Attention Bubba Army our Freedom is Under Attack!

April 5th, 2010 by

Attention Bubba Army and friends of the Bubba The Love Sponge® Show who live in Florida, our freedom is under attack by some of our lawmakers who are the hand maidens of the bail bondsmen lobby in the State of Florida. In the Florida State House of Representatives Chris Dorworth (R-District 34) is pushing House Bill 445, which would end up costing the taxpayers of Florida up to $55 million per year, according to the Florida Association of Counties. The county jail is the most expensive facility to operate in almost every county in Florida. We elect sheriffs in Florida to manage the budget and population of the jail. Now these legislators are attempting usurp the authority of a duly elected Sheriff in order to line the pockets of special interests, this case, the bail bondsmen for a few thousand measly dollars in campaign contributions.

We are urging you to contact your State House Representative in Florida by email, mail, or phone to let them hear your opposition to these bills. Below you will find some sample letters that can be used to contact your legislators, feel free to add your thoughts on this to the letter as well. Please make your letter or phone call professional and respectful to your representative. We do not want any distraction from the issue at hand. We have also provided links so you can find your representative in the Florida State House of Representatives .

Dear _____________:

Pretrial supervision programs are a tool local governments, sheriffs and the courts use to save county tax dollars and reduce overcrowding in jails. Currently HB 445 would restrict who is eligible to enter a pretrial supervision program, and take away the local government’s ability to regulate its own jail population. By allowing a state-wide mandate limiting pretrial supervision programs, legislators seek to usurp the power of our elected sheriff, while at the same time giving preference to private industry over the local taxpayers. This legislation further impacts the constitutional rights of the accused.

The Florida Association of Counties has estimated that the fiscal impact on Florida taxpayers is $55 million more in costs. This simply is not the time to create a greater financial burden on local governments, many of whom are struggling to cut their budgets for a third year in a row.

In _________ County, the passage of this bill would result in the need to open new facilities and hire additional full time employees resulting in an increased fiscal impact costing millions of dollars, excluding the cost of sustenance and medical care for the inmates themselves.
As such, we urge you to oppose these bills.


Name and Town.

Dear _____________:

Pretrial supervision programs are a tool local governments, sheriffs and the courts use to save county tax dollars and reduce overcrowding in jails. Currently HB 445 would restrict who is eligible to enter a pretrial supervision program, and take away the local government’s ability to regulate its own jail population. By allowing a state-wide mandate limiting pretrial supervision programs, legislators seek to usurp the authority of our freely elected sheriff, while at the same time giving preference to private industry over the local taxpayers. This legislation further impacts the constitutional rights of the accused.

The Florida Association of Counties has estimated that the fiscal impact on the Florida taxpayers is $55 million. This simply is not the time to create a greater financial burden on local governments, many of whom are struggling to cut their budgets for a third year in a row. As such, we urge you to oppose this bill.


Name and Town

Click Here to find your State House Representative

Please contact the members of the House Criminal and Civil Justice Appropriations Committee and voice your opposition to this bill. Their contact information is listed for you below. Thank you for opposing this bill that would have politicians in Tallahassee telling our local Sheriff’s how to do their jobs.

House Criminal and Civil Justice Appropriations Committee

Sandra Adams
222 The Capitol
(850) 488-0468

Eric Eisnaugle
417 House Office Bldg.
(850) 488-9770

Bill Heller
400 House Office Bldg.
(850) 488-5719

Doug Holder
410 House Office Bldg.
(850) 488-1171

Paige Kreegel
1301 The Capitol
(850) 488-9175

Charles McBurney
214 House Office Bldg.
(850) 488-4171

Juan-Carlos Planas
1101 The Capitol
(850) 488-3616

Ari Porth
405 House Office Bldg.
(850) 488-2124

Darryl Rouson
1003 The Capitol
(850) 488-0925

William Snyder
410 House Office Bldg.
(850) 488-8832

Darren Soto
1402 The Capitol
(850) 488-9240

Perry Thurston
410 House Office Bldg.
(850) 488-1084

John Tobia
209 House Office Bldg.
(850) 488-2528

Juan C. Zapata
212 The Capitol
(850) 488-9550

28 Responses

  1. Jason Davis

    Thank you guys for the information, I sent atleast four email’s to each of my house rep. and state senator. I live two blocks from Sen. Justice’s office on way to drop off another letter. Bubba Army Bubba Army

  2. Lauren

    I was arrested in pinellas county and bonded out. Also I was given PTI which sealed my charge. If this bill passes it will screw up alot of people who make a bad choice. Is this bill attached to the bill to close 3 prisons and release inmates at 85%?

