Bubba takes on Florida’s bail bonds bill

April 8th, 2011 by Staff

www.wtsp.com — Let’s talk about this bail bondsmen bill that’s going to pass in Florida.

The way it is now, when you arrested, based on the seriousness of the crime you can be issued a notice to appear without going to jail. Also people on pre-trial can be released with an ankle monitor. Again both of these require you not to be in jail.

Under the new proposed House Bill 1379 and Senate Bill 372, sheriffs will not have the authority to let pre-trial people or those that have committed even the smallest infractions go free.

Basically the bottom line is almost everybody is going to jail no matter what requiring you to post bail.

The only people benefiting from this stupid bill are the bail bondsmen!

This is a bail out for the bail bondsmen!

These bills would cost Florida tax payers an estimated $55 million.

These politicians that are passing this bill are playing God, while pandering to the bail bondsmen lobbyists and taking the discretion aspect of police work away from the officers.

So let me get this right. Our legislators who need to trim the budget now want to send everybody to jail at a cost of $88 a day versus $8 a day for an ankle monitor.

That makes sense.

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