Manson’s New Billy Mays Song

June 29th, 2009 by

*Bubba Disclaimer*
Manson decided to make this parody over Billy May’s passing, Bubba does not endorse the song, but asked the fans to vote for it to be played. The fans voted and it was played, here is the song for the fans to hear.

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98 Responses

  1. zig


  2. Mark

    That’s hella funny!!!

  3. Tammy

    No need for a dislaimer. Isn’t this the highest form of flattery?

  4. Bob Noxious

    WOW! Distaste at it’s finest. Awesome!

  5. garbo64

    I think the parody of Billy Mays was HYSTERICALLY funny! I feel so sorry for his family, but you have to admit, Manson’s piece was classic! Keep up the funny as hell work!

  6. John

    Dude that was a little far. But funny as hell. I was laughin so hard on my way to class it wasn’t even funny. The pills shaking in the backgroung was what made it extra funny.

  7. John

    Dude that was a little far. But funny as hell. I was laughin so hard on my way to class it wasn’t even funny. The pills shaking in the backgroung was what made it extra funny. You can be hardcore like me and take 12 pills and a 5h of jack daniels. Lmfao

  8. Boliver Shagnasty

    That’s not a song, it’s a parody promo ;)

  9. Dennis

    ….That was stiff BROTHER!!!!!

  10. kalvin

    Now that we know it was not oxycontin dont you look like a real winner. No class what so ever.

  11. Joe

    It will be really funny when it comes out he didn’t die of a drug overdose, pretty distasteful, and i thought the caylee song was funny!

  12. Anon

    Turns out, he had heart disease and was taking the proper amount of his prescribed medication.

    Hey, song parodies were cool in the 1980s. No so much anymore.

  13. Tony W.

    Too funny, Way to Go Manson!

  14. Boliver Shagnasty

    By the way, he actually died of heart disease.

  15. Signal20

    I wouldn’t expect any less from BTLS but I laughed, thats the point right? R.I.P. Billy Mays

  16. mark

    that is humor at its best keep up the great work we all know it was all in fun so to all the haters out there bubba manson and the boys are keeping u employed by making u hate them so keep hatin and bubba and the boys will still be number 1

  17. jason

    i think manson may have outdone himself if that is possible. awesome.

  18. Ken

    That was too f*ing funny!!! Loved it

  19. TBG

    That was great! Keep up the good work Manson!

  20. Nolan

    Hilarious Manson….. Gotta love it!!!

  21. L.I. Mike

    That is some cheap heat but funny.

  22. Trent

    Hey fellas! another home run, keep up the good work. Are we going to get another one about Kaboom and his heart? Since the autopsy showed heart disease.

  23. Pergl

    What up with the edited version? I heard the uncensored on 101. I clicked the little thinggy that said “warning adult content” before I got to the page. This shiz (with a z) is funny, I’m an adult, what the heck?

  24. David Wicks

    It is funny as hell until I remember that this is about a good person who is no longer with us. Funny shit but a bit much I think. Love the show tho.

  25. David Wicks

    Very funny but once I remembered that this was a real person who was for all sake a good person then I think it is a bit much.

  26. DARYL

    people want the TRUTH but they cant handle the TRUTH. keep on keepin on that is funny as shiz with a Z

  27. EvansMC

    How do you feel now that the truth came out. He was not abusing the Oxy. I hope his family sues your balls off. What happened to your good source now?? You piece of shit(with a “T”)!

  28. Jeff

    Manson You hit another Home Run there, buddy keep up the great work!!!! LOve you guys in a non Fagget way see tomarrow

  29. Aaron

    You stopped production in my entire shop!! Every one was standing around laughing,keep up the good work guys! lmao

  30. john

    wholly shit i almost wrecked while listening to this sith FTE here

  31. David

    Dude , that is the funniest shiz with a z i have heard in a long time…this and the michael jackson bit are CLASSIC!!!! LMFAO

  32. jack

    manson that was great its a shame about his death and i feel for his family but it was funny as hell

  33. Warren

    This is one of the greatest things Ive ever heard!

  34. Shane

    Keep doing what your doing guys love the show keeps me going every morning.

  35. crazy bob

    TO good to be true! It’s a gotta have for anybodys collection!

  36. RealBoltsFansDotCom

    Put him Back together with Mighty Putty than Oxiclean his ass! Good As New!

  37. David

    LMFAO!!! That was as funny as the trunk song. Manson, keep up the good work.