  3. Jason Davis

    Now I’m emailing Senator Thrasher and House Rep. Dorworth. Hope the man doesn’t kick in my door now I have to hide my weed!

  4. Jason

    Thank you for taking the time to put these form letters together.

  5. ryan quirk

    let good people keep their jobs and let police make the decision of giveing a ticket and summons and let the judge and jury make the decision of jail time not the corupt bail bonds agencys

  6. Ron

    Thanks to the bubba show I now know about bill 782 it is crazy to think that these people in office try to slip these bills under our noses I will do my part thanks bubba.

  7. Jesse B.




  8. Matthew

    Bubba, I am a fan of your show and listen all the time. however I was listening this morning and it is pretty amazing that the medai (you) have got this story all wrong. I called on your show and I own my own Bail Agency. This Bill is NOT being addressd to put every person in jail that breaks the law! and both sheriffs you had on your show ths morning both know this, which is pretty sick that they would allow you think think such! This bill is to be put n place for people that the cops actually take to jail, for violent crimes, crimes of moral terpertude, people who have failed to appear in court before, people who have violated the SPR program who have vilotaed Probation etc. this is not for the one time little pot smoker guy who just so happens to get caught while scalping tickets! But I am baffled that the two Sheriffs you had on their this morning just allow you and your crew to think one thing when its really not. Further more Hillsborough County doesnt even have a program such as SPR which is Supervised Release, which is paid for buy the tax payers in other counties such as my own. So all we are presenting to the Seneate is that why make us tax payers pay for someone to be on Supervised Release, when we the bondsman do it and the person in jail or someone that bonds he/she out pays for it up front! What you need to do is get facts straight! and you probably wont read tjis on air nor call me to talk about it on air which is fine. It wont make me be less of a fan of your but it does just go to show that people are so easily to persueded by people with power or money (shefiffs) (media) etc. If you would like to chat about this further my number to my office is 941-613-6626

  9. Dave

    The bills sited will only effects pre-trial release and will have no effect on who will be arrested or taken to jail. It may effect who is eligible for release as it is intended to standardize all county and city pre-trial release laws to the state standard. Your summary of the bills do not match the text of the bills. Why is that?

    Why didn’t you provide links to the bills:
    or a link to the law that would be changed:

    Is it because you want people to slavishly follow your commads instead of making an educated and informed decision on these bills?

  10. Jesse B.

    This Is What Happens When People Are Released On Pretrail Relese

  11. Jesse

    Take care of this and then lets focus on the federal government at a national level.

  12. Jesse B.

    Pre trial intervention (PTI) is not the same as pretrial release (ROR /UROR ) Get you facts straight

  13. Robert B

    I own a private business and had my secretary make over 50 phone calls to every single county sheriff’s office and NOT ONE SHERIFF’S OFFICE supports this bill.

    The wording of the bill even says it “….preempts local ordinances, orders, or practices….”

    ‘Nuff said as far as I am concerned.

  14. Joe Payton

    How about this for a proposition: 1. How about no stereo typing period just give all people tickets for these minor offenses and arrest repeat offenders so there is no manipulation of the law. 2 Legalize marijuana, not completely the sale and or distribution should remain illegal but the Personal Consumption and Cultivation Act(catchy huh) should be set in place, let me elaborate. To allow the usage of marijuana hurts no one. (over 80% of americans smoke recreationally)it actually saves hard working americans money but the government hates that idea i’m sure. It cuts the pockets of politicians, we cant do that why that would be unamerican these days. And to allow personal cultivation cuts out the need for dealers, gives people a hobby, and a trade/skill to pass down to generations(weed isn’t the only thing that grows you know) Also by legalizing to those extents allows stricter punishment for those who still chose to profit from the sale and distribution of it. But once again the government takes a hit in the pocket so we can’t do that. Its just an idea from a hard working american who happens to enjoy the subtle pleasentries of a joint after a hard days work. Bubba your the man, Spice do your thing pimp, Manson your a talent my friend, see you and Brent in the O on the 23rd cant wait for the show.

  15. Brian P.

    Dr. David Krahl, Department of Criminology, University of Tampa. Dr. Krahl has done an analysis of the financial impact of Surety Bonding on aggregate and average detention costs and cost savings in the State of Florida. Copies of his report were distributed at the 2009 PBUS Midyear Meeting in Savannah, GA.

