Ned’s Sandusky Song – “You Raped Me”

June 14th, 2012 by Staff

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You may enjoy this download of the art of the great Ned, which is, the intellectual property of the Bubba Radio Network. If you rebroadcast this on your radio or television show or blog you must properly credit Ned and The Bubba The Love Sponge Show. If you fail to properly credit this Federally Copyrighted work we will take legal action against you. Thank you and enjoy!

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30 Responses

  1. kevin manseau

    had me laughing too much woke up the wife……had to download for her to listen ! thank you ned ! bubba army canada

  2. Brian

    Ned you are up there with the greats lmao your a funny motherfucker

  3. stubby

    god ned you rock i laughed my ass off to this song even tho i know the siruation isnt cool like mansons “my trunk” u two put out sum great stuff so thank you for sharing it kicks ass!!!!!!! STUBB OUT

  4. Kalab

    Another instant classic! keep them coming Ned!!!


    another priceless moment by NED and BUBBA & CREW

  6. Mike

    Lol.. Neds always got the good songs

  7. james dyer

    That is great…awesome ned you rock

  8. Al

    Ned once again RADIO GOLD!!!!!! you rock

  9. Shane, Ft. Myers

    Out EFFING standing, Ned…instant classic!

  10. Erin

    One of the best, Nedley Mandingo! Hope to see the flash mob idea come to fruition outside the courthouse. Bubba Army!

  11. jim

    Home Run Ned!!!…You’re the Man!

  12. Audriana

    Haha! I love Ned. This is a great one.

  13. isukk

    Love it. Funny as Hell

  14. Lisa C.

    I love Ned!

  15. Manson

    Good Job Ned you faggot!

  16. Todd

    Ned , Ned ,Ned im not sure what to say but “PERFECT” !!!!!!!
    You crazy fucker—-Keep em coming !!!!!!!Please

  17. alberto

    ned your the best keep it up

  18. Hamp

    Neds living in State College, Pa.
    Man I miss you guys on Sirius.

  19. charlene pike

    love it!!!! love alll of it!!!!!!!


    Can’t load to Android phone… Sucks

  21. Damaddawg

    Ned what can I say you freakin rock. Bubba Army

  22. chas

    great song chas in the uk

  23. Beeger

    Holy Fother Mucker I wanna be just like you when Im and old nasty sum bitch

  24. Jason Wayne

    KICK ASS !!

  25. Landoparty

    Ned, you nasty old codger, I’d let you rhythmically slap slap slap me all day long.

  26. filthydubz

    manson is a genius!

  27. Mark

    LOL Best song ever!

  28. Noel

    Feeling so sleepy and this woke me up. OMG! Miss listen to this every morning but Bubba Army Rules on the Treasure Coast.

  29. Axel

    Great job Ned! Who’s the original artist to the song.

  30. tim conan

    fuk this is the shit ned i miss yall when yall comin back to siris

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