My Trunk (Video / Download)

May 18th, 2011 by Staff

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[Click Here to Download the Song]

Add the visual to the audio of the classic Manson song, “My Trunk.” The video was made by CAVIARTACOS; Manson and his daughter Berlin produced the music.

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  1. ronjon400

    love it bubba…you guys always do it right!

  2. Gus


  3. David mule

    Freedom of speech bitched. FTW

  4. Robert Bradley

    This Is Real And If You Don’t Think So ….. Well You’ve Been Pussified……

  5. Kevin Lockwood

    awesome video….I hope they fry her crazy ass. Keep it up Bubba…..

  6. Janice Baker

    I like this, I am so glad that you are not afaird to give the facts. Keep up the awesome job, Bubba Army for life!

  7. Matthew

    I like this song I believe its just another way of getting the new out there. I am glad that so many people are upset about this song and have a anger for it. I just wish it was redirected from the song to Casey Anthony. People are being blinded and think that you all are “Sick” for making this song. If any one is SICK its Casey Anthony. Come on people get your head out of your ass and let this bitch fry!

  8. Ann Tiernan

    OMG; this is nasty.

  9. Bob

    This is AWESOME. Great work by CAVIARTACOS. Funny shit.

  10. kerry

    Sounds like something Frank Zappa would write. KUDOS KUDOS KUDOS

  11. Kathy

    Great work!! Love the parody.

  12. gogetter

    Another great piece of work!

  13. Deadman316

    That was some funny shit right there. keep it up bubba and the boys.

  14. Joe P

    Excellent work I appreciate all you do to defend our right of expression. Those who find this offensive do not need to look at it or hear it on your show. As for me, I like to decide what to hear or view. I admire your courage to do something like this. Down with censorship that is why there are buttons on the radio and TV so we can select what to hear and see. Go Bubba Army!

  15. RW

    Nice work. That takes some time to put together and it gets the news out on that crazy bitch.

  16. Bill

    Great job!! Would love to see an animated “Our Song” by Ned next. BUBBA ARMY!!

  17. Martin0341

    Awesome man.

  18. shannon

    Wow, DUDE
    That is something else of a video. I am in Las Vegas and I dont hear your show. Yesturday, I heard about it on insession by one of the Jurors. I just wanted to check it out. You for sure show and say alot. I am speechless

  19. Daryl

    Well done Manson & Berlin.. Love it..

  20. Nomie ("sticks" former boss)

    Good stuff! People have to understand the real message in this parody if you don’t SHUT UP (all jawled up of course)!

  21. bill

    i always thought the song was funny, but know that i’ve seen the animation, i loooove it. manson has more talent than 90% of today’s krappers.

  22. social nerd

    Where’s the facebook share/like button!!

  23. Ballard

    But it’s OK when shows like Law and Order are “ripped from the headlines” and they deal with horrible stuff like this every week. Where’s the outcry?

    Great animation! The way she whips that bundle into her trunk is priceless…

  24. mark clark

    this is great i find it rather funny that most people would call this sick or degrading bu t yet its the truth. makes me wonder if all those same people believe that the cunt is not guilty and believe her zanny the nanny story and think its ok for her to be at clubs living it up like nothing is wrong. people need to wake up and realize this bitch is guilty and deserves to fry.

  25. Bill

    Manson and Berlin….RIGHT ON THE MONEY !!! The song with a video puts the ICING on the CAKE. Thanks for TRUTH.

  26. Hamburger

    I think we need to put our arms around our President Obama and give more love instead of always being negative. If we give more love it will spread and pretty soon the entire world will be full of love.
    Obama is greater than all of your hate!

  27. Gordo66

    Top notch production, and Manson writes “Daily Show Quality” parody bits…

  28. Michael Isaac

    That was the best video i’ve ever seen……. In MY LIFE!!!

  29. Alicia

    This is really funny stuff. Quite in enjoy hearing the 3 pack.

  30. Fay

    Not sure what is going on but I saved the song and can not open it with any program. Any suggestions and be nice, lol

  31. Fay

    Nevermind, I got it.

  32. angie

    I am sickened by knowing this is all about a living breathing-innocent-child being snuffed out like a cigarette butt.

  33. david shapiro

    icing on the cake boy’s!!!

