Ned’s 12″ Meaty Mandingo with a side of Man Sauce!

December 17th, 2009 by
Mike’s Pizza & Deli Station
13560 49th Street North, Clearwater, FL
(727) 572-4888‎

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  1. Eric

    That looks fin good. Hope it comes with a ton of napkins to clean the man sauce from the corners of my mouth.

  2. Johnny D

    WOW,thats a very formittable looking penis I mean SANDWICH!! You guys are hilarious and definately make my day,thanks.

  3. rob e


  4. jon castro

    you gotta have way more dark meat.

  5. Gordon

    This looks like one hell of a sandwich, damn too bad I live in Anaheim!!!!!!!!
    Good for you Ned, congrats on your new sandwich

  6. Tom

    Wow this looks like a great MAN-wich. After eating this I’d probably smoke a nice strong cigar. Mmm…

  7. Chris

    The sandwich could have been much better, it could have had pork, beef and chicken for real meaty goodness. Good try Ned but this doesn’t live up to your persona.

  8. Mark

    Looks good, if it does well, u got to get in a shop up here in

  9. Jose

    It should come with Mannaise.

    For the real man you order it with a side of Sausage.


  10. B-Fudd

    That Ned’s 12″ Meaty Mandingo with a side of Man Sauce!
    look gwwweattt

  11. hescottbeats

    I can’t wait to take hold of ned’s mandingo and put it in my mouth. I hope the man sauce is served somewhere around 98.6 degrees!

  12. Nicholas

    I’m not to sure about that sandwich, BUT I have a sandwich in mind for Ned, that I think he will enjoy this one better— both the name and the taste.
    My sandwich proposal is this:
    Ned’s Creamy 12″ One Pound Tube Steak with a side of Spicy Man Sauce.

    It will come with 1 FULL pound of 100% Rib Eye, laced with creamy WHITE American cheese, fried onions on a Amoroso Roll (straight from Philly). The Man Sauce will be made of Mayonnaise and a Garlic Chili sauce, and a tad of Sesame Oil—- real tasty.

    I think that our shop deserves to be the ‘chosen one’ for Ned’s sandwich for two reasons:

    1) I think it will be a MUCH better sandwich. Not to mention that it will be served HOT, the way Ned likes it :) Who wants a cold Tube Steak? LOL! Ned needs a Hot & Spicy Tube Steak!

    2) We will have our Grand Opening in between Christmas and New Year’s, and if selected…..we would be willing to give away 25 of Ned’s Tube Steaks FREE to the first 25 people of Bubba’s Army!

    ~~Philly’s Finest CheeseSteaks & Hoagies~~

  13. chris

    nice hairy hands

  14. bouker

    Ned.It needs more,I mean more meat.More meat

  15. canabeans

    does it come with a womans sauce?

  16. jay sanchez

    it looks like some soppy wrongly put together or should i say thrown together sandwich wanna be sub. needs way more meat and…actually kinda looks like ned (mandigo) also looks like you should bring tums or something for upset stomach afterwards..

  17. Angela

    I have good dental insurance

  18. Mike

    Ned, the meat in your mandigo is to die for. I can’t get enough of the man sauce.

  19. Mike in Oregon

    It’s as big as… as…. as…. an ElectroVoice RE-20 microphone. Probably a little easier on the teeth, though.

  20. Sean

    I would LOVE to shove all of Ned’s 12 Inch Mandingo down my hungy hungy throat and Bukkake the man sauce all over my mouth and face while I grunt and moan in ecstasy at the juicy flavors! Are we still talking about food?

  21. chris spellings

    wow that a 12 inch the only one hes has

  22. FatzJohnny


  23. Cory

    I went yesterday and they did not serve me one. Its not even listed on the menu.

  24. rick

    I want a 1Lb tube steak from Philly’s Finest

  25. jeff

    I love this show.

  26. Tiff

    I was looking forward to trying this on Monday but when we arrived to Mike’s pizza it was not on the menu! When will this be available? I can hardly wait to get my hands on Ned’s 12 inch meaty mandingo (and man sauce of course)!

  27. BRJ

    Well, i’ve got to say, from judging by the pic’s this sandwich does not live up to the hype of a NED’S 12″ MEATY MANDINGIO, as a matter of fact i’ve seen better subs from subway. This mike guy needs to really grasp the idea of a fuc’n gigantic sized sandwich with a ridiculous amount of meat! Come on man!

  28. Eric from ohio

    I love the show!!! Please come back to Sirius full time!!!

  29. Andrew

    Jesus Christ, Ned. You could do so much better than this. You could’ve had beef, pork, chicken, even bacon and steak. You should’ve called the shots and told the dude at Mike’s what to put on it instead of letting him make all the decisions. What kind of shizz (with a Z) is this?!

  30. Sean

    went on 12/22 not on the menu and not offered. The steak sub I had was marginal at best.

  31. buzzard FTE


  32. Travis Conroy

    c’mon guys, i thought you liked firehouse?!?!?

  33. Bill

    The Ned’s 12″ meaty mandingo with a side order of man sauce was a funny bit. The best part of the bit by far is Ned’s voice and comic prowess. What a character this Ned dude must really be…

  34. juice de grandel

    That’s one HELL of a SAMMICH’!! I’d like to put some extra beef between your buns NED!

  35. Tim

    Looks shiatty.
    Here’s my suggestion:
    1/4 lb rare roast beef
    1/4 pastrami
    2 slices sharp cheddar
    Tomatoes, jalapenos and green onions
    Add french dressing and oven bake until bread is toasty and cheese just starts to brown.

  36. Allen Dodson

    You guys need to look up Dino bravo the wwf wrestler. He was known as the world strongest man. Ask Terry about him. Bravo had a sandwich named after him that was sold in my hometown. It was called Bravos bigwich. It was only 8.5 inches.

  37. Amber Gross

    Looked good on the outside, but the inside picture changed my opinion….

  38. Ethan Smart

    Hey i live in Kansas City, but im flying out of KC today and im going to be in Tampa all weekend. Im going to find this establishment and buy Neds 12 inch Meaty Mandingo with a Side of Man Sauce and reply back sometime in the next few days with my review.

    cant wait to try it out bubba!

  39. Dan

    I made all 12 Inches of Neds Meaty Mandingo disappear down my throat! LMAO

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