Manson – Kocab/Curtis Tribute Song (fallen officers)

June 29th, 2010 by Staff

Listen to the song:

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88 Responses

  1. Kevin


  2. Jeff "Bodine" Baker

    I hope when they catch up with the animals that did this the responding officers do a complete magazine dump into the piece of shiz. They don’t deserve the rights they are given.

    R.I.P. To all the fallen Officers

  3. stevro

    My thoughts and prayers are with both of these families .

  4. Gary

    This jackass needs found and just shot at high noon at a public square. Reminds me of a Police Officer shot here in Warsaw, IN in 1994. Some jackass shot a police officer and his 2 kids (almost his wife). He got his end 2 days later in a hail of gunfire in public.

  5. Mike

    BRN thank you all for being so pro cop Manson the best song you have ever done please keep these families in you thoughts and prayers

  6. Mark

    R.I.P. to these fine Law Enforcement Officers from Tampa. I hope these criminals are found and prosecuted. I fought for my country not these scumbags.

  7. Brenda Rucker

    Brings back memories of Hank Earl Carr, Another Sad Sad day in my hometown, These animals should not be given a chance to appear in court, They took 2 officers lives, the lives of their wives , children and UNBORN children will forever be changed. Damnit man when will people take responsibility for their own actions …..all over a misdemeanor warrant…..Seriously????????????????????
    My Heart, Love and Prayers go out to these families, The Tampa Police Department and may the officers RIP…….

  8. senseman

    When the brave Tampa police arrest this guy AGAIN.We can only hope that justice will finally be served. Mark O. [I didn't spell his last name because he deserves the same respect that this murderer he let lose again & again gave to the officers, NONE.] He Is no Morgan & Morgan. MARK O. FOR THE CRIMINAL

  9. TooNite Gracie

    With thoughts & prayers to the officers’ families, and with anger to the criminals. I sincerely hope they are located and dealt with on the spot. I would prefer my tax monies are not spent for the criminals to sit in luxury in jail with 3 meals, health benefits, cable, a/c, and unlimited contact with their loved ones.
    Its time to reevaluate the Crime and the pentalty. 25 years to life needs to mean AND BE enforced as 25 years to life. Too many law enforcement officers are being lost.

  10. Debbie

    May both Officers R.I.P. and may god be with their families. My prayers and thoughts are with their families. It is so sad that someone (s) who are so senseless, selfish, no respect for human life and a bad seed to society might actually have a day with the justice system..why? The Officers who’s lives were taken away so early in life didn’t get a choice..and neither did these Officer’s families..what a very sad day..I want to thank all the Police Officers for what they do everyday..

  11. scott hughes

    My thoughts and pryers go to the famlies of the officers. Mark O should be convicted as well. If he would had put this scumbag where he belongs this would not have happened!!!!! It seems that they are trying to get the bigger fish in the drug chain and see what happens!!!! wake the up and put people away where they belong.

  12. April

    This story just breaks my heart. My prayers go out to their families and friends. Thank you Bubba for all that you do for these fallen officers.

  13. Juan

    R.I.P thank you for your services

  14. john basile

    Rip fallen brother officers bless you and you familly.
    may this scumbag be light up like a xmass tree **** him!

  15. john basile

    Bubba please tells us how we can help i am ready,the bubba army we love all officers of the law and our solders they give everything for our freedoms we take for granted and they will give there lives for our liberties.

  16. John

    Dontae Morris needs to take or be given a dirt nap.

  17. Jim

    Sad very sad, I hope the people responsible for the death’s of these two officers go down in hail of bullets.

  18. davi

    rip i hope they catch this animal

  19. Mike

    I dont live in florida but i hope when they catch up to those responsiable that they will not see another day of life, my thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of all fallin police officers!

  20. Miss Jacobs

    Thanks Manson.. this was very touching.

  21. Debbie Whitfield

    There should be execution for the absolute guilty, No Trial, No Appeal, No 4 star accommidations. If we executed the Bastards like they executed these fine officers we would have less crime.
    May God be with the families of these two fine and brave officers and may they RIP.

  22. Dustin

    great song. had tears in my eyes. I hope they get this animal who did this and kill onsite! No room for jail for this guy. A bullet is cheaper than a jail cell for the taxpayers.

  23. Richard

    May God rest the souls of our Heroes, all of them…especially the fallen officers today and our soldiers,EMT’s and anyone that risks their lives for us to live the way we do daily…THANK YOU SO MUCH…We pray for ya’ll everyday and now for the families of Jeffrey Kocab and David Curtis. I hope they pull him out by his toe shredded to pieces Sherrif Grady Judd style. (Dontae Rashawn Morris) By: Richard from LAKELAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMN BOOPITY’S!!!!!

  24. Joanne

    Heartbreaking. My prayers go out to the families.

  25. LC

    The police will take care of the monster who did this, there is no doubt about that. Everyone else, every person who values life and liberty should do anything and everything they can to support these two familys, and to support all the other familys who have suffered similar losses. Money is not everything, but by God it should be something these familys never have to think about, we should all make sure these wives have their bills paid and that these kids never have to worry about tuition or anything else.

  26. Ron Gilbert

    RIP Brothers.

    Godspeed on catching the POS that did this. He should have been locked up long before they crossed his path.

    I hope he dies a slow painful death.

