Bubba Army Garage Sale

February 18th, 2010 by

7 Responses

  1. Jason

    You should put it on ebay so we all can bid on things

  2. (Tom) Taylor

    I will be bringing some sirius antennas and power cords and t-shirts to the event too. Hopefully people find them useful.

  3. Bobby

    I heard ned was gonna sell a bike, is this true? how much and what kind?

  4. Shawn Byrne

    you bring me photos of Mrs. Heather and I’ll bring you pictures of my hot 5,2″ 100 pound c size chicky….

  5. FryDaddy(Zweigles)

    Zweigles hotdogs, we will be their giving away hotdogs come check us out!!!!

  6. Shawn

    With the rains this morning will the yard sale still go on?

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