Best of Bubba July 2, 5-9

June 30th, 2010 by Staff

Attention Bubba Army,

Are you ready for the wildest, sickest, most compelling skeletons from the BRN closet? Step inside the Bubba archives for exclusive, never before aired content bursting at the seams with intensity and moxie.

The Bubba Radio network presents: The Best of Bubba the Love Sponge

Here’s what we have waiting for you:

Friday, July 2nd - We’re taking one step forward and football fields back: it’s the controversial guests of the BRN. With the likes of Shirley Phelps and Glenn Miller, this show will get you on the chip in no time. Hear exclusive audio from O.J. Simpson too shocking to believe.

Monday, July 5th - If you’ve ever wondered if it was a shoot, work or rib, now’s your chance to get the iggy with the meltdowns of the BRN. Strap yourself in for a roller coaster beyond full hot with the likes of Moonshine Miller, Bree Olsen, Jay Mohr and Warren Sapp.

Tuesday, July 6th - Laugh yourself dizzy with the comedians of the BRN! An all-star cast of talent will have you in stitches from the first bars of Voodoo Child to well after signoff. Featuring Lisa Lampinelli, Cheech and Chong, Joe Rogan, and Louis C.K, this show will have your stomach and cheeks burning.

Wednesday, July 7th - You dialed 1-888-69-BUBBA, you made your voice heard, now you have your own show! While you relive calls the craziest calls of the BRN, Evel Knievel will be rolling in his grave. From whores to complaints to tales of pure white trash, there will be no doubt in your mind why Pantera is always so high.

Thursday, July 8th - The Best of Bubba goes full contact with the M.M.A. fighters of the BRN! From the Octagon to the Bubbagon, get double underhooks on the inside information direct from the elite superstars themselves – no holds barred. Featuring Tito Ortiz, Royce Gracie, Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell, Rich Franklin, Rob Kahn, Frank Trigg, Marcus Jones, Jens Pulver, and Sean Sherk, this show will have you tapping out shoot style before the final bell.

Friday, July 9th - Kick off your weekend with an all-access pass to the bands of the BRN: volume 2. With unplugged interviews and performances from Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon, 3 Doors Down, Candlebox, Richard Marx, Sister Hazel and O.A.R., it’s like being a roadie without all the heavy lifting. This is thick and rugged programming from talent that doesn’t suck. Say it!

31 Responses

  1. Tom


  2. Richard

    Guys have loads of with your time off. See you when your back. Big ups to the show

  3. will

    hey, the schedules great……. if it’s accurate. I listened today, July 2nd, and the description it says is not the show I got, It was a replay of October 23, 2009. Is that schedule only for the terrestrial stations, because us Sirius listeners would probly like to hear that stuff too.

  4. pete

    Tom is an idiot. You guys have fun with your time off, Hear you when you come back!

  5. Joe Cynical

    Talk about stranded. Sirius is not worth the money, i really cannot beleive i pay to listen to replays. Bubba is not the main offender, Howard lost me 2 years ago. I cant relate to and old whiney jew who is worried about his health and weight and the dating life of his show flunkies, im over it… its all a bunch of yes men hanging in the studio kissing howards ass, whats rugged white man gonna enjoy about hearing Joan Rivers or Kathy Griffin or this retarded Little Lupes inaudible ass. I feel howard retired when he got married and hes been collecting the loot and losing steam and credibility with RUGGED WHITE MEN… more geared towards Gays now if you ask me with all the diet talk and annoying banter between Lisa G and Shuli. This is worse tan morning zoo keeper if you ask me. PODCAST WILLY

  6. aaron

    I don’t have a problem with the Best of, but it would be nice to hear something other rhan the bands every friday. How bout some classic calls like Neds Chicken ******Contest phone call!

  7. sam

    Russ and Dot are right please play old shows from 06 and 07 the good stuff

  8. dot

    i love the old shows with not so much of spice more brent the old shows are great from 06 07 we want old shoes 06 07

  9. Julio C

    Great stuff, ENJOY you vaca, see ya next week

  10. TIM


  11. Big Scott

    I have a novel idea people…quit bitchin’ about them taking time off. Everyone who works, gets vacation time. Deal with it. They’re entitled to whatever they’re given, so quit being a bunch of crybabies. The show is great, they bust their ass, so appreciate it…or go kill yourself.

