Manson and his Mom Jeans

January 15th, 2010 by

Does Manson wear Mom Jeans?

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  1. trucker tim

    Hell to the mother fing nizo , now if they were sprayed on tight, then I would fag him out don’t worry manson my vote says u still get to keep ur man card

  2. rose garcia

    no.even if he does
    i am a mark. love him!!!!!!!!

  3. Brady

    Could you find a better of Manson? Looks like he taking a shiz in his pants. And, what is he holding in his right hand? Mom pants, no. Very bad picture, yes. Ned mark out.

  4. DrJarrod

    You look great and we love ya “Chicken Bone”

  5. Jose

    Are those Gloria Vanderbilts? Maybe you should peg those.

  6. Kevin W

    Nice 1982 Stone Washed 501′s. Those are definitely mom jeans.

  7. steve aka,Morbid

    what ever f spice, there not mom jeans now if they are stone washed from the 80′s 90′s then yeah

  8. HillBilly

    looks like 1985 wranglers

  9. CaptCus

    No, But if you said old jeans than maybe.

  10. mark

    Yeah, those are mommy jeans if there ever were, but hey the guy is totally cool anyway

  11. mizz

    bubba by the way you should get your info straight hadi did help when Katrina hit…

  12. VTSean

    Mom jeans for sure. Think I see a camel-toe. Corny-ass Manson! Still love him, funniest mo-fo on radio..

  13. jersey

    he looks like giligan

  14. joe

    i hope not, because i wear 560s also.

  15. bob audette

    nah, they aint mom jeans… they might be ol” middle age man jeans but you can still keep your man card… Might have to re-think the hip,cool guy card though… lata full FTE..Go Bubba army

  16. Russell

    yup he just needs a gunt and he will be all set

  17. RHeavy

    Yeah those are deffinitly mom jeans

  18. Chris

    Im failing to see what makes those “Mom” jeans, they look like standard, normal jeans to me. What you should do is post a picture of the entire crew so we can compare your cool, hip, yuppie looking jeans to Mansons normal, comfotrable, “Real Mans” jeans so we can clearly see what makes these “Mom” jeans. Dont dish it if ya cant take it Spice, lets see those “Fag” jeans that YOU wear and think are so cool and then we can vote if their “Mom” jeans or not.

  19. JP Sweeney

    yes, it appears Manson is wearing mom jeans and has a front butt, otherwise known as a GUNT!

  20. Manson Tucks

    Hell yes he wears Mom pants…Look at him trying to tuck his deal back in after the tape came loose. And also wears Seinfeld puffy shirts.

  21. Joe

    Sorry Manson, my wife is a mother and she wears pants just like those only she looks better in them.

  22. baba booey

    Those are definitely lighter than the minimum amount of blue color in jeans made for a straight man.

  23. Rick

    Try some real man jeans,Diamond Gusset,100% American made.

  24. canabeans

    Mom jeans?NOT.Those are the same style jeans your boy Favre wears.Actually better cause Brett wears wrangler at least Manson steps it up to Levis.Man we all own a pair or two of Levis,lee,gap or step up to Kenneth Cole,lol.

  25. Kelly

    Hell yes they are mom jeans, all he’s missing is a fanny pack and sun visor.

  26. Phil Beal

    Manson’s jeans are not mom jeans. But enough of that. Where’s Akira been?

  27. Scott R...

    Nice 1982 Stone Washed 501’s. Those are definitely mom jeans

  28. Holley

    No. They look alright but he would look better in a more updated manly jean.

  29. JOJO

    he looks happy thats all that matters

  30. P-Henny

    Those are the jeans of a man that has been married for a long time and could give two sh*ts about the style of his jeans. I would guess he is looking for more comfort than hip. If he wasn’t so god damn funny I would make fun of him.

  31. Josh

    Was that during “Bad Monkey” at BubbaPalooza? I think I remember that. They are not “Mom” jeans, but they are from the 80′s for sure. Of course, when they are hand me downs from 15+ years ago, what do you expect?

  32. FatLou

    Nah they aren’t Mommy Jeans..they are Dad jeans. Which is basically the male equivalent which isn’t as bad as Mom Jeans. For them to be Mom Jeans the pockets on the ass need to be super tiny and come to a point on the bottom. Typically Mom jeans also come with the patented Comfort Fit waste (aka elastic). Lol. Not exactly Mom jeans but definetly corny they are just nerdy old man jeans.

  33. Terry R

    Dude are those jordache or sasson

  34. Allen Dodson

    Same pants that the world strongest man dino bravo liked.

  35. Christy Lake Wales FL

    Bubba you are right about all this Haiti Crap!! That stupied Bennift on every cable channel toooo i am pissed. Ok where is the bennifft for my hubby who got laid off last march and still can’t find a job his empolyments ends in two months and i can work i got hurt in a bad fall 2 yrs ago.They should worrie about the people in our own country 1st. Yes i feel sorry for them but i can’t give them a dime because i don’t even have a dime to give. Going to bring them here OHH! DEAR!!! they are going to live on our Food Stamps and Med. that i can’t get……. because they say 1,000 a month unemployment is to much for 2 people in a home . Going to take what jobs we need to survie… I can’t even pay my rent are we going to pay there rent too? Well that 60,000 jobs lost to Haiti people that they are going to bring here……… I mise well go live on the streets see if any body pays my rent for me because thats where i will be in 2 months from now….

  36. Jeff Rouse

    Definately not Mom Jeans. Kind of makes me think Spice is a homo and what kind of thuper thpecial desigher jeans he wears. Still funny ton rip on Manson for them though.

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