Shock jock questions St. Petersburg administrator’s loyalty after cop shootings

February 8th, 2011 by Staff

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Download :I’m That Type of Guy — Goliath Davis was on the RSVP list of VIPs who said they would attend the Jan. 28 funeral of St. Petersburg police Sgt. Thomas J. Baitinger and canine Officer Jeffrey A. Yaslowitz.

His own administrative calendar says that on that day, at 11 a.m., Davis, a top city administrator and former police chief, attended the funeral at First Baptist Church on Gandy Boulevard.

But Tampa shock jock Bubba the Love Sponge Clem on Monday spent much of his morning show on WHPT-FM (the Bone 102.5) lambasting Davis because he did not go to the officers’ funeral — yet he did attend Saturday’s funeral for their killer, Hydra Lacy Jr.

“I have very, very good high-ranking sources in law enforcement who validated that he didn’t attend (the officers’) memorial service,” Clem said. “You are the former police chief. You probably had interaction with the officers who were shot. How can you not go?”

Davis, who was police chief from 1997 to 2001, did not dispute speculation that he did not attend the officers’ funeral.

In a story in the St. Petersburg Times Sunday about Lacy’s funeral, Davis explained he attended Lacy’s funeral to support the Lacy family, which includes Hydra’s brother and boxing standout Jeff Lacy — who himself did not attend.

The story added that Davis “also attended the funeral for the slain officers,” but Davis said he did not tell the reporter that.

“I never told (the reporter) that I attended the funeral,” Davis said Monday. “I said I paid my respects to the officers and their family members.”

But did he attend the officers’ funeral?

“I wasn’t inside the funeral to sit with city staff,” Davis said.

Was he outside, where most of the 10,000 attendees gathered to watch the service on monitors?

“I paid my respects to those officers and their families,” Davis said, who repeated that line when asked again if he attended the funeral. Asked how he paid his respects, Davis said: “It doesn’t matter how. (The families of the slain officers) know how. It’s not something I want to publicize. I don’t have to give an accounting of my grief to anyone.”

When asked why he wouldn’t answer whether he attended the funeral, Davis replied: “I don’t need to answer to Bubba the Love Sponge.”

It is difficult to prove Davis — who makes $152,735 as the city’s senior administrator of community enrichment and another $68,317 a year from his police pension — did not attend.

His immediate boss, City Administrator Tish Elston, didn’t return a phone call and e-mail seeking comment about his possible absence or whether she asked him not to attend.

Mayor Bill Foster didn’t return repeated calls seeking comment.

Many city officials who did attend said they couldn’t place Davis at the officers’ funeral.

Police Chief Chuck Harmon responded to the question through an e-mail from his police spokesman. Harmon confirmed that Davis attended the wake for the officers the evening before the funeral, but that Harmon “did not see him at the funeral, so he does not know if he was there or not.”

Besides Harmon, eight officials who attended the funeral and were in the same VIP section that Davis said he’d be at during the ceremony were asked if Davis attended. None of them — state Rep. Darryl Rouson, assistant Fire Chief Steve Knight, Chief Assistant City Attorney Mark Winn, and St. Petersburg City Council members Leslie Curran, Jeff Danner, Bill Dudley, Wengay Newton and Karl Nurse — could place Davis at the funeral.

“Is it a big deal he’s not there?” Dudley said. “I think so. We had police from all over the country attend. He’s the former police chief, and he’s not there? It’s just curious. And he did attend Lacy’s funeral? Well, then, that’s kind of weird.”

Everyone grieves differently, Curran said, and Davis shouldn’t be faulted if he didn’t attend the funeral, especially if he attended the viewing.

“He went to the (Lacy) funeral to support a friend,” Curran said. “From what I know, he and Jeff Lacy are good friends. This has been such a difficult time. It’s a shame it’s gotten to this point. There’s more to be said for all of this then who went to the funeral and who didn’t, and who went to the Lacy funeral and who didn’t. It’s ridiculous.”

Questions raised Monday by Clem should be dismissed, Rouson said, because, among other reasons, “Bubba the Love Sponge is a bumbling idiot.”

Others said that regardless of his attendance at the Jan. 28 funeral, Davis erred by attending Lacy’s funeral.

“I believe attending the cop killer’s funeral is a slap in the face to the fallen officers and their families,” said St. Petersburg Detective Mark Marland, president of the Suncoast Police Benevolent Association. “I don’t want anyone to think we’re holding the Lacy family responsible. They’re not responsible for the actions of one individual. But the fact of the matter is, it’s the Lacy funeral.”

