Manson’s New Tribute Song for Thomas Baitinger and Jeffrey Yaslowitz

February 15th, 2011 by Staff

Listen to Manson’s New Tribute Song:

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Download Manson’s New Tribute Song

12 Responses

  1. Pete Hooker

    Bubba / Manson:

    I’m a State Trooper with FHP in Orlando. You guys helped out a brother Trooper last year, Trooper Ambroise. He was a class mate of mine in the academy. I got tears in my eyes listening to this song this morning. I’m stationed in Orlando, Florida and didn’t know either of these officers personally. However, it was very fitting what Manson did as every cop is family. We had deputy Brandon Coates get killed here in December who’s wife is also a deputy. I responded to the scene and hearing this song brought back memories of it. Just to hear these things keeps memories of fallen officers alive. You’re going a great thing. Also, KEEP GOING with Go Davis! His actions are clear with his thoughts against law enforcement. Also, I wanted to know if you’ve ever heard of a website called” They praise african american’s for killing police officers and call themselves “Black Foot Soldiers.” Keep up the good work! I got you here in Orlando on 96.5 guys! You’d better not leave!

  2. Jason Boy

    I was working in Jax when I heard this whole thing unfold on the radio. I listen every day and I got to say Manson you nailed it. It is sad that you had to make this tribute, and very much a tear jerker…

  3. Scott Tricarico

    Manson: Thanks for taking the time to put this Tribute together for the two fallen officers. It brought tears. You guys do alot for the various cities and communties in FL. and I just want to thank each of you.


  4. David Walker

    Mason a don’t have the words to say how moved I was today when I heard this on the radio this morning great job.Its not the right time but please keep up the good work.

  5. Jason

    As a current deputy and K-9 handler I am moved by the song and want to thank you guys for all that you do for us out here and the families of our fallen brothers.

  6. Bill Schellhammer

    Manson you are the GREATEST !! As a relative of a Fallen Officer ( Officer Jeff Kocab ) I appreciate the artistry you put into tribute such as this. I have added this to my collection of your tributes to LEO’s. Keep it up.

  7. Ryan Schramek

    this a good thing manson brought tears , goose bumps, i think what you all do is a good thing for cops & there familes and keed trying to get that a=hole go davis out of our city damn good song once again manson



  9. Tom

    So shines a good deed in a weary world… bad circumstance, but excellent tribute…

    Tom from Orlando, where you do have listeners!

  10. d

    dude the fact of the matter remains…theres going to be a racial awakening. the 2nd amendment doesnt apply to criminals and while you advocate the building of more prisons and yet want the firearms taken out of the hands of good americans think about this… what if the guy across the street had an ak 47 while the officers were ketting killed with an ak47?

  11. Richard ( Philly ) Fagan

    I would like to thank you Bubba and Cowhead and 102.5 for being here, for if you where not, we the listeners, would not get all the info that is needed in the morning And afternoon. Your coverage of the falling officers has giving me new respect for FM radio , I would like to ask you for a copy of The Tribute Song,as I would like to forward this to Friends in Philadelphia She is a Officers for the PD there. My head hands low on days like this. Again , Thank You For All that you Do for The men and women in Blue.
    Thank You. R.K FAGAN.

  12. pugsley

    the things that you guys do on a daily basis is beyond words. i drive a rock truck and listen daily. please dont ever let anyone or any corprate entinty shun you guys. i will remain bubbba army for life. god bless you all and even ned,which happens to be my illigtamate father.

    love you guys

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