Bubba confronts Awesome Kong

May 4th, 2010 by

Awesome Kong recaps punching Bubba

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Bubba confronts Awesome Kong

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Bubba the Love Sponge has been fired from TNA Wrestling

Tampa, FL (www.wtsp.com)– Bubba the Love Sponge has been fired, this time from TNA Wrestling.

The controversial Bay area radio personality was attacked backstage at an event in January.

On Wednesday, the former TNA knockout champion named “Awesome Kong” called in to the Cowhead Show to talk about the confrontation between her and Bubba. That’s when Bubba called in, and the two got into a heated exchange about a controversial comment he made being tired of the relief efforts after the earthquake in Haiti.

According to its website, effective immediately, TNA Wrestling has elected to terminate the services of Todd Clem – AKA Bubba the Love Sponge.

10 Connects asked Bubba how he feels about the situation and he said, “No comment.”

19 Responses

  1. Steve Ullrich

    Well I am done with TNA. Bubba was the reason I watched. Stupid pussy’s.

  2. CoalBucket


  3. Mark Guliano

    Bubba was wrong only in the fact that he was a stand up guy and did not press charges when he was attacked. Had the shoe been on the other foot he would have been charged with assault and then the racial items added to that.
    With the ever increasing number of interracial marriages and children today, more people are colored then white or black. What do the colored people who come from an island put on applications? They are not African American. I’m Italian but do not go by Italian-American. I am and go by American. We need to get away from using something-American. Your American or you are not. Oh yea hey TNA I did not watch you before Bubba and now that he is no longer affiliated I will not be watching you again. Have a nice day!

  4. Jeremy

    dont be an insensitive c*nt

  5. alberto


  6. Ken

    That is some funny shit!

  7. Patrick Dollins

    What TNA did was wrong. Kong wasn’t working for TNA when the incident occured & as far as I know Cowhead dosent either. I support the Bubba Army Boycott of TNA.


    why the hell did TNA not step in and do something about this situation instead of leaving it and not they have to cover their ass on it …..total BULLSHIZZ….bubba rules forever…
    F TNA

  9. jeremy aka jdig

    kong is one ugly fattttt bitch will i get sued for that lol bubba we luv ya

  10. Reality

    Haha! Bubba must be a boiling cauldron of emotions right now! Not only did a woman slap him around like the tubby little bitch he is, but his Lord and Savior Hulk Hogan is distancing himself from the fat little catamite! Oh woe is he!

  11. william shepler

    i will not watch tna now because of bubba bein fired that was bull shit

  12. The Canadian Crippler

    BEST interview ever. BTLS let her have it OMG ROFLMFAO

  13. fixit

    What a crock of shiz , if this is a shoot they should hope that not all Bubba Army gets together it could be the end of TNA JIM

  14. D Hooper

    I support Bubba in all and everything he does, TNA is no longer on the tv watchlist for me.

  15. divr

    yep, done with TNA, Dixie’s hot but not to smart

  16. adam gutierrez


  17. Rambo21R

    I have been a wrestling fan for 20 plus years and Bubba was the best commentator I have seen. I love the BTLS show and will continue to be a supporter, as far as TNA I haven’t watched since Bubba left, nor will I. Keep up the good work guy’s and thanks for the great radio!

  18. daytonaCOREY

    your the best bubba keep up the havoc !!!

  19. KharmA

    Bubba you are a joke you small man. You got punked out by a girl and then mocked her reaction to whipping you because she didn’t react like a man? You are a joke…she’s not quite on the independents now is she you fat short racist piece of garbage. You are and always will be low class and even lower quality. You followers must be proud, the few that you have. Funny that she now pulls a bigger paycheck then you will ever dream of cashing. You punk chump piece of trash.

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