Brooklyn teen paralyzed after unknowingly eating a pot brownie

March 13th, 2015 by Staff

Allison Buchanan says her daughter ate the brownie with two other students on Feb. 27th.

(KTLA.COM) BROOKLYN, New York – A Brooklyn mother claimed her teenage daughter was partially paralyzed after unknowingly buying a brownie laced with pot from another high school student, KTLA sister station WPIX reported Tuesday.

“She ate part of the brownie, shared it with two other students and got sick,” Allison Buchanan said of the Feb. 27 incident. “Around 11 am. the school called me. They said she had high blood pressure and her heart was racing and they were taking her to the emergency room.”

Buchanan’s daughter, Danieel, was later released from the hospital.

But upon arriving home, her mother said her daughter was unable to walk by herself and couldn’t eat or drink. Buchanan then took her to another area hospital.

The 17-year-old has been hospitalized ever since. According to the distraught mother, Danieel is partially paralyzed.

“She’s not able to walk. She can’t stand. She can’t sit up …They have never seen anything like this before,” Buchanan told the New York City-area television station.

According to Buchanan, Danieel had no preexisting conditions and had no prior involvement with drugs or alcohol.

Medical tests showed that the only substance in her system at the time was marijuana, WPIX reported. Doctors are still baffled as to whether Danieel had an allergic reaction to the drug, or if it was something else that caused the partial paralysis.
According to Dr. Richard Francis, a psychiatrist at NYU Medical, it is also possibly the brownie Danieel ate was laced with synthetic pot, PCP or something else.

“When they adjust something like a brownie, they don’t know for sure what’s in it,” he told WPIX.

The 18-year-old Benjamin Banneker High School student accused of selling the brownie has been suspended, according to the station. The incident is being investigated by the New York Police Department.

KTLA sister station WPIX contributed to this story.

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    Was jus reading this and had a thought that maybe if someone trying to produce THC bho wax from marijuana then ,without properly purging all of the butane from it, and I mean do a really poor job but just enough that when they added it with the brownie mix it was enough to not explode while cooking but make a very toxic brownie with unknown harmful effects…I’ve read when simple producing bho if u don’t properly purge it u could in the long run give yourself cancer….maybe a bunch of stupid thoughts but I thought maybe it could at least help solve what happened to this poor girl I can’t believe its simply from the weed

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