  38. Mike

    Ugh, Manson! I hate you, this is so funny, and so wrong. The only reason you can get away with this bit, is because it’s just..freakin’ hilarious.

  39. kalvin

    Now that you have not posted my first comment, I was just wondering if you will apologize for your song this morning? Now that we all know it was NOT oxycontin.

  40. kalvin

    Sorry, I am a big fan of yall. keep up the good work.

  41. Monkeyman

    Gee, you said you were going to play it because you KNEW he O.D.’d on painkillers (credit to you saying it was unintentional), YOU KNEW IT. Too bad the coroner didn’t agree with what you knew to be fact. I’m sure you’ll find a way to rationalize your choice, and your lemmings will agree. Luckily, I won’t have you tuned in any longer to hear it.

  42. moe

    great job manson next year someone will be selling it at the fair, the state fair that is.

  43. Ed

    Like most manson bits, Just isnt funny. Cheap heat at its finest.


    IT Sucks! You can do better.Put more thought into the parody.My Dumbass thought of that parody .

  45. K

    A complete waste of 2 minutes….

  46. tamie cole

    Have some respect!The man just died!Yes it was funny,but the man is not even buried yet.It could have waited a couple of weeks.

  47. Gregg

    P.S. I’m not offended by the bit.. Just a op/add opinion. I understand parody, and get the humor.. I will always listen for the frank and mostly honest conversation.

    Love You Guys

  48. josh

    i say play it it is funnier than hell so play on

  49. MD Bubba Mark Willy

    another great 1 Manson

  50. Tom

    Not funny.

    Bet you guys feel like you jumped the gun since heart disease killed him.

  51. Tom

    Not funny.

    Bet you guys feel like you jumped the gun since heart disease killed him.

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  53. Mike

    Meh. I don’t see how this bit eludes to the fact that he OD’ed on pain killers. He’s just pitching the POWER of Oxycontin!

    I got about 3 of them and some stool softener in my shaking palm right now!

  54. heresthedeal101-Rob P.

    Absolutely BRILLIANT and done the only way Manson knows how…STIFF.

  55. RussDurango


  56. Dan

    Manson, keep more of these coming and tell Bubba to wash his pussy and quit it with the MJ crap. He wasted 2 hours of the show yesterday. Who cares!!!

  57. iwhipmega

    LOVE IT . I bet if Billy heard it he would laugh to.

  58. craig in florida

    if you assholes dont like this stuff stay of the site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Brandon(cape coral,fl)

    If people do not like the content of the show turn the damm radio off. I enjoy everything that I hear on the show and I know where my control knob is on my radio.

  60. Joshua Forth

    Hell that was funny as hell!!! Manson!!!! Great job!!!

  61. Kelsey Parker

    I must say that for the FIRST TIME EVER, I find this parody to be quite distasteful and just not funny in the least. You made this parody way before the facts of how he died came to light…it wasn’t a drug OD AT ALL! Billy’s body was hardly cold before you made a parody out of. Hmmm…where is Andrew Tests’ paradoy?? He FOR SURE died of a drug OD!! You don’t make light of THAT!! Why not?? If Billy Mays was an asshole, I could see the parody, but he wasn’t…you (Bubba) even LIKED the guy!! Jeez…! I find it really disgusting that you Manson did that and then you played it, to boot! Keep in mind, that I didn’t even find the Caylee/Casey Anthony song to be bad – I supported you on that one, but just cannot on this one! You crossed the line. Sorry!

  62. Greg

    I think some people are missing the point of the parody. The parody is funny because he did likely take oxy at one time for pain, and not anything to do with his death. It isn’t saying that’s how he died. It’s just hilarious. Some people on here are saying “He died of heart disease. The parody doesn’t imply that he overdosed on oxy. It’s a parody song, stop taking everything so damn seriously. If you are offended by this or you are like this “Anon” fag and don’t think parodies are funny, just don’t listen. I think a gay show like Lex and Terry or M.J. would be more up your alley. Stop bitchin! Manson, keep up the great parodies!

  63. Rick

    keep up the best fuc*in radio show no best fuc*in show every.(no disrespect to howard)

  64. Rick

    Get off the MJ & Billy May bullshit. It’s getting boring. MJ is a hack that you don’t need to bring into you’re show Bubba. Unless your an insecure hack bury the issue.

