bubba the love sponge is a fuck tard (burial)

May 14th, 2010 by admin

12 Responses

  1. jordanv

    You are an idiot, you little shit!!! He never called awesome kong the n-word…F**KTARD!!!

  2. Nicole

    I work in a office with the H.R. department as a H.R. Admin. Assistant. Everyone is so uptight here I come into this office putting on my in ear headphones so my hair covers the cords. I listen to Howard then when you come on my favorite is Friday. Today is the best show I have heard. I have found people around the office that are pretty laid back away from my area. I have them all checking out the F* you’s to Bubba. Good Stuff. I like this just as much as when Howard brought the Tiger mistresses on the show. To bad my boyfriend is off today he listens to you every day too. I Thank you guys everyday for being on air, it gives my boyfriend and I one more may to relate.

  3. bfondrick

    Bubba played your video on his satellite show today. You got almost an hour of airtime. By the way he said on the show he is going to send a tape of your video to your parents. I’m not telling you this to be nice, I want you to be in fear of the a** whipping your going to get.

  4. Chris

    We need the link to Weston’s video reply. LMAO! Radio Gold!

  5. Jedi Beavis

    This little kid is a major douche nozzle!

  6. james

    god this little dick is a faggot that tick he does is that a cry for cock?

  7. Tom

    holy crap this kid is a friggin homo. i would love to see the look on his face if you showed up at his house, he would prolly stary crying! or offer to suck your johnson. one of the two.

  8. Cory

    You are right Bubba I think this kid sucks way to much dick

  9. joe knapp

    when your other nut drops let us know kid, it’s not possible to take children seriously on these matters. What was the last strip club you were in kid?

  10. Bill

    AHHHH HAHA…this little bitch made his video private after the Army got on his ass. WAH! Bubba ripped me a new one WAH!

  11. ukme

    I told his My Sister to Swallow that load but Noooooo and now look what happened.

  12. fan of 88

    i agree with bubba if this was my kid i would wail his ass till the base came out of his voice

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