Contessa Brewer vs. John Ziegler

June 15th, 2009 by

In an MSNBC interview today, Contessa Brewer ferociously batted cat toys around via satellite with radio host John Ziegler, whose on-camera presence is strongly reminiscent of SNL-era Norm MacDonald. Ziegler had interviewed Gov. Sarah Palin in response to a recent Late Show with David Letterman Top Ten List that mocked her typical “slutty flight attendant” attire. (Palin called Letterman “pathetic”; you can listen to the Ziegler/Palin radio chat here.) Right off the bat, Ziegler thanked Brewer for having him on “Barack Obama’s Official Network.” Zing! “Do you even want to do the interview?” Brewer wondered. Oh, he sure did. Watch the sparks fly in this very special episode of Adventures in Talking Over Each Other. Cut the mic, please! Someone. Anyone.

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31 Responses

  1. Don

    I think Sara Palin is justified in standing up for herself and her family. She has been visciously attacked by the left leaning media, including BTLS show. And for what? Because she is an intelligent, attractive, down-to-earth woman, who stands up for what she believes in? David Letterman is old & tired, & will do anything for ratings. Sure he is a so called comedian, but people in his position set the standard for what is acceptable, and his comments were very distateful, and un called for. As for bubba, it is apparent he can’t see past his penis. MSNBC, and their talking heads are SO biased it isn’t funny anymore. The only thing that have going for them, is a VERY few attractive hosts, such as Contessa. But that’s where it stops. Keith Olbermann is a joke, and Chris Matthews can’t think for himself. They DO NOT speak for the average american, like Bubba said. If you don’t believe me…….look at the ratings!!!! I listen to BTLS usually every morning, at least until Neil or Glen come on, and I lived in Pinellas for 18 years, where I enjoyed his show. But, he has lost his connection with normal people. I believe he needs to cut some of the fat. Manson is very talented, but should stick to music parody. He brings nothing intelligent or compelling to the show. Spice should go back to DJing, and umpiring beer pong tournaments. Brent, I can’t even believe he was in the US service. He is a blow-hard, uninteresting kiss-ass, with his head so far up Bubba’s ass he can’t see straight. Ned……I like, he should stay. Bubba used to have a great show. He needs to stay out of politics, and stick to what he knows best racing and boobs!

  2. Scott Hopkins

    First, thanks for your support of teachers. You have always been an advocate for us as well as policemen, firemen and the military.
    You wanted comments from Republican women. My mom, 82, and I have never voted for the same person for president since my first vote in 1972. She is a staunch Republican, but she admitted last summer she did not think she could vote for McCain. For her to say that was pretty powerful.
    As to Ziegler, what angered me first was the “slutty” thing. As your wordsmiths can tell you, there is a difference between calling you a jerk and saying that you are acting like a jerk, or saying “Don’t act like a jerk.” Ziegler says Letterman called Palin “slutty,” but that is untrue. Clearly, Letterman’s comment was about acquiring that “slutty stewardess look.” Brewer did really well, but I wish she had shot that back at Ziegler immediately. Obviously, Ziegler was not interested in letting the facts get in the way of a good story.
    Thank you for fighting the good fight for all of us every day. And Brent, thanks for your service.

    scott hopkins
    teaching since 1978

  3. Steve

    Imagine the outrage if Letterman was talking about Obama’s kids.

    Also who was the voice of the Democrats after the 2004 elections………

  4. Franks-A-Tool

    What a knob. You just got pwned, beeyatch.

  5. Brandon

    What a smarmy little prick. He speaks as if he is the end all be all in media. He seems very MJ Kellyish. What a fag.

  6. Brandon

    P.S. Contessa is unbelievably HOT!!!

  7. Bubba Rocks

    First off Contessa is very hot. This Douchbag is just like every other conservative radio host… I am tired of everyone saying that MSNBC is biased… What about fox news? All of these Republicans are they same… I felt he acted very unprofessional…

  8. Dave

    Give me a break, Palin is an ignorant BITCH. Plus a BAD MOTHER BAD MOM! Palin and McCain threw EVERYTHING at obama and the rest during the campaign, we kicked her stupid ass back to alaska! A parade of ignorant freaks from the repub camp, MSNBC is a JOKE!!! WE LOVE LETTERMAN!!!!

  9. daryl

    Palin does have a right to to defend her family. But, she must also realize she is in the public eye and when you are in that eye, you are fair game for anyone, and comedians can be very harsh at times to get a laugh. I do believe that Letterman’s joke was aimed at the oldest daughter, not the 14 year old. That is pretty obvious.

    I can remember when Clinton was in office and all the ugly jokes were made at Chelsey. Bill had a right to defend his daughter. I would have if it was my daughter, but Clinton knew that being in the public eye him making a spectacle of himself would only make it worse.

    Comedians will always do what they can to try to make us laugh. Even if it comes at a 13 or 14 year old girls expense. Sometimes it works, sometimes it backfires (see Jamie Fox vs. Billy Ray Cyrus) but they always have to be on the cutting edge.

    As for this Ziegler guy, I have never heard of him, but he does look like an pompous idiot from the interview.

    We need to start finding some middle ground in this country….. The far right republicans and the far left liberals are going to send us right into the ground.

  10. Ryan


    lets not have comedy. we should all pray to jesus and dance around holding hands. what a wonderful world we must be missing.