Marland said the officers he spoke with didn’t see the former chief at the funeral, either.

“Guys are upset about it,” Marland said. “I haven’t heard from anyone (who saw him at the officers’ memorial). I asked around when the Lacy issue came up. But I can’t get anyone to say if they saw him there.”

Davis had a fractious relationship with the unions during his tenure as police chief, and was the subject of several union lawsuits questioning his decisions.

Clem said he didn’t plan to drop the issue.

“I don’t care if (Davis) was a pallbearer at the (officers’) funeral,” Clem said. “When you go to a funeral, you are paying respects to that human being. This (expletive) is the last person you need to pay respects to. You couldn’t be more disrespectful by attending his funeral. I’m going to make it my mission to expose (Davis) as a fraud.”

31 Responses

  1. Mark Carr

    Whomever this Rouson character is; HE’S a bumbling idiot! All the money that your foundation raises goes to the families. What WTF does Rouson&/or Davis do? Davis is a recalcitrant jackass for attending the Lacy funeral. Rouson is an asinine follower dumber than a bucket of shrimp.

  2. Chris

    Well, who DOES this piece of s answer to, if not you, Bubba? The tax-payers? Wait, that’s you. The citizens of St. Pete? Wait, that’s you too. I don’t like to bring too much negativity towards myself or put some out there, but this oppressive, racist, mooley needs to suffer any all consequences that are possible from his actions. We all reap what we sow. He’s a piece of fing s.

  3. Vincent Hoover

    This is a complete travesty. The nerve of this guy showing up at this cop killer’s funeral?! And then to post a b.s. reason like “I was there because I’m friends with Jeff Lacy”. Jeff wasn’t even there! And it wasn’t like Jeff was too busy to attend his own brother’s funeral. He didn’t go because his brother’s a lowlife p.o.s., that in no way reflects the Lacy family.

    Goliath Davis needs to be removed from his post, without a pension. This guy is a cancer, period. And as far as Rep. Rouson and his “Bubba is a bumbling idiot” comment, he should be fired, too. Bubba does more good for these police officers than Rouson has even thought of doing. Rouson is another scumbag that needs to be ousted.

    Its people like these two morons that make me glad I’m leaving this state after I complete Basic training(which I start in March). I will always listen to Bubba on, no matter where I am. And thats because Bubba’s the only one willing to tell the truth, and not sugarcoat it. I’ve been a fan since day 1 at 98rock, and have never waivered from him since. Best of luck to you and the boys, Bubba, and I’m on board for getting this douche out of office.

  4. Joseph Kevelighan

    Goliath Davis should be fired immediately for his criminal background, including getting off when he should have gotten a DUI last year in Gulfport and using his “position” to get a sweet real estate deal for his aunt. This kind of graft should never be tolerated. Great job Bubba.

  5. Gary

    A public figure that lives a “Who you know” way of life would never miss an oppritunity to rub elbows and make an appearance with those who live within the public eye. For Davis to have done so further exemplifies his udder seperation from reality. Years of special treatment from being a public figure have taken their course and his behavior screams it…

  6. Cheryl Thomas

    Davis should resign period!!!! What does Goliath Davis do to earn $152,735???? Give me a break!!!! I help pay your salary, as a tax payer. What a slap in the face of the families of the slain officers!!!!!!! Leslie Curran shouldn’t support the fact that he attended Lacy’s funeral. Sorry I voted for you! Also the bumbling idiot is you Rouson!!! You will be voted out of office too! This is a time when the community should come together. This is racism against white people!!! I am outraged!!!!!!! Bill Dudley, Please run for Mayor & you will have my vote!!!!!!!! God Bless the families of our fallen heroes!!!!!!

  7. ian

    this is bull shit .. we need to shit can this asshole and all of his hanger on ers

  8. Dianna Fernandez

    Thank you Bubba for this enlightning info. Wake up St. Pete and take your city back . Next will be rioting in the streets after these douche bags call in their cronies and cry racism. REALLY wake the hell up and get these guys out of office ASAP !!!!

  9. John Q Public

    I was trying to sell my house until the market went to hell , Maybe if I ask “Go” he can get me top dollar and I can get out of this city and make more room for his “Kingdom”.

