Power Pig Hello

April 15th, 2009 by admin


Power Pig Hello….It’s the old gang at 933FLZ. Checkout Bubba in the middle (like I had to tell you that) and MJ standing tall behind him (Yes he is standing).

Play along with the on air audio:

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49 Responses

  1. Jay


    U are SOOO brave to let the ferret stand behind U!!!

  2. Macky Walker

    Yo,Yo,Yo Power Pig Hello!!!!!!!
    Great pic.It’s obvious who the bitch is,and it’s not the girls.But my comment is about Jason Dixon.I heard you name names of the crew and recognized him.He works here in Jax with 1010XL am and 105.3 fm for the top rated sports talk radio here.He does news updates during the breaks.
    Well great show and we are happy to have you and the guys back in Jax.You kick ass.MJ Kelly sux.

  3. bill

    Hey, was the radio station named for Bubba? He looks like a power pig in photo.

  4. Kelsey Parker

    WOW! MJ really DOES look your lil’ bitch, Bubba! (And, when I say lil’, I mean REAL LITTLE!!!) He looks like he is in PURE MISERY standing behind the “King” of the land! He looks like he’d rather be ANYWHERE but there paying homage to his “King!!”
    Seriously, though…he might be the MOST IRRITATING person on this planet – and I don’t even personally know him. (Thank God for small favors, right??!!)
    Keep up the good work guys and I hope you bury him!! BTW, how can the judge have NOT thrown away this retarted lawsuit that he’s clogging up the court system with?? I don’t get it! It’s so dumb.
    Kelsey Parker
    (A loyal fan)

  5. tarryl


    You look BOSS. You look like you are in control. I noticed that your shirt is different from everyone elses. That make it look like it was photoshopped. Nice pic. Bubba, you are the man.

  6. tina


  7. Wade

    Does MJ have Downs?

  8. Rick

    MJ looks like Fag lol.

  9. Tom

    Hey Bubba…whats up with your casper white hands!!

  10. Mike

    Great photo! Bubba looks like a late 80′s collection soldier for the mob. Laying nice with all the gold, baby! Love it!

  11. Darwood


    I think Beetle would be insulted

  12. Todd

    Hey FAT ASS, MJ looks like a stud

  13. PoohDaddy

    Your the Man Bubba, Sitting next to Kenny G and in front of that Special Olympics kid. What A nice guy!!!

  14. SoCal Michele

    Never heard of MJ. So there!

    Manson has dreamy hair.

  15. newman

    He looks like Corky.
    I’m just saying.

  16. Kat

    That turd MJ looks like a smug pratt. Just makes you want to reach through the screen and slap him.

  17. Rich Kilchrist

    The dude that’s touching da midge looks like he’s going to puke! Bubba and Manson look like they where outta there already, and the others look miserable..Keep up the great shows guys.

    Rich Kilchrist
    Bubba Army enlisted BMF

  18. steve

    all of you look like a bunch of convics,bubba looks like big boss man want a cookie….

  19. Boomer

    “It’s all about ME”


  20. pat

    u no why MJ is smiling????????????
    the bitch is stabbing u in the back

    here’s to the last laugh party

  21. Ned's Herps

    Mj should have stood on some phone books. What a douche.

  22. Fred

    He is standing on a soapbox…. Great show, glad your back in Tampa.


  23. Kirk Smurawa


    You speak of the shroud of hootie and that he may be the savior and I agree but, If you look at the picture for the first time, you look like the messiah and the rest are your disciples with the exception of MJ, he’s the Judas of the group. Are you serious, The guys did a great rest of the show but I lost out on the Sponge cause of him. Really?

  24. Mark

    WOW , Way To Bring Up A Detroit Icon , Arthur Penhowell , Baby!!!!!! …… Just Make’s Me Realize How Close To Home That You Are Here In The Motor …..

