Bubba the Love Sponge® on discipline in school classrooms

March 8th, 2011 by Staff

www.wtsp.com – In his commentary on 10 News at 11 p.m., radio show host Bubba the Love Sponge® talks about a recent incident inside a California classroom. An eighth-grade math teacher at Atherton’s Selby Lane School rattled a table to get his students’ attention. A student left the room and called 911.

The police came to the classroom, which led to the teacher’s suspension while the school investigated. The suspension happened even though police found a calm teacher and no wrongdoing when they arrived.

Tonight, Bubba the Love Sponge® gets real on the topic of discipline in today’s classrooms.

9 Responses

  1. Bubba's Brutal

    Nice shirt, Bubba. Way to advertise for the people who fired you
    Obviously Bubba puts as much planning and prep into his wardrobe for Channel 10 as he does his show.

  2. SUE

    Fantastic! Finally somone has the nerve to deal with issues the way it should be dealt. Thank you Bubba for being real.Thank you channel 10 for giving Bubba the opportunity.

  3. Carl

    WOW these are panful to watch. Its called Bankruptcy Bubba, just let it happen, Because NOBODY will tell you like it is but me……

  4. Johnny D

    You know how you’re always bustin’ balls about “bitin’off of other peoples game”? Well I just realized this is alot like Peter Griffins’ GRIND MY GEARS on Family Guy. Nothing personal just tellin’ you like it is there chubby bunz.

  5. fan

    nobody else else will

  6. steve


  7. CWtv

    ha ha really?

  8. Hoss

    I love the detractors on here–worried about Bubba’s wardrobe or whatever but without one freakin’ thing to say about the content of his message.
    He does tell it like it is in his overblown, load mouth redneck way but he does tell it like most intelligent people see it. Gas prices are a ripoff, we all know it, but the oil companies have us by the short and curlies. Goliath Davis? a wannabe Al Sharpton without the brains. Rick Scott? has turned into an embarrasment to the whole state, especially those who thought he was a really good choice and would make things better.
    I could go on but won’t.
    Bubba, ignore the haters and detractors, keep tellin’ it like it is. Somebody has to. Maybe you will be able to educate a couple of people a segment on what is wrong and eventually enough will be ‘mad as hell and won’t take it anymore’.

  9. Pat field

    awsome I couldnt agree more i got my ass wacked a time or two in my day!!

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