Bubba on Joe Paterno’s Death

January 25th, 2012 by Staff

This week, the nation and Penn State community is remembering former head coach Joe Paterno.

“I have mixed feelings about the death of longtime Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno,”said 102.5 The Bone nationally syndicated radio show host Bubba the Love Sponge.

“My opinion is Joe Paterno will forever be known as the man fired for not protecting young boys being sexually abused at the Penn State facilities.”

You can hear the rest of Bubba’s commentary by clicking on the video link.

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  1. Jason Wyant

    Long time listener; I own 100,000 shares of IWDM.pk stock; and frequently support sponsors of the BRN. I say this as a precursor; hoping to set the stage that I am not here to bash Bubba and/or the show; simply to give my opinion.
    I have listened to the parody’s and rhetoric as they relate to Joe Paterno the last few months – and, honestly, have not been amused.
    However, I can not be a hypocrite. Many times in the past – I found your musings and parody’s to be dead on, and have enjoyed them.
    What I am disappointed in, is the shows hypocrisy. You are letting yourselves be the same type of tabloid / shock jock media you so often rail against. I expect more from Brent and team as it relates to actual research. You should know, better than most, the difference between a grand jury report and fact. The 23 page Grand Jury report is nothing more than a synopsis from the Prosecution pleading their case for a trial. it is not fact…and in this case; has some glaring inaccuracies. Like Bubba says in his ‘Bring it on Bubba’ segment; lets let all the facts settle before we decide where Joe stands in the pantheon of history.
    The facts we do have are these (and never seem to be discussed):
    - Mike McMqueary never saw a boy being anally raped/sodomized (his admission) and never used those words or phrases with anyone.
    - McQueary did feel that this had taken place; but never witnessed it; nor, did he tell Paterno this was taking place
    - Joe was informed by McQueary that he saw something he was not comfortable with; of a sexual nature. Thats it. By Mike’s own testimony; he admitted not telling Joe more than that b/c he was uncomfortable.
    - Paterno passed this along to the Athletic Director and the VP of Finanace and Business (who also oversaw the University Park Police Department). I will ask this, simply as a question for thought, why would Paterno involve the University VP of Finance and Business in this conversation and ask him to meet with McQueary if he did not feel he was reporting it to the University Police? The same University Police who would have jurisdiction in this case.
    - McQueary also testified that he felt, frankly, that in speaking with Schultz…that he was reporting it to the police.
    - Joe went to McQueary a couple of times and asked if he was ok and if he could do anything to help.
    - Sandusky was not part of the program any longer…he was given Emeritus status as part of his retirement package from the University BoT in 1999. Joe Paterno had no say over him whatsoever and no authority to kick him off campus.
    - Joe’s quote…”With the benefit of hindsight, I wish I had done more” – in hindsight, we always know the correct things to say or do. Admitting it is something most people wont do.
    I am frustrated because I see, hear and read so many untruths regarding this situation and then to hear your show repeat many of them on a regular basis really bothers me.
    For years you all have heralded due process, if Joe Paterno (who is not even accused of a crime; and did exactly what he was supposed to from the University’s stand point as well as that of Pennsylvania State law in regards to reporting something of this nature) who did more for our youth in 6+ decades than anyone else I can think of is not afforded due process – where are we as a society?
    As a show – you all have been rail roaded by the system, the main stream media, etc… for many years. Because of that, you also understand how manipulative these entities are. I am disappointed you all have joined in this public lynching…especially without reviewing facts as opposed to public opinion based on hot heads and public perception.
    If what is alleged to have happened to those young boys is true; they couldnt find a tree tall enough from which to hang Jerry Sandusky; although, I am quite sure the boys in prison will take care of him. And if people at Penn State failed; then shame on them; shame on the Second Mile, shame on the District Attorney for not pressing charges in 1998 on the department of child and family services for not doing more in 1998.
    And if it comes out that Joe Paterno knew more than he said or should have done more…then shame on him as well. Even great men make mistakes; I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.
    Thank you for letting me ramble on.

    Jason Wyant

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