    B.T.W. MJ Looks Like Howards Pig Vomit From His Movie ……

  25. Greg

    Please tell me that the dude to Bubba’s left is NOT Manson with his Miss Clairol mullet pulled over one shoulder. Sweeeeet look!

  26. Dizzy

    you never mentioned that MJ has Down Syndrome. Maybe you should take it easy on the little guy. He’s a person too.

  27. wayne

    Your right he looks like Corvet Guy. I feel sorry for ya for even living in the same state with that Doushbag.

  28. Canadian Bill

    Damn I thought heather’s boobs were huge , I bet her horse face gets lost in that cleavage

  29. possumfte

    who is that hippie chic?, oh that’s “MANSON”. love ya guys ina non faggoty way.

  30. Frazier

    Hell, shave his head and he could pass for Vern Troyer’s (Mini Me) twin. MJ that is, the original Mini Jizz.

  31. Chris

    I’m a big Manson mark, but I never realized he was Kenny G!!

  32. vagabond

    Hope Bubba is sitting down,because looks like MJ is hanging on to Bubba`s hips and fudge packin him. bahahaha!!!

  33. Debo

    WOW, I can see why all of you are on the radio, and not on TV.. It looks like a chess club picture..Bubba you da man. Thanks for the great radio on 93ROCK,

  34. paul

    you the man bubba you should have turned around and punched mj in it dwarf balls

  35. freemason


  36. Joe B

    Bubba: One of you will betray me!

  37. tim

    damn pube head has a small head, smaller face too

  38. Jeremy Eickholdt

    Oh my GOD that fag looks like one of the hobbits, His hair looks like he stuck his finger in a light socket.hahahahah
    no wonder he is Jealous of you bubba you are the MAN.
    I bet Mj’s favorite food is Lucky Charms freakin little Leprechaun he his the hobbit no one seen in the movie his name is Blowmomen Baggins Lord of the Geeks.

  39. Corrie

    Wow…MJ looks like a child with a severe mental handicap.

    Bubba is the man.

  40. rb

    MJ must be a real bitch. Waahhhh!!!! Bubba insulted him so now he’s going to file a lawsuit. Shows what a punk bi*ch he is. Instead of standing up like a man…he’s gotta hide behind some weasels (attorneys).

  41. Big Mike B


    The fact that the “king” is the only person in the room wearing different colors is great! Sooo funny that the fucktard MJ looks like a character directly out of some nerdy “B” movie is soooo great. Bubba looks large and in charge while MJ looks like he is just glad to be in the same room….soooo great!!! What a piece of shit MJ is…PS I have a newly converted wife that now LOVES your show and thinks MJ and gang are pethetic!! We are process servers in our cars constantly and love both shows!! Peace

    Mike B.

  42. Rj

    Wow Just everyone take a long hard look at this picture.
    Now that you are done laughing at the midgit behind bubba you need to hear me out. We have to learn to appriciate mj, not for his skill in broadcasting, but for the fact of his megar existance. I wake up every morning just to hear him get made fun of! Its a shame he cannot just fught back like a man. Love you guys.
    A faithfull listener!

  43. mike

    Bubba,if you stood up it would be a good picture.

  44. Amanda

    Looks like Bubba and all his Bitches!!!! BAHAHAHAHA

  45. RJH

    POWER PIG YELLOW…..MJ looks like a lil Biz wit a Z. He looks like a moron you would just one punch him in the face as soon as he opened his mouth!!!

  46. Chase

    haha. u all look like little bitches!!! That said, I’ve been hooked on your show since u started on Serius.
    Huge Mark

  47. paul

    I miss the show I got shit canned from fedex in december haven’t listened since but I hope its going strong

  48. steve

    HAHAHAHA mj is the funniest lookin little pube head migit.I keep lookin and laughin, hilarious. Manson’s the prettiest girl in the photo. I almost want to spank it to him.

  49. Lucid

    Was this taken on no pantie Wednesdays?

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