It’s a “Pre-Hulkamania Invades TNA” party!

December 24th, 2009 by

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  1. Bryan

    Hulkamania is running wilder and stronger than ever before.

  2. Travis Conroy

    Glad to see the Hulk is coming back!!!!

  3. Dominick

    See you there brother!

  4. robdog


  5. Bobby Pauls

    DUDE, I am glad Hogan is coming back. Him coming back has sparked the new Monday Night WARS!!! I cant effin WAIT!!!!

  6. Karen

    Starting 2010 off right with Terry “The Amazing Hulkster” Bollea. ECSTATIC 2009 did not keep you down and thrilled to see you back in action. Have a safe, happy and healthy New Year!!!!!!

  7. philly t

    he will kill TNA like he did WCW

  8. guttermouth

    listen up WWE marks and vinnie mac why don’t u take that midget hornswoggle shine him up real nice turn that s.o.b. sideways and stick him and ur pg shiz straight up ALL UR CANDYASSES

    bow down to the power of the fu vinnie mac TNA TNA TNA !!!

  9. Bobby Pauls

    I think this was the BEST thing to happen. Although I dont think Hogan will “kill TNA like he did WCW”. I do not think Vince is as naive as guttermouth is quick to assume. Vince is a fighter. Even Hogan has admitted this in the past. Vince makes people. (Yes he has had flops) but right now 85% of TNA was created by Vince.

    Regardless, this is going to be very good for business. I just hope TNA does GREAT numbers tonight so they can continue to air on Mondays. Wrestling needs another Monday Night War. We ALL can agree on that.

  10. Bubba the genius

    The January 4th TNA Impact was so good I already saw it 3 times and it still doesn’t get old! Damn! The power of Hulkmania is real! I mean you can feel the excitement. We, the real professional wrestling fans, have been sick of watered down weak programming of WWE for years! I can feel things are really happening now. I also enjoyed the segment where Bubba bamboozled the security guard so that Nasty Boys could sneak into the arena. That was real TV gold(never take a walk with Bubba, lol). I hope Bubba would continue to appear on TNA and be part of the show.

  11. scott

    was wondering what happened with the people who weren’t allowed into the show. yeah they were offered a certain amount to watch on a tv there after standing there for four hours already and driving 4 hours to this . i was supposed to but thank god i didn’t. my 10 year son went with his friend and his dad. lost out on the show lost out on $20 to park and then the gas plus now i found out that their favorite wrestler who they constantly talk about jeff hardy returned is absolutly disheartening. and to add insult to injury they missed watching it on tv that night because they were driving back during the show. thank god i don’t listen to your show. heard of you and i’m sorry that i did even hear your name.

  12. mizz

    who really cares hulk and e dog will kill tna like they did wcw and thats what hulk wants its funny that hulk sighned a 25 year deal with wwe and now hes at tna wow now with them and bubba what the hell kind of show is that tna SUCKS now that all these dump asses are there i would you couldnt pay me to watch that SHIT

  13. brian

    tna was awesome with 6 sides hogan and his butt buddy is going to take tna out like they did wcw now tna lokks like wcw i want my money back for the ppv

  14. Bubba the genius

    Wow Orland screw-job! What a “dirty trick” to ruin a possible upcoming wrestlemania match between Bret Hart and Vince Mcmahon. I think that was a real good tv. It certainly got me interested for the next week’s impact. I was quite disappointed by rather weak Geneis PPV but so far TNA impact(since the arrival of Hulkster) hasn’t disappointed me once. Angle vs Hogan would be huge but so would Bubba vs Awesome Kong! I mean bubba can just get his butt kicked by Kong for 10 mins and that would be like the best tv ever? That’s almost like an episode of South Park. You have to man up and take one for the team, Bubba! Face your fear, face Awesome Kong! She’ll make you famous, lol.

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