  65. angela

    My husband kept telling me, listen to the show, it’s changed. It’s not like it used to be. I had pretty much given up listening to 102.5 in the morning and found 96.5, then a few months back Bubba was on there too. So this morning I get in the car to go to work, and this trash is on. Nice to see things are exactly the way they were. I’ve now reprogrammed my car as I am not about to listen to someone’s idea of “funny” that is very distasteful, and most likely very hurtful to his family. So much for anything the family needs to let you know. BS. Now 2 stations have lost a listener, but I’m sure no big deal.

  66. Mike V. Waters

    NOT FUNNY.. TOTALLY SUCKS!! You are normally a funny and talented parody artist, NOT YOUR BEST EFFORT.

  67. B Fudd


  68. Autumn

    Just proves my proposition that the secret to life is: It’s nothing but one big joke, and you can even joke about death! We need more humor! ;-}

  69. Jessie

    Hey Bubba, i love you & some people need to get the sticks outta their asses, C’MON PPL, ITS A FREAKIN PARODY!!

  70. Shaky J

    AZ listener here…That was funny; too bad you were wrong on the cause of death. Anyway, what a loss for the marketing/commercial industry. Manson, you should get a raise! Bubba’s an asshole. Yeah!

  71. Sarge

    This kicks ass!! Broadcast this shizit all over!!

  72. Adam

    Did not think Billy Mays parody was funny not because it was disrespectful or anything just thought it was the least funny bit I have ever heard Manson do. Usually his stuff is much funnier. Where can I hear his Michael Jackson bit that one is funny as hell. I emailed everyone on the show asking but I guess they are all too busy to take 1-2 minutes to help a fan out and reply to my email. Also bubbas show is a whole hell of a lot better uncensored he knows it his staff knows his fans know it. Hopefully Sirius well somehow be able to show him the money and get him back 5 days a week. Once again please tell me where I can find the Michael Jackson parody because everyone on the show is being a dick and won’t answer my email thanks.

  73. jad


  74. Chris

    You are your listeners are sick people and I hope you burn in hell!

  75. lindsey hernandez

    is there any where i can download this on my ipod

  76. leadfoot5014

    awesome! Manson you did it again!!!! the phone call from that dumb ass christy was good too. well done!

  77. frank

    Would’ve been funnier if he was still alive

  78. Mike D

    Mean…but funny guys! Just wish it wasnt the clean version!

  79. sean

    another manson homerun nobody does it better

  80. Mark

    Manson, you are the shiz (with a z)

    Great job once again!!!!
    Keep up the great work!!

  81. Kenny G

    Manson at his best once again! F-ing hilarious!

  82. sean

    i f***ing love manson’s parodies. no holds barred, balls nailed to the wall insanity. don’t stop-ever.

  83. sean

    great job manson. your parodies rock. no holds barred, balls nailed to the wall insanity. don’t stop-ever.

  84. Bubba the Genius

    Manson is so friggin funny and talented unlike other 2 sidekicks. Bubba should give Manson a time slot to do a phil hendrie type skit. I mean he can do lots of friggin voices just like Hendrie.

  85. Cindy

    This parody is not funny, but it is brilliant. It is 100% true.
    Thank you for telling it like it is.

  86. Roger that

    This just in, Cocaine was a contributing factor in his death.

  87. John

    To F-ing funny way to go Manson.

  88. Stacy

    Please post the newest “Billy Mays on Cocaine!” It tops this one!

  89. Bob

    I agree with Stacey. Please post the latest one you did in August about the cocaine. Manson – YOU ARE THE BEST!

  90. Dr.Remulak

    Manson got it all wrong, you take an 80mg, wash off the pretty green coat and crush it up and snort it! Now that’s the true power of Oxy!

  91. kelly

    you got to play the cocaine one

  92. Frank

    I think the funny thing ,is that most of the people on here talking shit, were on Billy’s cock, now who has the last laugh great job guys!

  93. Joshua Forth

    Funny as hell!!! you rock, i prank call eveyone in the phone with this bit funny as hell. and even prank call the police dept!!! the person was laugh hard as hell!!

  94. eugene in seffner

    i tell you what bubba. that manson is funny as hell. you got a great crew.. keep up the grat work and burn that little midget M.J. you know he hates it when you are on fox 13…. holla

  95. Phil Mc Crackin

    you forgot to tell us how to order! WTF!!!!!!

  96. celt1985

    Just as funny as I expected coming from the comedic mind of Manson. Yet I still find the Billy Mays cocaine parody much funnier. keep up the great entertainment.

  97. Amir Thompson

    Many thanks for posting that excellent tune :-) I enjoy listening to it!

  98. steve

    Manson, you’re brilliant. F the haters

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