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November 23rd, 2009 by

The buffalo chicken dip is sold at all of the Honey Baked Ham Locations:

Honey Baked Ham Port Charlotte
2605 Tamiami Trl Ste 9,
Port Charlotte, FL 33952

12040 Anderson Rd
Tampa, FL 33625
PH) 813-269-0302
Fax) 813-968-1064

115 South Dale Mabry Blvd
Tampa, FL 33609
PH) 813-874-6555
Fax) 813-354-9233

23310 U.S. Hwy 19N
Clearwater, FL 33765
PH) 727-726-0992
Fax) 727-562-0517

1259 Bruce B Downs Blvd
Northwood Shopping Center
Wesley Chapel, FL 33543
PH) 813-907-3676
Fax) 813-272-1287

215 Brandon Town Center Drive
Brandon, FL 33511
PH) 813-661-0809
Fax) 813-643-0562

8637 US Highway 19
Port Richey, FL 34668
PH) 727-815-3739
Fax) 813-995-0623

Honey Baked Ham Spring Hill
4638 Commercial Way
Spring Hill, FL 34606-1904
(352) 592-2994

Honey Baked Ham Bradenton
5771 Manatee Avenue West
Bradenton, FL 34209-2540
(941) 761-3766

Other Locations

I.C. sharks Seafood Market
13040 Gandy Blvd
St. Petersburg, FL 33702
PH) 727-498-8568

Tampa Truck Center
5911 Dr. MLK Blvd.
Tampa Fl., 33619
813 – 635 9634

Bay Way Country Store
5401 Leeland St S
St. Petersburg, Florida 33715
(727) 867-7507

Coyotes Bar and Grille
4300 Kings Highway
Port Charlotte, FL 33980-2987
(941) 629-2114

61 Responses

  1. Roberto

    Well that sucks as usual Can’t get the Chicken Dip in Jax..

  2. Eric

    Just picked some up on my 2nd try today; they were sold out Saturday. Oh MAN!!! This stuff is awesome! Gotta get your hands on some, you won’t want to put it down!

  3. Emilizo

    You can have it shipped to you. Check out

  4. Sirius Only

    Why would you sell chicken dip at a Ham Store!

  5. billy

    wow heard alot about this dip .are u able to bring down in ft,myers area PLEASE

  6. Randy

    Is it sold in Phoenix,AZ at the Honey Bake Ham stores?

  7. abubbabitch

    Tryed to get some in Lakeland FL. Not yet but they say they are trying. maybe I’ll get some in New Port Ritchy tommarow on my run. Hope I can get 18 wheeles in there.

  8. ernie

    i had some its great now i want more but need it here in Bradenton have a Honey Baked Ham on Manatee Ave W

  9. carl riech

    need to get some in the polk county area perhaps winter haven

  10. Lou

    Need the dip in Naples/Fort Myers Honey Baked Ham locations!

  11. Fred B.

    He has a link to buy & ship BUT it’s stating he is not accepting payments at this time…. WTF? If he really want’s to make as much money as possible for his Dip. Then get that Buy & Ship link fixed…. Much appreciated

  12. Rugged WHITE Man

    need to see about getting it in ft.lauderdale miami area

  13. MARK


  14. Daryl

    You can make it yourself. Google the recipe. It is basically canned chicken (just like canned tuna), cream cheese, ranch dressing, hot sauce, a little cheddar cheese mixed, and then topped with a little more cheddar cheese. Then you bake it. It is nothing new, I have been making it for years. It is easy to make and is the best damn dip on the planet. Throw a party with that dip, some nacho chips you will be king.

  15. SATAN

    what about us south of the bridge?

  16. Gary E

    HOW CAN I GET SOME ON PHOENIX?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  17. Tampa Bay Truck Center

    We have the Chicken Dip at The Tampa Bay Center Located at
    5911 East Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd
    Tampa, Fl 33619

    Just off of I-4 And Exit 5 right next to McDonald

  18. Austin62

    Daryl your recipe is one version i can tell you from personal interacton that is not the recipe but it is not bad for an alternative.

  19. Jake

    Dude fix the link and I will buy. Tried to buy now but it wont work.

