Bubba the Love Sponge donates to police officers, deputy’s family

September 10th, 2009 by


Michael Krohn,left, executive director of the Suncoast PBA, and Mark Marland, right, president of the chapter, accept a check from radio personality Bubba the Love Sponge Clem. A charity event called Bubba’s Bikes for Badges raised $26,000 for families of officers who were injured or killed in the line of duty.

CLEARWATER – Radio shock jock Bubba the Love Sponge Clem today handed over a check for $26,000 for two St. Petersburg police officers shot in the line of duty, and for the family of a Hernando County deputy killed in an automobile accident.

The check was made out to Sun Coast Law Enforcement Charities and was delivered at the headquarters of the Sun Coast Police Benevolent Association. The money was raised four months ago during a fundraiser involving more than 3,000 motorcyclists,

Initially, $13,000 was to go toward the medical expenses incurred after one St. Petersburg undercover officer was shot and wounded earlier this year. But that officer asked that half be given to the expenses incurred by his partner, another undercover officer, who was shot and wounded in an incident last year, said Mark Marland, the president of the Sun Coast PBA and a detective with St. Petersburg police.

The names of the two officers are not being printed due to the undercover nature of their work.

The other $13,000 is going to be given to the family of Hernando County sheriff’s Capt. Scott Bierwiler, who died earlier this year when a car smashed head-on into his Ford Crown Victoria, Marland said.

While presenting the check, Clem made reference to other officers who have more recently died in the line of duty — including Tampa police Cpl. Michael Roberts, who was shot and killed last month. He called the slaying of officers a “disturbing epidemic.”

After the presentation, Clem said the $26,000 was raised by the motorcycle fundraiser through a variety of methods – entry fees, a raffle, and a silent auction. Among those who gave money or items to be auctioned were the Tampa Bay Lightning, a member of the Globetrotters, and Hulk Hogan, he said.

During the presentation, Clem beseeched a roomful of officers and supporters to make next year’s fundraiser bigger and better. But afterwards, he said, that doesn’t necessarily mean he wants more motorcycles on the road than there were on May 9, going from one Hooter’s franchise to another.

In fact, he doesn’t want a ride at all, as he fears a greater number of motorcyclists on the road, some of whom might drink beer during those pit-stops at Hooter’s, might increase the chances for an accident. Instead, he envisions a motorcycle show, perhaps accompanied by a concert.

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  1. Brendan T. Lewis

    Nice job guys and “The Bubba Army”. I will have my $25.00 on it’s way for the officer who was shot by the asshole w./ the shopping cart. Good luck to the Clem’s this weekend on the roundey rounds…

  2. Razozer

    Bubba, thank you and your people for the respect that goes
    to law informent and truckers. We are pretty much on the same page. The morning show workers works for me on the
    siruis. But I still the live show,just do what you guy’s need
    to do for youself’s Showize .AND F the trash who can’t live without
    the F word. Bubby Army. Fat Boys like us make the world
    stay in balance

  3. Razozer

    sorry for my spelling 18 deep on milwaukee,s Best ics

  4. Cody Ross

    Hey bubba army its cool that you did that for those people, I have been lising since 1994 when i was 10 with my dad, an still today great show and love the support you give the liseners and community, I have been trying to set up a fund raiser for make a wish down here in venice fl with my business Gemini Marine Inc. Like a island bash or something with a concert on the local island but i dont know where to start if you have any ideals it would be awsome and i was thinking about getting local business involved and getting a banner made with all sponsors feel free to call if you would like to help 941-468-0298

  5. bert

    great job guys the things you all do for your community is awsome i dont know how anyone good dislike you keep up the great work

  6. Minh McClure

    It was a very honarable thing you did for those officers of the law. They and teachers have a thankless job for which they are grossly under paid.

  7. tim conant

    kudos fellas

  8. FoHead 45

    Nice dye job bubba

  9. Michael Marro

    Great Job! Bubba and family are not only talented and entertaining, they keep it real and have a huge heart. Way to step up boys

  10. Kevin ( cupcake ) Curry

    As usual, you guys rule. Bubba Army

  11. ron mccarthy

    5 by 5

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