  34. john reilly

    Its so nice to here them say Bubba in a court room these dumba** lawyers brought a circus to Bubba’s backyard . They need to move to panhandle or the keys not tampa. Even the clown Nancy Grace said the trunk. The truth hurts and hyperbole at its finest. Kudos Manson and Berlin!!! Bubba Army RadioIO

  35. E-Rock

    As always, I love the parodies better than the originals.

  36. paul

    Manson is the man. He is really talented and so is his daughter.

  37. Bearded Clam

    I love the art, the song and particularly the toss to the trunk. I imagine that is the same move Heather Clem makes when she feeds Bubba Dinner!!!

  38. OhioChuck

    Great, Work of Art
    Sad thing is that this bitch will live off the state’s dime for 20+ years, before she gets her just reward.

  39. paul

    Manson and Berlin are incridably talanted. I love the song and the video brings it to life.

  40. Johnny D

    Now THATS entertainment!! As The Worm would say ” OH WOOOOW!”,When you got the blade in em’ mite as well give it a twist. Awsome chubby bunz’.



  42. tina

    Manson’s Masterpiece!

  43. Chad


  44. Kathy

    I find this to be disturbing..this is exactly how poor kids end up like this..When ppl think that this stuff is funny or entertaining..No one has morals any more..or gives a $#!^
    about anyone but themselves…I hope that poor Caylee Marie Anthony gets the justice she deserves and I HOPE MORE PPL START REPORTING THE NEGLECT AND ABUSE THEY SEE..WHETHER OR NOT IT PERTAINS TO FAMILY OR FRIENDS OR PERFECT STRANGERS!!

  45. trish

    Its funny

  46. Jason

    Hang that BITCH! High noon! Bleed for what you did you fing cunt! Oh yeah! Great job on the video. lol

  47. Scott

    Please, Please, Please let that bitch get the death penalty!!!

  48. Butthead

    Dude. Your tech department sucks dongs. Thanks for making it non iPhone friendly. Jobbers.

  49. william roushia

    casey needs to pay for what she did well that being said the whole dam family needs to pay for this because they are all guilt of the crime

  50. Donza

    Tell it like it is. THANK YOU

  51. kevin


  52. Jack

    GREAT animated video!!!!!! Wife didn’t like it thought it was sick. But I guess she is “Pussified” since she has one…

  53. Larry Smith

    Love it! It’s sad but everytime I hear it, I lmao!

  54. Kelly

    Good job on putting the truth out there! We do live in a “PUSSIFIED” world. People need to know the truth, this video is friggen awesome!

  55. gino capobianchi

    hope they play that in casey anthony trial.

  56. Jef

    I agree with butthead^^ not iPhone friendly ;(

  57. chris

    i think that song is a sick thing to do your talking about a 2 year old child that died a horrible death at the hands of her own mother , but that is not the worst of it bubba you are so concerned about being reconized nationaly and getting publicity good or bad that you are actually willing to infiltrate one ore more of the jurors you said the other day that you were going to try to stay in contact with a juror through his wife that guy needs to be thrown off the jury don’t you understand that with your selfish meddling you ruin the case of the state by declaring hung jury?

  58. chris

    I realize that you want your radio station to be the best and probably would like to be like howard stern but man you have a huge following and you make plenty of jack for you and the people around you but if you keep meddling into this trial you are going to do more damage than good let the justice system take care of this crazy lady and support the prosecuter if they find out that you got to one of the jurors or should i say when they find out its going to be a victory for the defense and you should be somewhat responsible

  59. joebuffalo

    I left Pinellas County in 2008, but still listen to the show daily on my android phone. Excellent work here guys. I know you do realize that many Floridians utilize Bubba for their sole source of news, and although you must pronounce the show as ‘strictly entertainment’, you are wonderfully socially conscious. Bubba always proclaims himself to be a hypocrite, so I guess many of us are. I find myself aligned with Bubba’s viewpoint on a great majority of topics these days. I am a 38 yr old man. Keep up the great work.

  60. Lauren

    Awesomeness i love it and i hope she gets what she deserves!

  61. BADABD

    Loved it….Thanks to the Nancy Grace Show for talking about it!!! Otherwise I might have missed it…..I am a Casey Anthony Junkie!!

  62. Bob

    Love it

  63. steve

    How The Hell are you not a national syndicated DJ? Good Shit!!!!
    this video should be on youtube with millions of hits. Millions!!!!
    time to hire.

  64. mark

    DUDE its spelled LOWES not LOWS moron.

