Australian TV reporter has cigarette put out in her face; charges filed

June 9th, 2015 by Staff

The woman lighting up is now facing criminal charges for her assault on the reporter.

(Gawker) BRISBANE, Australia – There’s an old adage in journalism, probably: “Sometimes you chase the story, and sometimes you become the story [because a witness in a murder trial just used your face as an ashtray.]”

But who’s to say, really? For sure Sydney 9NEWS reporter Alex Bernhardt, whose aborted attempt at an interview with an accused murderer’s character witness ended up becoming afirst-person account of a journalist under literal fire.

The truly bizarre segment is mostly just footage of the accused murderer’s witness smoking a cigarette over a baby carriage, while her male companion runs up and casually barks like a dog. The assault, which she apparently won’t be charged for, is almost secondary to how bonkers this whole story is.

The video also helpfully includes a highlight reel of journalists getting jumped. Bottom line, Australia sounds like a deeply terrifying locale and remains low on my list of dream vacations. And if we’re being honest here—if I really wanted to go somewhere with disturbingly large bugs and uncharmingly disturbed residents, I would just go to Florida.

7 News Sydney
Brisbane TV reporter had a cigarette stubbed-out in her face today. STORY: #7News
4:37 AM – 8 Jun 2015

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