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September 23rd, 2009 by

Love the “Boopity” and “Dueling Der Ders” song? Listen to or Download them FREE!!


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

71 Responses

  1. jay

    thanks bubba and crew both r funny

  2. Skip Plotts

    Thanks Manson and Spice for the tunes there great.
    Thanks Bubba for the free downloads

  3. Jarrett

    der der der.

    thank you soo much, making this into a ringtone for my phone.


  4. bubbabaja

    Nice one bubba. Thanks

  5. Jeremy Darnell

    Love everything about the show, keep up the good work

  6. B-Fudd


  7. terry

    how do you download them i only see a play option. he said you could download them.

  8. Charles brattvet

    That is great!!!! Yea baby yea!!!!! That is funnyer than anying I have herd in a long time!

  9. Charles brattvet

    That is great!!!!!!

  10. Charles brattvet

    Love the song!!!!! It’s going to be a Hit!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Charles brattvet

    boobit de do!!!

  12. Charles brattvet

    That song boobit de do is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Charles brattvet

    Love that song boobit de bo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Dave

    Thank You so much for putting these on here,they are great.Loyal listener hoping you guys stay on satillite.Looking forward future brilliance.

  15. Dan

    play the dirty ones

  16. Shawn Poirier

    Love both songs maybe Manson can do a Canadian A A A A song ah!!

    New Liskeard Ontario Canada.

  17. Garrett

    AWESOME! Looking forward to the next Itunes release!!! Bubba Army!!!

  18. Jeff

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing

  19. bob

    that 25 cent dance was a hoot. you rule 25.

  20. fred brown

    these are just so Fing funny thanx for the free download and keep up the good work Manson

  21. Cesar

    Bubba & Crew thank you for songs! They are awesome!

  22. road_Sign

    lol this is awsome i was driving in illinois played der der der song on cb they was laughin too ty for makin dat go by better peace be safe have great day road

  23. Jeramie

    Great work and I cannot express enough how much I appreciate you allowing the Bubba Army to DL it for free.

    Thank you Bubba and Crew.

    (Nashville, TN)

  24. papasmurfen

    funniest shit i have heard in a long time keep it going… F.T.E.

  25. Jeff

    I love these songs, I cant wait to play them for my wife, she might hate you afterwards. I love you guys.
    Lake Havasu, AZ

  26. Jason Bonedead

    Fin love that shit

  27. mark

    Too cool!

  28. sudden badger

    Hey Bubba and the crew, lovin your show over here in the UK

  29. vic novak

    funny stuff keep mit up

  30. John

    Thanks for the funny sh*t. Your on air team really kicks a lot of a#%. Thanks again

  31. Chad "Jester" Collins

    love the music! you guys rock!!! too funny!

  32. Steve Rice

    Bubba…you and the guys are incredible, DONT listen to the haters.

    Manson, Spice…AWESOME job guys!!! Thank you so much for entertaining all us F.T.E.’s from the great white north.


  33. Justin

    I immediately had to make these into ringtones for my iphone, everybody at work is jealous!

  34. Dan

    love ur work keep it up play neds new white trash road some more please thanks BITCH lol hang in there ur ratings got to go up

  35. Mike D

    Awsome stuff. Thanks guys!

  36. B-Real

    Brothers, this these songs are like Beetle juice’s comments on the Excorcist..Shiz just keeps getting funnier every time I hear it..something so simple can be sooo damn funny.. love it bro’s..

  37. leadfoot5014

    thanks again bubba….once again you kick ass!!!!

  38. Jen

    Thanks so much for putting these up for us…love it! :)

  39. JL

    Thanks guys,

    First heard you guys on Howard’s channels on Sirius and am now a loyal listener. I think that you are up there with Howard and will do just fine in the long run. Can’t wait for 17 months to go by were I can hear you uncensored again. If Sirius doesn’t pay for you I am done with them and will stay with you.



    Bubba and crew – you guys really rule the airwaves. I could not ever go back to the weak ass bob and tom show after the first listen to your show!!! It took a long time to get you here in the tri county area on Florida’s other cot and I hope we never loose you…..

  41. Rembrandt KFFK

    You Guys keep me rockin, Thanks for the ring tones.

  42. Stern Show Chat

    Love the dueling der ders! Keep up the great work guys!

  43. Jim Couch

    thanks for that der der laugh manson, and thanks for the free song Bubba!!

