BRN Studio

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  1. Nashville

    Wow… That looks amazing… way to go guys. the lighting alone is something to behold. the entire set up looks unbelieveable… WOW!~ — way to go.

    Bubba Army Strong —


  2. Michael Scantland

    Man.. I need you guys over my office.. Ive only got two monitors.. Hey you getting ride of those file cab’s..

  3. Lori Heming

    wow im still amazed everytime i see the studio.i have followed you since before the great BRN flood

  4. Mike D

    Damn..nice change guys. Went from stuffy office to the BRN. Good work!

  5. STEVEN M.

    No matter the odds, the BRN will overcome! Way to go guys. Thank you for all that you do!

  6. Doug Holbrook

    Like the studio Bubba, I am sure that the hard work it takes to build and maintain a state of the art studio is beyond most of these gibrones comprehension. The sound quality is amazing every time I tune in guys. Why the K-5 on showing the shower, torture rack and all the other toys in studio?? Look forward to every show like the first.

    Bubba Army Strong

  7. jeremy H

    Thats some sweet construction work, thats an office id love to go to everyday. Bubba rocks

    Bubba army
    Whitehorse, Yukon Canada

  8. James Provins

    Are you guys trying to be professional or what?!?
    looks awesome.

  9. Kenny G

    How many walls did you have to take out?

  10. Andy J

    Man. Let me kiss your ass by telling you how great it looks (which it does). You guys have some super marks. AJ

  11. RJ

    Place looks great. Cool to seen it in the studio. I know the good people that put hard work into it. Keep rockin guys. BUBBA ARMY!

  12. Jeremy

    Could only dream of working in a studio like that…Awesome job

    Cedar Rapids, IA

  13. professor elmo


    Only thin i know about radio is how to tune and listen but i would give up my FTE to work there..Hell of a commute though,im in novascotia

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