BTLS Exclusive: Tiger Woods’ Alleged New Mistress Devon James

March 23rd, 2010 by

Alleged Tiger Woods mistress Devon James called the show to claim that she has been carrying on an affair with the married golfer!

If you want to check out her website Click Here. WARNING:This section contains sexually-oriented material that may be offensive to some people and not suitable for persons under the age of 18.

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  1. Derf The Smurf

    YUCK! I knew she was gonna look like that because she sounds like her tongue is always sticking out. Tiger likes them homely…

  2. Mark

    She construed her dates on the show this morning. She first said on Aug 28th the last time I saw Tiger after the Bucs game he got really jealous and possessive because she said she was seeing someone. Then she says that the last time she saw Tiger on August 13th in Celebration is when she told him she was seeing someone and he got really jealous/possessive. Email me if you notice this.

  3. Tim

    No way Tiger has more “class”aka money than to do that

  4. Rayana

    Wow.. after hearing her story.. Regarding Tiger’s comments he is a DOGG!! how dare he speak of his wife in such a way.. On the other hand she does sound like she is telling the truth… Anxiously waiting for the rest of the SCOOP !!

  5. nick

    I believe her and she is very hott!!!

  6. Justachick

    she looks likes bubba’s wife

  7. Leroy

    Y do we care so much what tiger is doing or who he is doing . Hell yea I would be hittin thAt shit to and Anyone eale I could too more power to ya tiger

  8. MediaSwing Productions

    She did a movie for us some time back…. If we would have known about it at the time we could have paid her more!!!

  9. Craig

    I wouldn’t kick her out of bed

  10. Craig

    I take that back, I just googled her other pics – she would definit get kicked outta bed

  11. nick

    craig your wife probably looks like madusa dont be a hater with your 2 in pp

  12. whatever

    she is an ugly pig……….shame on him…. spice how much of a kick back did you get for “breaking” this tna type news?

  13. MeatyMandingo69

    Not bad she looks kinda trashy the way I like them. Im not surprised Tiger went for this gal she has that ” I need a good porkin’ look” .

  14. mike moses

    i think shes telling the truth because she didnt say really nothing bad about him like doing drugs gay sex playing dress up stuff like that she just told what everybody else has said he likes it ruff on the ladies im just wondering all this un protected sex and no ladies came forward saying they are in a family way if i was him i have dna test on those kids wouldnt you

  15. Jim

    Back In Town for Week (Sarasota)

    Date: 2010-03-19, 10:42PM EDT
    Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]


    Hi its me devon and Ill be back here for the week lets have fun at the beach 941 seven two 6 3745 150hh

    Location: Sarasota
    it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

  16. graftenberg

    like, you know, you know, like , like, you know. I feel sorry for her husband after having to listen to her.

  17. Vince

    Hey BTLS,

    you are a bad ass! use to listen to you back in the days when u where with the Power Pig in Tampa. Realy enjoy your morning show.

    Just one bit of advise….stay away from MJ b.s. its counter productive to your show and gives him free press and advertisement. The legal system is too damn skewed for you to have any beneficial affects from the public awareness stand point( i believe thats why you talk about it). Its pure politics and a damn shame. Say it

  18. John

    Devon is still hooking in Sarasota, Florida She has an ad on Craiglist Sarasota, Florida. Posted an ad on March 19,2010. Come on Bubba!

  19. Rayana

    Yes, Craig I agree … LMAO

  20. Randy Savage

    This chick is lying.. I have never heard anyone use the words “like” and “you know” so many times in one interview let alone in one sentence. When people lie they usually takes pauses or use filler words so they can think of something to say..And if she “felt bad for his wife” why continue sleeping with him… And she doesn’t want anything for her story.. BS then why even come out?

  21. mudd

    skank in skank out

  22. Rizzlle

    Bubba Army Crashed her site!!!

  23. joe

    I think she’s full of “SHIZ”. She sounded like a Valley Girl from the ’80s. Well it was like…….well you know…..yeah like that. Like how many times was she looking for u guys to fill in the blanks for herto corroborate her story….

  24. Sean

    Callin’ BS on the deal.

  25. Tommy

    I think all his whores were homely

  26. Elin Nordegren

    She’s okay. I like Tiger’s other bitches better.



  28. Scott R...

    WHY do we care so much what tiger is doing or who he is doing . Hell yea I would be hittin thAt shit to…………..

  29. Nate

    Sounds way to good to be true

  30. Derek

    She definately needs her the MILF hunter clip she looks like damn meth head…Tiger must have been REALLY drunk to be willing to take her to bed…assuming it’s true.

  31. SEO at a Low Cost

    Shes a hottie, to bad she got busted, i bet it was from craigslist. I think Tiger slipped her his red rocket….

  32. Rich

    this bitch has been soliciting on Craigslist Sarasota for a year! She’s a lying gold digging whore. Don’t fall into her web. Leave Tiger alone.

  33. Jim

    She’s feeding the boys a lot of bull, can’t believe they bought it hook line and sinker !!!
    P.S. I think Lasker may be behind this and working them.

  34. akbar

    Tiger Woods=Rawdog!

  35. Click Here

    It’s been a Rick Deeds kind of year for Tiger Woods. The hits just keep on coming!

    Good Luck Tiger

  36. bubba

    this bitch looks pretty hot to me, what are all you asholes sleeping with?

  37. slickwilly6

    nasty skank

  38. nick

    can you say HATERS its all good Devon is hot like any of you could get a hotter bitch!!!!! not say it!!!!!!!!

  39. slickwilly6

    nasty. tiger needs to get his lasik redone

  40. Derf The Smurf

    DOUBLE YUCK! I called it first! After seeing 25cents pics…..uuuuugh…this chick looks road hard and put away wet!! AND she has a dumb ass look on her face. Tiger…wth?!?!

  41. AC

    What’s her website address?

  42. Derf The Smurf

    Sorry @ nick. You’re probably her husband. But I’m just saying…

  43. madvillebirdman

    She’s NASTY! Is Tiger blind too? Hell, Tiger just needs a sheep farm if that’s what he is into. :)

  44. Puking Tiger

    That’s why Tiger hid for so long! Wow! What a repulsive image. She needs to retire, and fast. (Barfing chunks….)

  45. Just A Mark

    She Looks Like A N!@@&R Lover.

  46. nikki

    You got that right Just a mark i say stick to your race. Are you white too? Wanna hook up?

  47. Just A MArk

    She looks like A N!@@&r lover too me… NASTY HO

  48. red jerry

    Seriously, I’ve read a lot of these comments and I can’t believe how many of you turds can’t put a thought together clearly. Half of you probably did not even graduate. Plus all of these haters, damn, I don’t know how you put up with these people Bubba.

  49. clawed balls

    Where did tiger dump his load????

  50. clawed balls

    I so want this story to be true :)))))))))

  51. Sean the Security Mark

    What the hell? I knew from listening that she may look kinda ruff around the edges, but geez! She looks like a freaking scank hoe and I swear I saw a crack pipe in her bathing suit on one of those pics,,,, or is it a sist? You be the judge….

  52. tuggernutts

    The last time I saw a face like that it was carved into a pumpkin. How does a billionaire end up with a brown bagger like her? Man, that face could make a train take a dirt road!

  53. Unknown

    I knew her crazy ass in jr high and high school. Sounds like she is as crazy now asshe was back then.

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