A large tip, broken glass at a hockey game and Bieber on skates

December 16th, 2014 by Staff

Johnson left a note and a large tip during a restaurant visit on Sunday.

(NBC Yahoo Sports) Athletes leaving awesome tips never gets old.

Athletes leaving bad tips never stops being annoying. It’s hard to beat the story that goes viral on social media because an overwhelmed server posted about some superstar’s generosity.

But what happens when it’s the athlete (or in this case, former athlete) tweeting out the news about that awesome tip? Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson did just that on Sunday, but we’re not complaining. He dropped $300 on a $351.92 check, more than generous.

He actually wrote in $300.92, so his math wasn’t great, even if the gesture was.

It also helped make up for him dunking on his kids earlier in the day. 

Less awesome (but still awesome) was a hit that sent an ECHL player through the protective glass around the rink. Quad City’s Todd Fiddler checked Wichita Thunder’s Theo Peckham hard into a panel, which exploded on impact.

The crowd naturally went crazy at the sight, but a few were actually hurt by flying glass. Definitely a cool show, but plenty scary.

Also a little scary: Justin Bieber’s desire to prove his athletic prowess to the rest of the world. We’ve seen him showing off Instagram videos of his killer ice hockey moves, and also get glimpses of his game on the hardwood.

He was at it again over the weekend, giving us all a front row seat to a pickup game in which he “had to hit the game winner.”

The validity of this scenario is clearly a bit dubious, but even if we’re buying that the camera happened to catch that perfectly timed moment in the game, nobody’s even playing defense. We want to see you sink it with a hand in your face, Bieber. Though to be fair, we’re still probably not going to buy it (and we’re not alone).

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