    The uniqueness of this study is that: “The average American citizen cannot appreciate the value of the Bail industry and does not recognize the important part that the bail agent plays in their county and local government infrastructure. The findings in this newly published study make evident the importance of the industry and provide a clear view of the benefits of surety bonding.”
    Here is the report:

    I am pro LEO and Pro Citizens Rights. I don’t want to see young people or good people have their lives ruined for petty offences. I do think there should be higher bails then $2,000.00 for car jacking and violent crimes.

  16. Jeff B.

    If this is true for all offenses, we will see a huge increase in unemployment as well. I am in the Navy stationed in Georgia but live in Jax. My guys party in Florida routinely, and if they get cited for minor offenses we can arrange for the to meet court dates and pay fines accordingly. If they were incarcerated for any given time and cannot make it to work they are UA and face fines at work, and possible separation from the Navy, or demotion. I would hate for my guys to get in that kind of trouble for an open container or disrupting the peace, because I know for a fact that Jacksonvilee does not cut any slack, especially navy.

  17. Michael D

    What the hell. Can you imagine your 60 year old mom going to the county jail because she was driving 10 over the limit? Or she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt? The housing/feeding costs will go through the roof. More jailers will need to be hired to handle the population boom. What a stupid idea. In Georgia, it is an officers discretion to let the offender go on a citation or make them bond out on all traffic charges except DUI/reckless driving and a few others. Some states will not let those convicted on misdemeanors hold a license or permit for things like EMT, Paramedic, etc. Lets not ruin futures because of an arrest record for a traffic offense.

  18. Brian P

    If what the sheriffs are saying is true then why was she arrested and given a bail shouldn’t she have been released on ROR? Look at the Sheriffs arrest site you would be surprised how many people are in for DUI and Suspended Drivers licenses. It is about who makes the money the Pretrial People or the Bondsman. But bondsman have a vested interest in making sure the defendant appears in court of they go out of business. If they don’t appear on pretrial release the staff still has a job.

    By the way Florida Bondsman don’t make a lot of money the average bail in Hillsborough County is $500.00 the bondman makes $70.00 on that then has rent, and utilities and a huge collect call phone bill.

  19. Mike

    If the bail bond industry is for it it and the sheriff’s are against it, the sheriff’s get my vote.

  20. BailInsights

    This issue is about public saftey plain and simple. Pretrial Release programs are designed for the truly indigent. These programs have been expanded to include any and everyone. Basically it is a get out of jail free card because no one will make sure that you show up at court…just look at Philadelphia if you want to see the impact these government sponsored programs have on a states criminal justice system. Private Surety bail is the most effective for of release. Get the facts at and get the FREE whitepaper.

  21. Russ

    Get it right guys…the bill doesn’t say anything like that. The only thing the bill says is “quit spending our tax dollars to release violent repeat offenders that have the money to post their own bonds”. It doesn’t make sense for us to take money out of our pockets as tax payers to pay to release people that are dangerous, repeat offenders. Where does it say anything in the bill about arresting everybody on frivolous charges and taking them to the county jail. Bubba, you’ve been had by the sheriffs’ you’ve been listening to…I challenge you to find one thing in the bill that you’ve put in print or stated on you’re program…because we can all see that you never read the bill…

  22. Edward

    Ummm Russ, did you read the bill? or the associated bills?

    what this bill does is removes the power to make a judgement call from the arresting officer and shifts that authority to the courts. Also this bill only affects Nonmonetary Releases, monetary releases are not touched or mentioned in SR 782 or in the related CS/HB 445. So First time offenders whose offense isn’t covered in Fl Statute 907.041 who right now would get a notice to appear in court now get treated like a serial child rapist and if he wanted to get out of custody in a timely manner he’d have to post bail more than likey through a bondsman.

    So where’s the security and public safety portion?

  23. divr

    This what happens when you vote without doing research on who is running,just because someone looks good,speaks well and is appealing for example crist,obama and etal. we get what get and then everyone wants whine and cry over bad laws,issues that are about to invade their lives. I know bubba and the biys are for crist but he not all he seems to be. remember voting has consequences.

