Green and Yellow (Packers Theme)

February 4th, 2011 by Staff

Listen to Ned’s Green and Yellow:

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Download Green and Yellow:
Ned – Green and Yellow (Packers Theme)

83 Responses

  1. josh

    Holy shizit!! Bed went all out on this one,awesome!!

  2. David


  3. adam

    Ned keep it up

  4. Ray

    Ned is the Bomb! I did like the Radio IO version too.

  5. Jeff

    Any way to provide Ned’s song so that those of us with iPhones can download it? iPhone users can’t use Adobe flash player.

  6. dean


  7. Jeffrey

    Probably the best i’ve heard out of the army guys. The lyrics are so amazing. Great work Mr. Mandingo! Love it.

    Keep it rockin guys, and fuck Sirius.

  8. dean


  9. Muddy

    Step father busted a nut listening to it!

  10. Brittany

    Song is amazing. Ned is the best

  11. Steve

    Can you post it in Quicktime for us Iphone and Ipad users?

  12. Martin L Smigielski

    LOVE IT Now how can I get a copy of the origional that was on the unsencered show yesterday?

  13. William

    Ned as always, hits another one out of the park!!

  14. McGuckin

    This song is AWESOME…… Like Tom the Treeman.
    Ned is my favorite nizzle.

  15. Kate

    Love this song. Ned is the best!

  16. Mike D.

    Not a fan of either team but this song is tight!!

  17. Amber

    That was awesome, and hilarious. thanks for posting it

  18. Niki

    Awesome! Thanks for the freebie! It helped manage the pain while on the phone dealing with Sirius Customer Service b.s.; conversations which I always record for documentation purposes, given their track record of shady business practices.

  19. leiland

    steeler nation!! steelers will win the super bowl!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Ben

    Green Bay Fudge-Packers

  21. Allen

    creative thinking loving it

  22. Joe

    Doesnt work with iPhone or iPad. Can we get some help here?

  23. Brad

    Your best yet Ned!! GO PACK!!

  24. Ed

    Keep it up Bubba I love your show! screw the haitians!!!!

  25. tss300

    Why is it edited this is not the original song

  26. ernie

    what you cut it up

  27. Eric

    thats funny ned I have your name on my tant/chode “ned’s hungery hole” Your so great ill drink your bath water if you rape me and give me a mock abortion!!! sounds like a good time?????

  28. MPK

    hey its not there fault you losers went with apples crappy phone

    go GB go

  29. Strick9

    Ned = Genius!

  30. brent

    simply the best

  31. david shapiro

    very nice Ned!! shared it I did!

  32. joe

    So great. First one was good too tho. Quit makin Ned change his artwork!

  33. Nickey


  34. Paul

    love you Ned green and yellow

  35. Diego

    This is cool and all, but I liked the one on Radio IO from Thursday. Where can I buy that?

  36. Michelle

    Love the song Ned!!!

  37. bigctry

    Wat to BRING IT Ned

  38. BP

    Awesome! I love this song. Ned is the MAN!

  39. mike

    ned is the shizzle big mike from chucktown

  40. Savy

    Largo boy from GB, The crew of BRN is the Shizit. Spice congrats, is Joe V and gang invited ? Reply with beers and I will be there, dont know about the rest.I want a hand job from Nedly

  41. magicman

    you da shit ned keep it up pimpin

  42. Stephanie

    Ned killed it. Haven’t heard something bad from him yet (and I’m a long time listener).
    Ned > Lil Wayne

  43. 3zswhere

    Another top ten hit Ned, Awesome!!

  44. Rick Dizzle

    Ned this shit is solid gold, keep it up!

  45. Rich

    Biggest Ned Mark EVER!!! THIS the greatest parody song ever!!!!

  46. jaf

    you’re a sick man. But I did laugh.

  47. hop

    Ned rocks

  48. tommy

    where can we get the whit power version

  49. Mike


  50. john

    where is the verse on bubba? c’mon, getting bubba going gay was the best part!

  51. Adam

    The version on the uncensored show was better, wish that one was available.

  52. makya53

    Ned you are the shit! BTLS thanks for the android app, Sirius lost both of my accounts…

  53. Tammy

    You rocked it

  54. cooterbrown

    keep it up manson

  55. Tony mac

    Love the words about rapelisburger I’m in the most hated player group of that big headed dick.

  56. Jim


  57. Robert

    For iphone users, download Cloud Browse… and then you can use this to play anything requiring Flash…

  58. Eric B

    Yeah… Nice job BED. wtf are you smokin Josh…

  59. Dawn

    Go Pack Go!!

  60. LOTOR

    You need to have the radioio version for download!!

  61. peaches

    Nice work…i like that alot! GO GREENBAY!Thats tight work..

  62. Joseph

    What happened to the original RadioIo version where Ned fags Bubba out?

  63. Brian

    Need help getting it on I phone
    But very good listened to it twice that day awesome help us I phone users

  64. ken

    this is great!!!! keep it up ned

  65. eli

    neds the shit. cool stuff .go pack!!!!!!!!!

  66. pat b

    wow! ned is da man. awesome job.i laughed my ass the BTLS keep it up.

  67. Trevor

    Awesome, can’t wait for the Packers to hoist the trophy. Going to be playing this song non stop. Love the show. GO PACKERS!!!

  68. Matt

    If you jail break your iPhone / iPad and add the frash plugin (flash) you can get the audio with no problem!!!

    I played this for my wife (steelers fan) about half a dozen times after greenbay took it.

  69. Joseph

    GO PACK GO!!!!

  70. Joseph

    Go Pack Go!!!!!

  71. Wardrivn

    Ned kicks ass, great song Ned!!!!

  72. chez

    Another masterpiece by Nedley Mandingo. thanks ned.

  73. tuffy

    Hockey season now in Steeler country, Good game ass packers

  74. Bill J

    So good……

  75. Brandy

    One of the BEST!!

  76. Tim California

    Love it Ned! When are u guys coming back to Sirius?

  77. MarkNJBass

    Where’s the part where Ned fags out Bubba….that was classic….

  78. justlu

    What happened to the version with the line about kuhn and white power ? Did that jobber in Jacksonville dump it ?

  79. james

    great song had me singing it for days cant get it out my head keep the good work up ned your the best in a non-fagget way

  80. duckbill

    Miss you guys on Howard 101, hope a deal can be struck to get you all back where you belong.

  81. Brandon

    packers suck

  82. Ryan

    I phones suck get an Android

  83. Vinny

    I loved this song. I wish I could download it though…

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