Bubba’s New 30ft. Stacker Trailer

February 1st, 2010 by

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  1. anthony west

    Nice graphics on the trailer,Looks good,even if it is for carrying baby go carts.You have a lucky son,and you seem to be a great dad,good job.

  2. Mark

    Get your nose out of Tony Stewart’s ASS!!!

  3. sadie


  4. SADIE

    Your fans are such ass holes. The trailer looks great

  5. Spike

    Very nice trailer. Don’t let the haters that will no doubt be piling on with negative comments bother you. Some small minded people would say you are just buying your kids way. That is total BS. You are building memories for Tyler that he will cherish forever. You will not know until years later how many different ways this will have shaped him. Good for you. Good luck this season!!

  6. Sirius Only

    I want Lasker!

  7. Timmytrucker

    Nice Rig !!

  8. ron mccarthy

    suck it lasker

  9. Larry Ciullo

    love the trailer!! Are you selling the supersized bubba army decal for semi’s?

  10. Socal Supersport

    Good Luck Haulin It… Get a Decent Truck or that Double Stacker will whip your 250/350 around… BTW International’s haul these beautifully!

  11. andy

    you are you trying to kid with the stewart haas sticker grow up

  12. Randy

    Love the trailer and your show bubba! F the haters, Tyler is lucky to have you for a dad for the finacial backing & the awsome motorsports contacts you have like Smoke! Hope to see Tyler in Cup one day, but look forward to seeing him a 360 or 410 Sprint first! Keep up the good work on the air and on the track!

  13. Eric

    Nice trailor Bubba. Show us your cars,show us your Rocket. More race talk, more dirt….OH GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Sam

    Very happy for your boy. My dad passed away when I was eight and I would have loved this. Your a great radio host and even better dad!

  15. Mike

    Anyone else need a race trailer, we have em in stock and offer financing. Right Trailers (in Lakeland). Nice trailer Bubba!!!

  16. dave stinson

    sweet trailer f the haters they are all jealous

  17. Jarrod in Tucson AZ

    Trailer looks great, keep up all the good work and have fun!

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