  20. Redryder aka Denis G

    I live in Largo,Fl, and was hoping I would be able to get it while I am in Jax working for the week, NOT. Come on Honey baked Ham stores and Back 9 , lets get it state wide. I will have to hit my Clearwater store when I get back in town.

  21. sweetdickwilly

    hey whats the chance of it yall selling it in miami

  22. BubbaArmyFortMyers

    We need this stuff t the Honey Baked Ham in Fort Myers/Naples are. HOw can we get the stores to order it?

  23. Sean the security mark

    Oh my god!….. I am speechless. This chicken dip is so damn good my wife stated I looked like a f-ng crack head, I refused to share it and slapped her hands like a rabid spider monkey. I had no idea I could eat that much. Why did you have to share this chicken dip and talk us into getting it Bubba?!? You son of a bitch………….. need more chicken dip…… Bubba Army, Bubba Army

  24. Andrew

    Attention all fellow FTEs. Go to Tampa Bay Truck Center (I-4, exit 5, on the left after the end of the exit ramp) and get some of this dip. If you live in Lakeland get off your butt and go get this dip. It’s really awesome

  25. Andrew

    Also, fellow FTEs and anyone else who plans to rip into this dip as soon as they buy it…have a bag of those tostitos scoops handy before you get the dip. Those are a LOT better, you get more dip on your chip than you would with regular tortilla chips, dipping them in the dip and eating them while driving is very easy to do, and they won’t make a mess. Don’t go for regular tortilla chips if you plan to eat the dip while driving, or they WILL make a mess. Get a bag of scoops. From one FTE to another.

  26. Iman

    Clearwater store said they dont have it and are not getting any more

  27. pete

    awesome!!! i see its in port charlotte, i’m gonna get myself some this weekend! woohoo!! this better be good!

  28. Sean the security mark

    Okay,,, Here’s the dealio,,,,, I am starting to have f-ing dreams about this damn chicken dip. That son of bitch put some kind of drug in this shiz with a z I’m telling ya. He’s got us all hyped up on on some crazy f-ing opiate infuzzed chicken dip that mother f-er. I have now graduated from 1 tub last week to 4 f-ing tubs this week alone and now the thought process tells me I should just buy a freezer, buy out the whole f-ing store so I may hold my self up in bed and live off of chicken dip. F work, F the kid, hell F the wife at that matter… Just me and my hoard of chicken dip…….. You’re still A dirty son of a bitch Bubba….. Bubba Army…… Bubba Army

  29. Redryder2448

    The Honey Baked Ham store on 19 in Clearwater is not selling this yet . I waited in line 30 minutes to find this out. There are not allowed to sell it yet due to corporate.

  30. telcoguru

    I Live In Los Angeles And Want To Try It. I Emailed Back9 And Got No Response So I Guess That Means I Can’t Even Order It.

  31. will

    They told me in brandon they are no longer carrying it and no stores will be. As it’s not their product. The guy said only the only store with any is in bradenton and after that, they aren’t getting more… and told me to buy it from the website

  32. Max

    they dont sell it at honey baked ham anymore where can i get it

  33. Tom

    I wonder if that includes the Honeybaked ham locations in KY. Will have to find out tomorrow.

  34. will

    Dave replied to my website submission to him.. He said the tampa truckstop is the only place that has it.Gonna head there after work this morning and grab a tub.

  35. ernie

    Ya i called them to find out as well they just said its not their product so HQ said to stop carrying it. Hopefully Bubba comes back and puts out the word to stop going to these places. on another Note i have a Cope shop here in Bradenton that might get it.

  36. ernie

    Heres the HQ number call and complain 1800-662-3235

  37. Lou

    Back 9 BBQ site still isn’t taking orders when you try and order online. I’m not sure why Mark isn’t returning emails? Stop bringing the f-ing dip into the studio, stay at home, fix the site and ship the damn shit out! All I wanted for Christmas was a tub of chicken dip.

  38. Lou

    Willing to trade a Zhu Zhu Pet for a tub of chicken dip! LOL

  39. Oscar

    You can’t get dip on website or a response WTF!!!

