Browns QB Manziel in yet another nightclub skirmish

January 6th, 2015 by Staff

Manziel didn't make any headlines on the field this year but plenty off of it.

(SB Nation) HOUSTON – Johnny Manziel was involved in another incident over the weekend, according to a report from TMZ. 

The Browns’ embattled rookie quarterback reportedly had drinks thrown on him by nightclub patrons in Houston after being heckled by the crowd, according to an area promotion company responsible for hosting the event.

Members of the public were yelling at Manziel and alleged to have tried to “aggressively take photos” with the quarterback when he became fed up and flipped off the hecklers. This escalated the situation and drinks were thrown at Manziel, at which point he and his entourage left Dekan nightclub.

“I ducked and I looked at Johnny and we grabbed security and they ran us out of there,” J.R. told TMZ Sports.

Manziel reportedly left the club, but returned when he was informed by security that the people responsible for throwing drinks were made to leave.

This latest incident comes less than two weeks after an alleged party caused Manziel and teammate Josh Gordon to be late to a Browns team meeting. The fallout from that incident was a contrite Manziel saying he would need to ”stop acting like a jackass”if he hoped to have his NFL career progress further.

The Browns organization has not issued a statement at this time regarding Manziel’s incident in Cleveland. Houston police were not informed of the event at Dekan nightclub, but the altercation flies in the face of a warning issued to Manziel by the Browns to not be photographed in bars or clubs.

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