  10. cdgfla

    This guy makes $200,000 dollars a year to do what exactly? His pension as police chief should be revoked for this tasteless display. Begs the question as to what his response would have been if the cop killer was a white guy and the officers black? You think you’d see him being so passive and dismissive about attending the funeral and skipping that of the officers? I bet he would have been hand in hand with Sharpton demanding retribution and inciting riots in the streets.

  11. Funny Videos And Pictures

    Freaking unbelievable. Glad I’m out of that area, for now anyway.

  12. Adam piper

    Let them riot and destroy their own neighborohoods. look at it this way their just now might be enough room to build that stadium for the rays.

  13. Craig Cox Dayton Ohio

    Mr.Davis not attending the funerals of the public servants his office oversees is a blatant case of racism. Do the right thing Mr. Davis and step down…now! Officials of St. Petersburg….racism cannot be tolerated…you need to make sure you deal with this matter accordingly…and remember…the country is watching you!

    My condolences to the families the slain officers.

  14. Brian

    Go Davis should have been gone a long time ago. Thanks Bubba for exposing this parasite to the taxpayers for what he is- a worthless scumbag extortionist.

    By the way, how great would it be if Bubba replaced Davis. Bubba has done more for St Petersburg in one show than Davis has probably done in his entire political career.

    Bubba, please at least consider it. The kind-of government shake-up that you would cause is exactly what St Pete needs right now!

  15. Derf The Smurf

    Black man here! F this guy! Thank you Bubba for exposing this charlatan! F Rouson too. Middle class black folks know exactly the kind of bullshit they are running.

    (But some of the hate white people feel for them is race based, so don’t even try to act like it’s not.)

  16. Elizabeth W.

    Can we make a petition? I, for one, would be happy to walk it around the neighborhood and ask for signatures!

    Goliath Davis’ attendance at Hydra Lacy Jr’s funeral was a SLAP IN THE FACE OF THE GRIEVING BAITINGER AND YASLOWITZ FAMILIES and a slap in OUR face, the taxpayers who honor their supreme sacrifice.

  17. Elizabeth W.

    Can we make a petition? I, for one, would be happy to walk it around the neighborhood and ask for signatures!

    Goliath Davis’ attendance at Hydra Lacy Jr’s funeral was a SLAP IN THE FACE OF THE GRIEVING BAITINGER AND YASLOWITZ FAMILIES and a slap in OUR face, the taxpayers who honor their supreme sacrifice. We did not vote for this kind of reprehensible behavior.

  18. When

    When will the press (TV and papers) strt looking into this, and when will the City start answering questions. Do a goggle search for his name and there are many many questions about this guy, and his employment!

  19. Erin

    FIRE THIS MAN….He’s sending a middle finger right to the loved ones of the fallen officer’s. What a prick~

  20. Unclebeeer

    Bubba…I think what you do is fantastic. That being said, as a resident of St. Pete, you don’t know who Leslie Curran is? She’s the WHITE city council member who almost died after a bicycle crash. Please tell me you’ll study your city council members before glorifying them or demonizing them.

    Furthermore, your open support of Mayor Foster is also disturbing. This is a man who thinks the Earth is 6000 years old. This is a man that carries a police radio, as does Go Davis. These men have no business meddling in police business. Mayor Foster ordered the destruction of an active crime scene. Mayor Foster has spoken for the SPPD on Fox 13 News when even Chief Harmon has refused to comment.

    Peter Schorsch (, where you obtained the possible DUI traffic stop video from, is of questionable character, openly displaying his hate for Go Davis, yet supporting a “reformed” crack head, Darryl Rousson.

    I WANT you to succeed with this “public prosecution” of Go Davis. I want him off the taxpayers’ payroll. But please, PLEASE have your staff do the due dilligence on everyone involved, so you don’t end up looking like an arse. This is not some redneck who lost his daughter. This is not a greedy family who lost their daughter. This is a mid-size city government with an established “good-ole-boy” network.

    So much so, that the St. Petersburg Times, who endorsed Bill Foster for Mayor, can’t get him to return their calls.

    Don’t be a Sarah Palin, do your research and the truth WILL set you free.

  21. David Hearne

    Goliath Davis needs to be fired.

    AND that ridiculous position of his should be eliminated. The city doesn’t need to be spending tax money on a political plum job.

    Also, if you haven’t seen the video of Omali Yeshitela and his POS son praising Hydra Lacy and other cop killers as “African warriors” then you need to go to the Uhuru website and watch it. It’s long and you have to endure the stupid chatter of Uhuru, but you need to see this.