  65. Chico Rodriguez

    tellin it like it is as it happened and if you dont like it you can suck it! lets not forget whats really important here… a parody or a dead kid. now lets get her parents on trial next! they deserve to be in prison too.

  66. Josey

    Awesome video and song!

  67. Stu

    Better than the original.

  68. Stu

    …Pube-Head down the dial there should really be taking notes after all these years. But he tries too hard. Forced comedy never works. You guys make it seem so easy. Well, you can buy Corvettes all day long, but you can’t buy talent.

  69. tiffany n

    I love this song that sick bitch needs to fry

  70. robert

    damn, Berlin sounds hot

  71. Tabitha

    you people that liked this video are sick fkers! this is a serious matter and a little girl died and yall think its funny its horrible that her mother killed her and she was young and innocent and bubba i will NEVER listen to your stupid radio station again and i thought you were a good person but now I DONT! And manson you are a piece of shit for writing this song and you should be ashamed of yourself and you have children what if something happened to them?!

  72. Kat

    Tabitha – you are an idiot! Bubba and the guys are NOT making fun of that fact that a little girl died! They are just presenting the facts of what that horrible bitch did to her baby – get a grip already!

  73. Radio personality taints jury pool for Casey Anthony murder trial - VolNation

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  74. Bill

    Caviertacos did an excellent job! You’ll be up there with Spike and Mike soon.

  75. JP

    This song makes me feel sick whenever I hear it, so I usually change the station for minute, but I absolutely agree that it should be played so that no one forgets how disturbed this sociopath is. This is why its so important that we get to know our neighbors and keep an eye on what goes on around us. I don’t have or want kids of my own, but know one deserves to die like this

  76. Lumpy

    Those that have said you are sick on this matter have no clue what is right. In life we NEED to findsome kind of humor in bad situations. We may be marked as dimented sickos after that, but oh well.I think you and the crew are the shiz , keep it up brother.

  77. shea

    Berlin you knocked this out of the park!!!!! I think Manson is in fear of his job now that there is a new star in the family!!!!!


    LOVED the song!!! video made it better,if thats possible? KEEP up the great job your doing guys,everyone else is way too scared to tell it like it is,thats why I only listen to you boys!!

  79. Casey Anthony Trial - Page 2 - Guitar Forums

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  80. patrick

    i beat you if they used the video in court they would see her for the bitch she is and put her ass in jail or better yet the chair bring back the chair and let her brain frie

  81. pitbullove


  82. jamie king

    it doesnt matter what we see about the case .The end result will be that she will do life, they wont fry her….BUT they will fry the GUY that is on trial in Pinellas County for beating his girlfriends girl to death.The ol’ double standard, the female will just do life for the crime of the century and the guy will fry…

  83. Rebecca

    it is about time someone didnt beat around the bush about this scumbag, and what she did to her daughter!! I am saddened for her daughter, poor girl didnt have a chance! I wish her a good 70 years of waking up behind bars… ~Look forward to hearing more of your work :)

  84. Evil_cup_cake

    i think its funny because she killed her daughter and so now shes getting the pressure she deserves. but to the peeps who say say different its up to you as to how you feel i really don’t give a sh** but the fact still remains she did kill Kaylee and so now shes going to pay. ^^ getting what she deserves. by the way great vid.

  85. Evil_cup_cake

    i think its funny because she killed her daughter and so now shes getting the pressure she deserves. but to the peeps who say say different its up to you as to how you feel i really don’t give a sh** but the fact still remains she did kill Kaylee and so now shes going to pay. ^^ getting what she deserves. by the way great video.

  86. Evil_cup_cake

    srry double post

  87. terry gurley

    she is guilty but will never see the death penality.


    Great work Manson and crew. There shouldn’t be a trial. Match crime with the punishment and save the tax payers money.

  89. michelle

    wow bubba i cant believe this…but i do believe she is guilty..and when i first herd this song i thought wtf what a jerk… untill i herd u say oneday that it was based on all truth.. wow im following the trial. and i think she is fkin guilty.i dont understand why people whould wanna go to the court room to see this whore…dont they have to work or something.. anyways goooo bubba army.. oh and when the trial is over are u gonna get ahold of jurror3308? i would love to here what he has to say…glad u got some arny in there…

  90. Josh Wells

    Not Guilty …

  91. paulee

    a true talent. there is nothing better than a person being themselves, keeping it real no gimmicks something to taken to a level of honesty something that this country seriously lacks thank you!!!

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