  40. will

    The tampa truck center.. i camped out an hour after work.. actually fell asleep in my car… 8:30 walked in.. and she took my number and said she’d get more.. as she just sold the last she had. She never called back. I’ll check thursday again… heh

  41. Patti

    Just got some I C Shark’s on Gandy (St Pete side)….still had a few left….The stuff is “KILLER”……

  42. melissa

    went to honeybaked hbam. did not have it again

  43. carlos

    Lady at Spring Hill store just told they do not carry it cause it did not get FDA approved. Damnit!!

  44. Marty

    The Honeybaked ham store in Lutz stopped carrying it

  45. carlos

    So anyone know the real deal ?

  46. ernie

    IS there a way to order this online since we can’t get here in Bradenton??

  47. who ever

    hey, just called I.C. sharks and he said the dept of Ag came and pulled it from the stores..even bayway dont have it and he said hes been trying to get the guy to call him back and find out whats up…

  48. wally walker

    i live in columbus,ohio and i would like to get some of the buffalo chicken dip. can you tell me where in columbus i can find it. thank-you

  49. bob dole

    This shit must have a lead container 15 bucks to ship 16 ounces are you serious?

  50. volksman33

    what is this shit? I hear Mr Clem talking it up but the back nine site has no description, no nothing.Of course there is an order form and nothing else, jabronies. You would think these chicken dip marks would least post what the shit is. I listen alot but must have missed it.

  51. andre

    i ordered dip 3 weeks ago with nothing showin up. no shipping confirmation no nothing. but they did charge me right away! emailed them twice and called them with no reply. don’t recommend purchasing from them unless you want to give them a free $25 donation. Gonna have to file a complaint with paypal.

  52. Melissa Price

    I ordered this stuff for my Husband on March 29,2010. I have yet to receive anything. My husband is a loyal fan of Bubba(we have 3 sirius subscriptions). I keep getting the run around that they need to check with the company that makes this to see what is going on. They took their money within minutes of me placing the order. Bubba if you read this, maybe you need to stop supporting this product.
    VERY DISAPPOINTED I will try again to today to try and get some kind of resolution.

  53. Melissa Price

    Just called CC now (who you order the Back9 BBQ) and now I have to wait another 24-48 hours for another e-mail that the order was processed and shipped. I have to call back on Friday 4-30-10 if I do not receive an e-mail from Back 9 BBQ. This process for buying a product SUCKS. I have order more things on line and received my order in 2-3 days and I have also paid less for shipping. I ask for a refund on the shipping and she said she could cancel the order. I told her I did not want to cancel the order, I just wanted some kind of a refund on the shipping(15.00 is a lot of money for a 30 process of shipping.



  55. clayton

    they don’t have it at the manatee ave honeybaked ham in bradenton. lame i was so looking forward to trying it. you should take theirs off here you got my hopes up

  56. Bubba 488

    When will the chicken dip come to J’Ville?

  57. Rclubbe

    Tampa bay truck center had plenty when I went to buy some today.. BUBBA CHIK DIP AND FRITO’S SCOOPS!! MMMMMMMMM!! Hard to stop. pretty Soon may need to have BUBBACHICKENDIPANON!

  58. Tsaid

    I don’t understand what all the hype is on this stuff.I bought some yesterday at a davis islands deli across from the 202 east restaurant. Big waste of time and money.Im throwing it out. All you need to do is go to the store and buy some hooters chicken wing sauce and add about a third cup of cooked chicken to it and there you go. Awful,bad,YUK!

  59. tjenq

    Just got more tubs for a customers special order at Publix in Bradenton on Cortez Road. Stop by and get them if you want them……

  60. D Murray
    I am the distributor for Bubba’s Buffalo Chicken Dip. No question about it! At first, there was so much demand for the product that David and Nique had a hard time meeting the demand, running the restaurant and shipping dip across the country. Now…it’s all set! Professional site with credit card payments and Paypal. We have 2-3 days per week. Shipping is in chilled arctic paks with dry ice. It is expensive to ship this way but there is no choice with a perishable product. Come to Check it out. Like any new business, there were a few growing pains and we apologize to those who didn’t receive our best at first. Now….bring it!! We’ve been shipping product across the country for weeks with no major problems. Thanks for your patience!

  61. J LOVE

    You gotta be kidding me. They wanted $50 shipping for ordering the $20 2 tub pack. So $70 to get 2 tubs. Really? Really?

    Come on people, get real. Make it affordable for all

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