Manson – Joe Paterno Song

November 14th, 2011 by Staff

Manson – Joe Paterno song available for free download click here


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23 Responses

  1. Jack

    I like your show and have supported most of the paraodys, many contriversal, over the years, but most have stayed close to the facts. This song is borderline libelous and slanderous. Here are some of your lyrics:

    1. “You let rape take place.” Paterno did NOT let rape take place. He was told about it a day later after it happened.

    2. “Coached in the nude.” Coach Paterno never coached in the nude.

    3. “covered up”. There is no factual evidence or proof that he covered anyhting up. He reported it to supervisors as soon as a witness told him of inappropriate behavior, that he did not actual see or have first hand information to give to the police..

    4. “smiled while it took place.” Smiling and approving of this behavior is not the same as being clueless or nor proactive.

    5. “You covered up sodomy.” (repeatedly) If this was true he would have been arrested. As of now while the song is playing this is a blatently false statement. It is only being accepted as true because so many people on the internet, average people and editorials from the media, keep stating it as fact, when it is not.

    6. “Disgraced PSU” He may not have lived up to the high standards people expected of him, a legend and a man of integrity, but it was the molester Sandusky that brought disgrace to the university not Paterno.

  2. Tim Wilbur

    Once again Manson proves he is the King!!!

  3. chris

    We need u guys back here in Orlando!!!!!!

  4. vincent melini

    right on. everything u sang about is on point. ur the talent of the show by far

  5. Chris Kos

    Strike a nerve Jack? Lighten up. Manson is the master of the song parody and he gave us what we love. That’s one of the reasons we love the show so much.

  6. Mark Lather

    Hey Jack, I’m guessing you went to PSU.

    It’s just a song brotha, relax.

  7. craig

    Bubba gotta come back to orlando

  8. Steveo


  9. Willie McGillicuddy-Jones

    You know, Jack, Manson did omit the fact that JoePa recently sold his house for $1 to his wife in the event that word got out about all of this and the lawsuits would be aplenty.

  10. Joel

    Manson has the voice of an angel

  11. JD

    Manson you did get some facts wrong and accused Joe of a couple things that are not true.

  12. Stan

    Manson you are the SHIT!!! that song is GREAT!!

  13. Stan

    Jack was a victim of penn st. ……he thought he would make 1st string if he just kept quiet and did what he was told.

  14. Tim

    Jack- It is obvious hyperbole not “borderline libelous and slanderous” now take 2 steps back, pull your tampon out try M.J.- he is probably more your speed. This is a comedy show, not factual news. Get a life.

  15. Corey in S.Daytona

    @Jack: STFU PUSSY! I wish you call the show so bubba can ”quit you” and give you the evil

  16. John

    Manson – miss you on Sirius… your the best…

  17. Charles

    LOL @ Stan’s comment. Also I must say great song I love listening to it every time

  18. raff

    you guys are the shit,miss you so much on Sirius.They should take the great black whale off and put you guys back on!!!!!

  19. Scott

    Jack is clearly a kid toucher

  20. ned

    Jack must have been one of Sandusky’s students or an alter boy. Paterno deserves to go to hell.

  21. Jimmy

    I listen on my iphone in Montana every morning on my way to work. The only reason I “HAD” Sirius. Miss you guys!

  22. Mike

    Jack wash your pussy and suck Joe’s ass you PSU fag. Perhaps you didn’t learn what the term “Song Paraody” is while getting your lame education at PSU.

    This stuff is why we listen to Bubba. Don’t like it go listen to Rush Limbagh or Bill ORiley and save your negative comments for them.

    Manson is King, Sirius needs to dump Stern (who never comes to work) and hire back Bubba!

  23. Thommy

    This song is so on point….Joe Pa is the equivalent of the Pope with his inaction concerning children being raped….yes raped. Jack get bent you tool and don’t try to defend this enabler…assclown!!!!!

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