The Kurt Angle-Jeff Jarrett Phone Call!

July 27th, 2009 by

Here is the latest…

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- It has been confirmed that Jeff Jarrett and Karen Angle are romantically involved, which has been rumored for many months. Kurt Angle has been aware of the relationship since last fall, while he was feuding with Jarrett.

- TNA is not commenting to the public on the situation, and while it has been reported that Dixie Carter sent Jarrett home, others are saying that Jarrett made the call himself.

- Jarrett reportedly made the call to go home when an issue of custody over the children arose between Kurt and Karen. Jarrett reportedly thought it best to remove himself from his TNA duties during the dispute. Until this time, he and Angle had been “co-existing” backstage.

- While there are rumors that Angle is looking for creative control, others are reporting that there is no major push for a new creative direction or team at this time.

- People within the company want to know who made the call to the Bubba The Love Sponge Show, since that started this all. Some feel that the Bubba call could have been staged just to out the issues.

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  1. Jeremy

    I hope that Kurt will come back to the WWE

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  3. wow

    Jeez Bubba, could you have rambled any more on your message to Angle?

  4. john

    Vince Mcman[wwe] always said jeff was a piece of trash and low life,the Man is always right .Jeff should have to meet kurt in a real MMA fight and let Kurt kick his BUTT.

  5. willy

    Kurt needs to go back to the wwe. TNA is better off without him. He got some of what he needed when Bobby took out the MEM. Its not all jeff’s fault if Karen came to him!!! I am not saying its ok for a man to be with another mans wife but its not all the mans fault the women is to blame as well.

  6. Aj

    Karen Angle = Douchebag

  7. Jamie Ray

    Can anyone blame Jeff Jarrett. Look at Karen. Hell, I would give my left nut to sleep in the same bed as her. FTE all the way, BUBBA rules!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Kevin

    Karen Angle was just spotted with .25 cent

  9. Tommy 2 Toes

    karen is smokin, jarrett is a dousche!

  10. Brad

    What a slut. Kurt should smack her

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