    Bristol is a slut. Get over it.

    love ya bubba

  11. gmoney

    MSNBC got pwnd, end of story and Palin puts herself out there like a slutty flight attendant anyway so shes got it coming. Letterman shouldnt apoligize he should just come out and say what everyone is thinking, Palin is a cougar attention whore

  12. Ed

    Hey Don, Have you ever looked into Palin’s campagin records? while running for the Governor of Alaska, She supported the Bridge to Nowhere but as soon as she was elected turned her back on the people she promised that bridge to. Then tries to use the “I stopped the Bridge to Nowhere” claim during the vice presidential run. She is two faced and completely untrustworthy. Now I know all politicians are untrustworthy, this is a lady who gained her fame from being a local news anchor. This is the same “Governor” (I put in quotes so not to disgrace the real Governors of this great country past, present, and future) who misused her position as “Governor” to try and get her then brother-in-law fired as a state trooper during a messy divorce from her sister. And when the chief state tropper in Alaska would not fire him, she fired the chief. As a fellow law enforcement officer, it is hard enough in this job without having to worry about a headhunting BITCH in power trying to cut you down. The Republican party is the same party that wants to teach all children to abstain from sex and not teach protection in school then parade Palin and her family in front of the country with an unwed pregnant daughter.

  13. Brian

    Palin is a joke. She sounds like a cartoon, everytime she talks. Difference is Obamas kids are like 10 and 7. That baseball team she calls a family, that got paraded around during the election, being all holy, and then her 18 year old not 10 or 7 year old daughter gets pregnant. After preaching no sex before marriage. Thats the difference. If Obamas kids were 18 and saying I dont believe in sex before marriage then it comes out one of them gets knocked up, of course there is going to be jokes about it. Repbulicans are like little kids who lost in a game, and instead of sucking it up and saying “hey we lost, lets move forward” they have to sit there and cry and complain and call names. If there is a god they will put Palin up for the next election because she is comedy gold.

  14. Aaron

    that guy John Ziegler is an ignorant ass hole!Contessa Brewer is the shit! and GO Letterman! Palin is a whore and she taught her daughter to be the same

  15. Aaron

    PS: I agree with brandon,she is hott!

  16. Peter

    Palin acused Obama of been a “terrorist” during last year’s campaing and she can’t take a late night joke?????. Bill O’Reilly’s remarks on Fox news led to a murder and nobody is talking about it, of course,he is a republican,untouchable.

  17. CARLOS

    Palin is overreacting, every politician gets ribbed and I don’t find this to be that big of a deal.

  18. CARLOS

    Ned’s Palin song is so freaking funny, ned is the man!!!!

  19. Robert

    We all know that Palin is a complete tool, but this spunk monkey’s mom must be so proud to have raised a tool of a tool.

  20. Coon

    If Bill O’Reillys remarks on Fox news led to a murder then I guess the gun that was used was given to the murder by a gun manufactuer. Enjoy CNN you liberal

  21. Bamboozled

    PC is only bad when it doesn’t apply to Neo-cons. The arch-right fascists of this country want to say what they want about anyone and do what they want without consequences. But they will be quick to crucify anyone that is contrary to their beliefs.

    I don’t recall any of these hypocritical idiots staging a protest outside of Rush’s headquarters when he called Obama a “Half-rican”! All of a sudden, they become feminists? They are just a bunch angry, whiny bitches! Bubba, Letterman, and MSNBC rocks, while Palin and Fox News blow horse#$%*!

  22. Don

    I bet she doesn’t let anyone call her a’hoe.

  23. Heather

    If she would just shut her mouth and do some porn, she would “loosen up” and wouldn’t worry about the comedic attacks on her. I don’t see any other woman in the world complaining publicly about the jokes

  24. Glutious Maximus

    This John Ziegler is is a total roundmouth. Id smash his teeth in if I ever see him in public. Palin is too vindictive to ever make in politics and Letterman is a pussy for saying sorry to her.

  25. Stuart

    Bubba get off politics. If I want to listen to a radio show about politics it would be with Neil. So over listening to your BS PC say to right thing to get more ratings. I’ve been a listener since lived in tampa back in 2000. Now I find myself listening to Howard even though I get your show on 93 rock in Miami. I normally turn to channel to Stern when you are start talking politics and never return. His show just flows so much better. Get it back on track fat chops!

  26. jared

    wow this don guy is a retard. how can you stand up for such a usless piece of skin that we call sarah palin. she has no relevence to politics what so ever. All she does is taint the republican party everytime she shows her face or opens her mouth.

  27. Cupcake

    Wow, looks like John Ziegler has spent way to much time down on Neds cock, Oh Gowwdd.

  28. Top Jimi

    I like Bubba am not that smart of a guy,but why is the whole freaking world marking out to anything about Sarah Palin. No matter what she is doing someone either has a camera on her or is doing a news story about her. And why,because she’s a little attractive.So what!!! There’s young men and women dying in foriegn lands for next to nothing and the news is more packed full of Palin & Letterman B.S. I don’t get it!! The only thing about Palin that should interest anyone is if she does a skinflute swallowing video…that I’d pay attention to. I wonder if she can deep throat….bet her kid can!! Mom most likely showed her…C’mon America wake up and smell the homeless,they are the ones who we should be worrying about.How do we make that problem go away? Jeez I’m so tired of the bulls*&t that goes on in this country,it’s getting so old…..P.S. Don you’re a F’ing tool dude,get over yourself!!!

  29. Buc

    Contessa & NBC hate Palin, Seigle hates NBC, nough said. It would be like the Jews and Arabs getting along.

    Letterman should have know better and his staff should have made sure it was not the 14 year old before writing that joke about being knocked up.

  30. bob

    best part is at the end. “Cut the mic please!” hahaha

  31. I Like Sarah Palin

    Sarah Palin rules and Obubba’s show blows. It used to funny –YEARS AGO. But now, all it is is continuous advertisements and Obubba surrounded by yesmen. What a failure.

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