  24. Russ

    Edward, i’d like to get on the same page as you but what you’re saying isn’t making sense to me. Both bills having nothing to do with anything other than someone who is already in custody and charged with a crime, not anything to do with an arresting officer or shifting the Courts authority. Please be more explanatory. If someone is charged with a violent crime or if that person is a repeat offender the Bill(s) say that that person doesn’t qualify for or is not eligible for release at taxpayer expense, and rightly so. Also, if a person has the ability to pay for release then that person is not eligible for release at taxpayer expense, and rightly so. There isn’t any other language in the Bill(s) that would lead a reader to believe otherwise, so i’m not seeing your side of the argument. By the way, if someone is breaking into your home and gets arrested and then goes in front of a judge to determine how that person should be released and they are released for free right back into the community without any safeguard to secure that they will come back for court what message does that send…is it possible that we are stimulating crime by releasing everyone….and paying for it ourselves with our own taxdollars!…talk about public safety and security

  25. Brian P

    This Sheriff figured it out!

    In 2004, while campaigning for the Office of Sheriff, Jack Parker pledged to find less expensive solutions to address the jail overcrowding crisis in Brevard County. He advised that “tents” could be incorporated as a permanent and integral part of an overall jail construction plan. The more tents that could be erected, the less cost to taxpayers.

    Later that same year, the Board of County Commissioners authorized a jail consultant to create a jail overcrowding study for Brevard County. The consultant’s study showed that 500 beds and certain building improvements were immediately needed at a cost of approximately $43 million. It should be noted that the cost was based on 2004 estimates and the actual cost to build the 500 beds would most likely have exceeded $60 million.

  26. Steven F. Shell

    Trust the sheriff, Ok check this out.

    SB 782 (Thrasher) and HB 445 (Dorworth) put modest limits on who is eligible for government
    funded pretrial release (PTR) programs. Opponents of this bill have said that these limits would
    increase the county jail population. This is not true.

    Pasco County Findings
    Due to budget constraints, in 2007 Pasco County completely eliminated its government run PTR
    program, saving taxpayers $348,000 per year. In 2008, the county’s jail population increase
    was a negligible 5 bed days per year (an increase from 1,262 to 1,267)…a less than 0.4% increase.
    However, when considering the population growth of the county during that same time, there was
    a net decrease of 2.2% in per capita bed days. Per capita occupancy went DOWN, not up!

    Sources: Florida Department of Corrections, Index to Statistics and Publication; US Census population estimates.
    “Due to budget cuts, we completely cut out the pretrial release program in Pasco County.
    As a result, we saved taxpayers nearly $350,000 last year and haven’t seen any
    noticeable change in our jail population. I have had great success in doing away with the
    pretrial release program.”
    –Pasco County Sheriff Bob White
    “We have had great success with the Pre-trial Program being eliminated in Pasco
    –Pasco County Commissioner Michael Cox

    The complete elimination of the taxpayer financed pretrial release program in Pasco County had
    no significant impact on jail population. If any impact must be drawn, one could conclude that
    eliminating the program actually reduced the per capita jail population while saving taxpayers
    nearly $350,000 per year.

  27. Steven F. Shell

    As responsible tax paying citizens, we must view with skepticism any cost saving claims to fame and this is especially true when coming from those who draw budgets from the public’s purse. Ask the sheriffs to show you specifically where such savings have been reduced from their line item detention facility budgets. If such claims are truthful, then we must expect these savings to be exemplified in their next budget request. True savings must show up somewhere. If not any such claims are fraudulent and only serve to further victimize an already over burdened tax payer with unnecessary appropriations from the public’s purse serving only to purchase ocean front property from Arizona. I think we have had enough of this contempt for the intelligence of the American tax payer across America I saw nowhere in bubba‘s show, where the Sheriff‘s ever provided one specific statistically qualified support for their position. Yet, as is true to form from a vast number of politicians today, they fully expect us, the ones who pay the bills, to blindly follow based solely on their self proclaimed popularity of simple position. (1) Give the facts. (2) Read the Bills and (3) Look at this from the view of a responsible tax payer.

  28. Brian P

    It still puzzles me. The objection I hear from the Bubba show and the sheriff is that they will be forced to hold non-violent offenders in custody with a bail rather then release them on ROR or a summons. Funny thing is if you check the daily arrests in Hillsborough County you will se 50% of the people being held with a bail are charged with Driving While Revoked or Suspended, DWI, No Registration etc. Currently the Bill is not preventing these peoples release by other then a bail bondsman, so why are the in jail? If you ask me the bail table should be raised set higher bail. This will force the friends and family of the bailee to see fit to stay in contact with the bondsman and for the bondsman to deliver the defendant to court. Hillsborough County has the lowest bails in the country. How does the court expect to make money off a bail jumper with such low bail?

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