  12. Eric

    These guys need time off like everyone else! all resed up, makes for god shows! have a great vacation!

  13. BigC

    You guys that say they take too much time off are DICKS. Let the guys have some ******* alone time with their families. I just hope we get to hear some vintage Bubba meltdowns, like when he fires people. Classic! Like the time he fired Carbunkle for watching porn while he was supposed to be working.

  14. jeff

    is that schedule right???

  15. Ramah

    Seems to be a nice best of lineup. Enjoy your time off!

  16. nedsnuts

    What a bunch of ****** haters. Don’t you realize with anything worth listening to you have to take the good with the bad! If you hate it so much and need to whine or bitch or spew your ******** that know one care to see, read, or listen to then stop ******* listening already and take your bitch *** over to Ellis mania and become a *********** Red Dragon, and leave the Bubba Army, because you aren’t worth a **** to us anyways!

  17. jim

    let me start **** tom dont u get vacation and before i forget **** tim we get bubba for now what r u goin to listin to when he is not on sirius ******* ****** leave bubba alone and just to let u kno i am not a kiss ass i have had my promblem with bubba ***** t shit that faded in two washes but i still need to listen and JUST ****** STOP BITCHIN
    thanks jim i cleaned it up i forgot

  18. Ronnie

    Wahhhhhhhh!!!Bubba on vacation!!!!Replays have been great,just have one request…More Gene Lasker!!!!!Enjoy your time off boys,can’t wait till you get back!!

  19. David

    Holy Crap. Give the guys at the BRN a break. Like everyone doesn’t get a vacation at some time or another. From what Bubba has been saying of late, with all the irons he has in the fire right now, is it really a vacation? Guys enjoy your time off, I’ll be looking forward to you coming back next Monday.

  20. will

    July 6th, a replay of July 21, 2009. if yinz insist on screwing us out of the good stuff the schedule says, at least give us a show from farther back. and lose all ICP crap…. Juggalos suck.

  21. Tim

    you guys probably don’t listen to him on sirius. he’s supossed to do one show a week for sirius listeners on fridays. this year he’s been off on more fridays than he’s worked. BUT i have to admit the reruns are much better then his regular everyday show. but they do need to play ones older then a year. the early sirius shows were great.untill howard decides i am stuck with BUBBA. F the red dragons they suck.

  22. Tom

    It is been unreal to watch the demise of Bubba unfold- just over the past year or two. I used to be glued to my sirius in the afternoons… it was like an additction! Now NFL radio in July is more appealing.

  23. Tom

    At least Ferrall still brings it. And you don’t hear him bitching and moaning with the “poor me” attitude. Bubba you are pathetic.

  24. Ben

    THe audio has been rough at times. Could hear the OJ interview.

  25. B-Fudd

    I LIKE THE Best of Bubba

  26. will

    yay, today was from September 2008…… and was a SHOW WE HEARD REPLAYED ON FRIDAY A COUPLE WEEKS AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks guys. that was awesome

  27. will

    so, today…….. for the 2nd time this week, and the 3rd in the last 3…… September 30, 2008. you guys suck. Take the time off you want, just get the retarded chimp that picks replays off the job.

  28. Bryan

    Glad this is the “year of the Satellite listener”, Two actual live shows over the past 6 weeks, that is AWESOME. I think the writing is on the wall, I don’t see BTLS re-signing with Sirius.

  29. will

    me neither Bryan. Whether Sirius told them to F-off, or they got a better deal…. in a few more months they’ll be gone.

  30. Alex

    Great replays last week. Reminded me how good the sirius show use to be. Would like to hear the “guitar thief” show from 06 this Fri. Think it was spices first sirius show. Also, what does everyone,staff & fans, think about a moonshine Miller vs. dirty banana Bubba?

  31. Alex

    F the red faggons!

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