Bubba Replay

November 5th, 2009 by

This Saturday “Geek Time” with Raph & Jon Hein will push back Bubba’s replay on Howard 101. You can hear Bubba’s Replay at 5:00 PM!

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  1. Julio C

    thats a cool ass pic

  2. bring back Lasker


    you look like a fing idiot in that pic.

    Gene Lasker rules

  3. bring back Lasker

    Brent looks like boy george.

  4. Dan

    Any chance of getting the Gatoade song back on a regular basis….I really love that. Could you maybe do on the friday satellite show? I have no problem with the replay change. Keep up the great work. Thanks

  5. Tommy D

    F Geek Time and F Ralph.

  6. alan

    Bubba, your not a Cop,.whATS With the Hair Buzz! you look goofy, unless the kids brought home some Lice, then I get it..lol Ass Wipe,,Hi Ned,.you rock
    ps love the show

  7. alan

    Brent, Lighten Up Bro! U look like your ready to climb the Tx Tower with your 30/06 and Scope! Really, STOP`YOUR Scaring us! Hi Ned! U rule~Bubba you do look like a water head! Do u have Down Syndrome~..LOL
    ps love the show~ Manson U rock too~

  8. ezryder

    Screw Lasker………that dumb ass!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Craig

    Brent looks like a grown up Stewie from Family Guy.

  10. Mike

    Manson looks high!!

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