticketmaster does not show this one????? WTF……
    I know they go on sale Friday, but where can i get them???

  32. krinkle

    Never thought I’d be a mark but for free tickets I would definately love to be a bubba army undercover slug

  33. roadhammer

    can’t wait for the show and anymore on the meet and greets

    edson ab

  34. Slosher

    Saw the boys at Bubbapalooza in Detroit 2 years ago…. seriously thinking about driving out to see them again. F@*!ing awesome time

  35. Greg R

    anyone know what ticket prices will cost? as well as what meet and greets would cost?

  36. bubbamarkintrail

    Just booked my room at the Westin for 2 days. Can’t wait to meet you guys. Driving 7 hours to see this show. Thanks for coming guys. Welcome to Calgary, Canada

  37. Oil Country Locators

    The whole crew is already booked at the Westin. Bubba gear at Skullz in Medicine Hat

  38. Oil Country Locators

    Drayton Valley AB

  39. Shane

    Looking forward to Calgary…… even if the Flames and Stamps are there….

    Glenn Park AB

  40. Cazzie59

    Ticket Master announce tickets will be available
    Start: Fri, 04/30/10 10:00 AM MDT
    See y’all in Calgary on 14th August!!

  41. Derek

    Comin from Kamloops B.C. Got room at Westin, buyin front row tix:)

  42. Butzie

    The Saskatchewan Division of the Bubba Army will be there in droves my friends.

  43. Butzie

    The event is listed on Ticketmaster…
    prices CA $45.75 – CA $85.75



    can’t wait for the road trip out,plannin on sleepin on a park bench cause its gonna be august in canada and it dont get any better than that,besides seein the awesomest show ever,again cant wait

  45. Canada15

    Where and when is the meet and greet? do you have to buy seperate tix for that?

  46. April in Alberta

    Got my tix! Got my room!! Can’t wait to come and party!!

  47. Mark

    Hey Bubba…..can you guys bring up some bubba gear to buy at the meet and great???

  48. Mead D

    Just ordered my tickets for Bubbapalooza on April 30th, my birthday present to myself today. I’m driving up from Montana & can’t freakin wait for the show. Owner/Operator FTE.

  49. kenny two times

    got floor seats row 11 seats 21-22 can not wait for the show!!!! just wondering on buying meet and great tickets where can somebody buy these i have to have some

  50. lowboy

    Damn damn damn!
    gotta wait for the Toronto show.
    You guys show em what were all about!!

  51. Serena

    Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see all of you!! I am a huge fan as you make me laugh my fricken ass off! The Mattel calls are GD histarical….all your stuff is!! We have tickets for the floor at the show and also staying at the Westin…yikes..the top frickin floor!! WOOOT WOOOT…..Shyt, gotta stop being afraid of heights soon…lol. Leaving beautiful BC to see the show in Alberta!! Looking forward to the roadtrip!! Cheers all!!!

  52. Jason

    why is it that you guys said three different ticket prices but when you go on ticket master there is four different ticket prices?

  53. ron mccarthy

    hey bubba doesn’t clear channel own most of the billbords in the country

  54. Sasky

    On the Chip…bought the highest price, best availible tickets, went on the day after to see how the sales were going and was offered better tickets for a cheaper price. Bamboozled by the best…looking forward to the show.

  55. WTF?

    How many tix have sold?

  56. bob

    3200 seats sold might sell out but i don’t think so!!

  57. Lorne

    Come on you cheap f**ks lets sell this out I’ve been waiting 2 years for this let hulk the f**k up and sell this bitch out…

  58. WTF?

    Just called ticketmaster…the broad there said about 4000 sold!! COME ON! we gotta sell this out for BUBBA!!

  59. Rob B

    If the show was in Edmonton it would have been sold out a month ago Real oil field workers are mostly north of edmonton ,Calgary is all the blue collars not the blue coveralls !!!!!!

  60. oil field north

    all the trucks north of Edmonton are tuned to Bubba from 1PM on daily

  61. oil field north

    All the trucks north of Edmonton are tuned to Bubba from 1PM on daily. If the show was in edmonton it would be sold out by now.In the northern patch we get no phone service so hard to reply to phone polls!We also depend on our sat radios as there is nothing else up here.will be a 8 hr drive but we will be there !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. murphy

    show gonna rock, should be in edmonton would be a sell out for sure. us northern boys live for the show. will tolerate goin to the c word to see bubba and the boys

  63. judgegixxer

    Riding my motorcycle from Mile 300 of Alaska highway 800 miles to Calgary to see Bubba & the boys. Please don’t leave Sirius. I don’t know how I’d get thru a work day without Bubba.

  64. terance

    man I forgot the show was this weekend…I am glad I have a wife to remind me….so pumped now

  65. Mike

    rollin from wpg 2 cal. 12 hour rip! gotta c Bubba!!yeehaaa!!party time!!!

  66. Bubba Army

    The meet and greet should be free!!! WTF they give free and or cheaper tickets to all the other shows. Bubba you better put on one hell of a show. You owe it to the true BUBBA ARMY. With out siruis the Bubba Army wouldn’t have POWER. See you all at the show

  67. Rene

    Bubba rocks but the Sheraton hotel sucks

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