Act of kindness gets new employee on Santa’s nice list

December 12th, 2014 by Staff

Jenny Karpen, a Wal-Mart cashier in New York, took $40 of her own money to help an elderly man pay for his groceries.

(Yahoo News) ROTTERDAM, N.Y. – If Santa’s watching, there is one woman in upstate New York who has definitely made the nice list this year. 

Jenny Karpen, a new employee at the Walmart in Rotterdam, N.Y., was working a cash register when an older man came to her to check out. 

She said, “He was an older gentleman. He was getting his groceries. Some of it was food, and some of it was for his pet.”

When it came time to pay, the gentleman didn’t have enough cash, so he started to put some items back.

Karpen wouldn’t have it, and took $40 from her own pocket to help him complete his purchase. She says that she didn’t want him, or his pet, to go hungry.

After he left, the next customer in line offered to return the money to Karpen. She refused, saying she was unable to accept due to company policy. 

When Jenny’s manager heard about the incident, she was not disappointed, saying, “There should be more people like that in the world.… We just need to clone Jenny. We need to have Jennys one through ten.”

The man remains a stranger to Jenny; she never asked for his name. But no doubt he will always remember her act of kindness. 

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