    Bubba Army

  44. Weedo

    Boop boobity boop boop boop boobity boop boop boop boopity boop,Boop boobity boop boop boop boobity boop boop boop boopity boop,ba boop bop bip bip boopity boop boop boop boppity,Boop boobity boop boop boop boobity boop boop boop boopity boop.

    I listen to 93 rock broward. don’t get cancelled you fat bastard. BAAAHH!

  45. Firestarter

    Great songs!!! I do wish that you would be on here in Louisville. Howard was on until “Nipple Gate”. Keep up the good work. NED ROCKS!!!

  46. s8ang

    I watched racing, muted it and listened to the dueling der-ders. I spit my beer out and almost pissed myself when they pitted at the end of the song.(some came out my nose…) Thanks for the free shizz with a Z. Pussy.

    Thanks again, Bitches.


  47. The LA Nigga


  48. Fritz

    Thanks guys / now my new ringtones cant wait for someone to call me while i am in a Walmart type situation !!!!!!

  49. snowie

    where is my ringtone!!!! burbly boopity

  50. thOm

    LOve the Songs guys im one of your 12 listeners in 0rlandO 13 if you count my wife! keep up the great work and dont ever leave orlando again! F**K lex and terry!!! ps there gonna be doing sum motercycle ride to HardRock in tampa from OrlandO Gett ‘em Bubba Army!!!!

  51. rick

    der der and boopity seem to be too long to load in my phone. How do I shorten them?

  52. ghost

    Love the der der song right up my alley. FTE from Mo. Ned ur the best manson stay in the back of the bus. F spice asswipe. Bubba ur the MAN.

  53. john

    Hey Bubba,thanks.You got a great show,hope you are going to stay with Sirus.have a great weekend

  54. Rob

    How do you download the files? I can only play them. HILARIOUS!!

  55. Ray

    The more you listen to them, the funnier they get. Great stuff Guys

  56. bman

    Can’t get that damned boopity out of my head. This won’t help! Thanks guys.

  57. jose

    yall are a bunch of funny mo’fos lol ttyl NED ROCKS!!!

  58. George

    Funny funny funny funny funny funny funny

  59. randy

    love these songs as usual always the best stuff

  60. bob

    ned ya old bastard, you fin rock,thanks for the new ring tone,boo bitty

  61. ogphat

    Love the show and the Boopity song is to great.

  62. berto

    great job guys love them both der der kicks ass also thanks to bubba for the heather pics on twitter u r a lucky man

  63. Justin j from staten island

    great songs bitches. listen to you guys on Sirius great shit. Ned keep your thumb outta your ass.

  64. joel

    Great job guys. Bubba was talking about der der and boopity gone wild show. They already did that. It’s called Cops. Thanks for the downloads. OH yeah Ned stay away from the pigs and stick with the chickens. Bird flu is not a concern anymore, but swine flu is running wild.

  65. Rob

    lol I love this, listened to bubba 9-10:30 after I got off work man these guys kill me.

  66. professor elmo

    Man o man thank the f**K i got bubby for my afternoons…I cant count how many times i sit in traffic as this “CANADIAN” FTE laughs out loud or smiles cause of the antics,ribs,razzin and all out bs..Now they add these two dittys..Jesus Hope it never stops…Tks to the BTLS crew!!


  67. John Bainum

    I love it guys, you ROCK, keep it coming :)

  68. dawson_canuck

    lol love the songs boys! Make a trip up to Canada soon tho! Calgary would be cool and all, but f that, come to Regina Sask. You cant argue with the city that rhymes with…”fun” so come down to the prairies for a bubbapalooza sometime!

  69. Jim Fortner

    Greetings from Volunteer country!!! absolutely love the clips!!! Hilarious!!!! listen to you guys along with howard courtesy of my stiletto 2. you guys make my work day fly by. Also teach martial arts in KY (2 schools) if you ever want to talk mma/martial arts, i’m game. been doing it since i was 10. LOVE THE SHOW!!!! NED ROCKS!!!! KEEP IT COMING!!!!

  70. James nh

    THANK you so very much! just got a new phone and these are my first tones.
    I listen on Howard 101 and reg radio when I’m in seminole ..
    happy to get you anyway. Pretaped or not-much love guys.

  71. Frank

    You guys are on it. Without going back in the day, I grew up on L.I. so even high expactations or dare I say comparison and heard vaugley of you guys that when I came down to Trampa for classes wanted to see ya, “back in the day”. You guys have it going on. As well as the compassion to be the furture gimmick. you know that.Good luck
    Thanks Frank

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