Bodies of two children found inside freezer inside Detroit apartment

March 25th, 2015 by Staff

Police say the remains were discovered at approximately 11 am Tuesday.

( DETROIT, Mich. – The mother of two children whose bodies were discovered Tuesday morning in a Detroit apartment freezer has been arrested.

Local 4 sources confirm the children’s mother confessed to the killings on Tuesday.

Police Chief James Craig said the bodies of a boy and girl were found just before 11 am. when a court officer went to serve an eviction notice at a unit in the Martin Luther King Apartments in the 800 block of St. Aubin Street. The bodies were found inside a bag in a chest freezer.

The mother was taken into custody at another location, not at the home.

Police have not identified the victims, but said they are a 14-year-old girl and an 11-year-old boy.

“Terrible find this afternoon,” Craig said. “It was during that eviction process that they discovered two young children in a freezer … they were inside a bag and appeared to be frozen.”

Craig said someone else at the apartment complex told police where the mother was.

“From that information from the community member we responded and detained her for further investigation,” he said. “Right now she is in custody. There are two other children that live in the home who are older and they’re in protective custody as well, not harmed at all.”

How did nobody notice two missing kids? Neighbors told Local 4 News that the children were home schooled. But that had not always been the case.

Neighbors also said the 11-year-old boy has a twin brother — one of two children, including another 17-year-old sibling, who are now in the care of Child Protective Services. Tonight it’s unclear whether the children knew about the bodies.

The mother of the children, who Local 4 is not identifying until she is formally charged, was active on social media. Perhaps the most chilling post she made was on Jan. 30, when there is a very real possibility two of her children were lying dead in the freezer.

“There is no greater blessing than being a mom,” the post read.

Craig said the key to this investigation is the help from the community.

“People here came forward to help us bring a sense of closure,” he said.

The chief added it’s too early in their investigation to identify a motive.

Neighbor Tori Childs said the children used to play with her step-children.

“The kids used to come and play with my kids, my step-kids. There were no signs of injuries or any kind of trauma, at all,” she said. “I would have never expected this.”

The Martin Luther King Apartments are off St. Aubin Street between Jefferson Avenue and East Lafayette Street.

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