    And then write to the Saturday Market and demand that the Uhuru not be allowed to operate at Saturday Market.

  22. C

    I just wanted to say something about that Tyson caller who was so ignorant the other day.

    By asking the question “why would the cops go into the attic if they knew he was in there armed?” he is actually shifting blame onto the cops for being killed.

    He is saying it is their fault for going into an attic with an armed criminal in it.

    And don’t forget the fact that he opened fire on the police who entered the attic.

    Somehow Tyson feels it is their fault and it really is sickening that people like this exist in the world still.

  23. Jeff Morelock

    I can’t believe this guy holds office anywhere. In my opinion as a former local police officer, “Go Davis” does not deserve his pension either.

    To attend the funeral of a cop-killer (and Davis is an ex-cop) makes me think he’s just trying to make people angry at him for some one reason or another.

    Maybe he wants to write a book or something. No that can’t be it – in my opinion he’s too stupid for that.

  24. TS

    My letter to Mayor Foster. I would encourage others to do the same:

    I am a Tampa native, I do not live in St Pete (too much crime) but I have been reading about Goliath Davis. I can’t understand why a city would pay so much for someone who hates more than half the population of the city. All of us are Americans and this constant race bucket is just absurd in the year 2011. If he can’t represent all the people of the city, he shouldn’t be taking taxpayer money.

    I would love to know what he does that is worth so much to the city. I bet he’s like Jesse Jackson, where companies pay him hush money so he won’t protest/organize against them. This should not be allowed. If he is not helping ALL residents of the community, he needs to be fired.

    I think it’s a shame that he found time to go to Hydra Lacy’s funeral but not the two policemen. That shows the type of person you are dealing with, and it’s not good. If I were in your position, I would have gotten rid of him a long time ago. People put up with this man’s shenanigans just because they are scared. I’m not scared-he’s a flat out racist and he’s hurting your city.

    PS I heard his drunk driving tape where he was let off (wonder how many average St Petersburg residents that happens to) and he was drunk, no doubt about it. You are lucky he did not kill or hurt anyone. He’s a joke, he’s a bad man and a terrible representative of your city.

  25. CocoLoco

    He’s an IGNORANT human being at best but I’m not surprised by his behavior. This is the the sort of thing I have come to expect from black activists just look at Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson as two prime examples. Always doing their best to maintain the division between the races. In reality that is their chosen profession, as dubious as it is, or they would have no source of income at all. I think the black community would be better served if they were to put people like this out to pasture and realize that these activists only hurt them. We need activists who know how to build bridges not destroy them!!

  26. Hunter Alexander

    Bubba, GREAT JOB! Keep the pressure on, Go will fold. Let him cry racism, let them riot, it is time to take our city back. ST Pete, stop living in fear, and let’s come together as one and remove people like Go.

  27. lexusdad

    It’s people like this asshat that keep the “N” word alive. H’s not just black he is a “N”

  28. Jason Boy

    What year do we live in??? Last I checked everyone has a voice of their own the “blacks” dont need “Go” to speak for them…. I mean holy shit fire this asshole, do you think Barrack would be president today if he sat back and let someone else do the talking for him? Keep up the good work Bubba…

  29. Johnny D

    Bet it makes you wish your grandparents would have picked their own damn cotton and not F’D with them.This guy has been doing this kind of stuff rite under your nose for a long time now and if Bubba hadn’t of shed a little light on the situation YOU WOULD BE CLUELESS. so chill, Bubba and the boy’s got this shit under control!

  30. Cheryl Thomas

    Thank God Mayor Bill Foster fired Go Davis!!! YEAH!!!
    Look at the money it will hopefully save us taxpayers!!!

  31. S-23's Friend

    As former commander in chief of the 3 fallen officers, it was your duty to be at their services. Yes sir, I heard you say cop funerals were hard…because of Officer’s Sullivan’s killing over 30 years ago. I am glad you were able to pull yourself together and attend Sgt Nero’s services a couple of years ago. This is what was expected of you and you did it. As a police officer I learned from you as my Chief, that we must do our jobs. We will see and hear things the average citizen will never see in his lifetime, but we still do our jobs. It is not our culture as human beings or fellow police officers…not to honor our fallen hero’s and for that I am sadden by your behavior. My culture taught love of all…not division by central avenue or NAACP!

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