Report: felony charges should be filed for MJ Morning Show radio stunt

July 12th, 2010 by Staff

This story supports what Bubba has been saying about State Attorney Mark Ober!

Tampa, Florida (– The state fire marshal is recommending criminal felony charges as the result of a radio stunt that got out of control, and the Tampa Fire Department says Hillsborough State Attorney Mark Ober’s Office is dragging its feet in filing the charges.

That stunt occurred in December when The M.J. Morning Show on Clear Channels 93.3 tried to fry a turkey in oil, which was ignited inside a van. The van caught fire and the Tampa Fire Department had to be called.

While the radio station was “yukking” it up on the air, Tampa Fire Captain Bill Wade was not amused. At the time, Wade angrily said “When you put a cooker inside a van, you put furniture inside that van and you know you are going to start a fire, you are doing it intentionally.”

That is the same conclusion the state fire marshal came to, and it issued an 8-page report recommending two criminal felony charges for arson and injuring a firefighter because of the arson. The report also recommends two misdemeanor charges be filed.

Ober’s office has had that report since January.

While a spokesman for the office says they can’t comment because it is an open investigation and these take time, the Tampa Fire Department isn’t buying it. Wade says the State Attorney’s Office has had the information for six months and he can’t understand why it is taking so long. According to Wade, the Tampa Fire Marshal has been down to the State Attorney’s Office several times and hasn’t had a specific answer to what the hang-up us.

A Clear Channel spokesman says the company will not comment, but on the day of incident, a staff member knew he might be in trouble. He can be heard on an aircheck asking M.J. — whose wife was a former Hillsborough Assistant State Attorney — if he could be charged with arson. M.J. replied he didn’t know.

The Tampa Fire Department says it should be a fairly cut and dry case, and that is why it is doing a slow burn over a stunt it believes is criminal and where it says charges should be filed.

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  1. Patrick

    This is insane. To knowingly start a fire that firefighters might have to put their lives on the line to fight is wrong and criminal. Period!

  2. Jim

    Bubba, dude, Ober is the criminal here dude… you need to put that ****** away.

  3. Chris

    wait…you mean the same mark ober that tried to put bubba away on animal cruelty charges over a stunt where fwc and tpd officers were present pretty fast is dragging his feet when little bitty mj is involved and a firefighter was injured? Maybe the queen B should get a job at the states atty. office and bubba would be home free. What a disgrace to our state that this double standard can be allowed and no one can figure it out?? I spent time in arizona and florida is like idiot central as far as they’re concerned. shameful.

  4. Not listing

    What the honest truth here is if Bubba or any of his guys tried this stunt on live radio for millions of viewers to hear… Mark Ober would move like lightning. The Bubba show would not even exist after that incident. Just because no one died as a result of this they are simply dragging their feet. There must be nothing to gain from or something to lose from getting the process completed (do I smell conspiracy?) Anyways, a firefighter, as a result of this stunt, was hurt and the fact that my brother is a firefighter (not a Tampa area one) makes the issue worse. I would poke Ober in the eyes and make him realize the importance of “DOING HIS JOB PROPERLY” if it was my brother hurt by someone else’s stupidity.
    Every story has two sides though, and to be fair I thought of a possible “other side” that could very well make for a good segment on the show.
    The other side: It might not be Ober at all. Maybe he is trying to do something but the courts only see so many cases per year and he has to pick important ones like the A-hole Morris guy case over this one now. That guy should never have been out of jail in the first place but I would be curious to know who really released that A-hole to begin with. Are prisons that crowded that we let dangerous people go free? This of course is not Ober’s fault but it is the fault of all dumba**es who commit crimes. There are just way too many of them to keep up with. One less case gets tried each time a high profile case gets added and Ober takes the blame. Perhaps this thing even goes further up the food chain? Could Mark Ober be in the clear for some of this mess? (NO WAY!!) Maybe it is something Bubba should look into, but I am certain if Mark Ober sees any of Bubba’s people poking around then Bubba will find himself in chains as fast as anyone could say “Lazya** Ober”.

  5. Trucker Jim

    Yea it does look like MJ does have pubic hair on top of his fat head funny little man oh yea he should be in jail…… sorry the pubic hair on his head distracted me from the story.
    Jim FTE from SD

  6. Pigeon Farmer

    Obber should be hand cuffed to MJ and Morris for a month.

  7. Senseman

    As a former firefighter I would put my life on the line to save peoples lives due to an accident or fire. This stunt was intentional so MJ could get a bit. IT could have been much more serious. There’s the grease fire in the van as well as the gas in the vehicle. I guess since the van didn’t explode an kill someone it’s no big deal to Mark Ober and MJ can work it. They must be friends. But to put a firefighters life on the line for laughs when they have a dangerous enough job as it is dealing with real accidents involving real lives and preventing them from serving the public is just wrong.

  8. Salvatore Devoti

    Its quite amazing this nonsense from the “good ole boy” network, so to speak. Nothing, no matter how ****** it sounds is gonna happen to Mark Ober until hes ousted via election, or he screws the pooch so bad, the Gov. has to step in. MJ and his stupidity is safe for now. Its sickening.

  9. Former MJ Listener

    I used to listen to the MJ Morning Show (don’t hold it against me, I don’t anymore!), and actually listened at the time of the fire stunt. I feel like one VERY important point people are overlooking is early in the week Fester had attempted to roast the turkey in the van and it was completely successful (ie NO fire). MJ chastised Fester at the time and even said that he was going to be fired if he couldn’t start a real fire since the “Turkey Fryer Fire” had not successfully started a fire the year before. I don’t see how this doesn’t show his malicious intent to start a fire.

  10. stpeter

    WOW! This a case of the good ole boy network, Hey Pam how bout getting the TPD “fired” up on this one?

  11. Dana

    MJ will probly get a slap on the wrist as his wife is such close friends with Ober. That whole stunt was so wrong in everyway and his annoying self won’t even except that he is responsible for it, the Fire Marshall is so right for not backing off of this. When you got in trouble you know MJ and is Hepher of a wife was in Ober’s ear and supported him. MJ should be ARRESTED, FINED and Clear Channel should hold him at the highest level of disciplinary action possible. They should stick his cry baby voice on the midnight hour and get him off day time radio. His show sucks and nobody will miss him!

  12. Cuban in Miami

    I have no clue what Ober looks like

    You guys should include pics of this assclown for guys like me that would throw this ass a beating on sight.

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