  27. markjet

    public beatdown is what this putrid scumbag deserves,its time we start gettin midevil on these suckholes of society, im sick of this system, it don’t work, the state lawyers that got this pig outta jail need to be removed immediatley, i pray for the families, i can’t imagine what they must be going through…….

  28. Doug

    A horrible senseless tragedy so unbelievably sad, it is unbearable to contemplate the reality for the officer’s families, friends, and community. May their sacrifice never be forgotten.

  29. Chris Johnson

    Thanks for talking about this story and giving us the info about everything. Love the show and I am a new listener from Nashville, Tn. And trying to get you on the air here so keep it up guys! Love the work!

  30. mike

    Dontae Rashawn Morris, 24 killed two cops today, they have a $75,000 reward for him. I would love to kill him myself an give that reward to the kids that will never see their dads again.But they will catch him an he will have rights, just like that other m….. f….. that threw the baby out the window on 275 he is still waiting for his trial date f… these m….. f…… you kill cops throw a baby out the window of a moving car no court date just kill them!!!

  31. mike h 9;54

    when does it all stop/when we stop it!!!!the 9th comment is mine mike h

  32. Howiefelter

    True Heros, all of you. RIP sirs

  33. Tony Fuentes

    from edmonton Canada FTE my condolance to the families to the fallen braves hope to god they catch this MOTHER ******

    Bubba and the BTLS crew are true pioneers




  35. Rob B

    As the father of a police officer My heart goes out to the family’s . Manson the song is beautiful. I pray daily that I never have to go thru this !!! The Pussification has to stop and respect has to prevail !!!!There is something to be said bout the wild west this shit wold not happen !!!!!

  36. Rob B

    The SOB’s that let scum like this back on our streets should be incarcrated for putting the public in harms way !!! And are 100% responsible for the death of these fine officers !!!!!!!!

  37. Keith

    I live in Milwaukee and if it wasn’t for the BRN I wouldn;t have even heard about this. My Heart goes out to the families and the the officers professional family as well. Police officers everywhere put their lifes on the line for us and most people don’t care. But this is total BULLSHIZ!!
    I hope that this a**hole gets whats coming to him. A bullet right between the eyes. Again my condolences to the TPD and the families.

  38. Dan "Fatkid"

    This brings back memories of officer Aslten in E. Hartford Ct who was killed in the line of duty. I pray that when they catch up to this P.O.S. the make him a human sprinkler. To have ZERO regard for a officer shows he has zero regard for anybody or anything and people like that are are not worthy of our oxygen. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of all fallen emergency personnel. Keep up the GOOD work and be safe. thankyou

  39. Lou Casagrande

    This terrible tragedy hits home even as far as Alberta, Canada. Our hearts are heavy and our heads hang low mourning the loss of these two heroes. may your families somehow find peace in this tragic loss. Thank you BRN for being human and delivering us through this very dark time.

  40. ThinBlueLine

    Thank You guys. Thanks for paying your respects, and thanks for all the support you always show law enforcement.

  41. Eric

    The police are to be worshipped and praised on the new kinder gentler duller BTLS.

  42. DET

    How do i downlead the tribute song? BTW as a cop you guys rock and do a wonderful job supporting us..keep it up!!! TPD Officers RIP brothers

  43. CJ

    From across the country our thoughts and prayers are with you all in Tampa. May those fallen protectors of all that is good and mighty R.I.P.

  44. kilothirty

    “In Valor There Is Hope”

  45. DRL

    I hope they gun down the PIG who killed these fine officers. May GOD BLESS them, their families and the entire Tampa Law Enforcement community.


  46. Don Cab

    Good job Bubba on being the first to say the second officer died… before his family was notified. This will be the end of your second run on terrestrial radio. I could not be happier as you will be forced to come back full time to Sirius and put on a good show. Your need to be noticed and be first is a blessing to those who hate your dull morning zoo nut hut show and love your filthy over the top Sirius afternoon show.

  47. james

    good job reporting the news yesterday bubba. they should catch these guys tie them up behind a car and drag them by there ***** behind a late model on a track!!!

  48. Cousin Bill

    I want to thank each and everyone one of you for your kind words, thoughts, and prayers. As a family member of Officer Jeff Kocab’s I can say that we have seen and felt your thoughts and cannot tell you you how much it means. Please keep Sara in your thoughts as she deals with her loss and with the baby she will be having soon without her husbands support.

    Thanks Bubba Army !!!!

    Bill Schellhammer

  49. CHRIS


  50. jef

    As a LEO thank you Bubba for all that you do for us in law enforcement, Manson GREAT JOB. May our fallen heros R.I.P.
    may God watch over the families and fellow leos in this time of tragity. Thanks BRN we love you

  51. Bobbi-Lee Lonsdale

    This just breaks my heart to know that these officers were needlessly taken from there families and all the while just trying to do their jobs. My prayers goes out to the wives and children who have lost their husbands and fathers in this horrific and despicable act of violence.

  52. Jack

    Meh. People die everyday. Many are killed by cops that don’t have a clue what they’re doing. You people need to get over it.

  53. edward williams

    To all LEO’S looking for this POS. may you run out of bullets and everyone of them find their mark. RIP brothers.

  54. edward williams

    Ok don how was Bubba to know the family was not yet notified. he gets the info from official sources. if he was wrong i will be the first to step up and tell someone so. not the case here jackass. use your comments to comfort the officers family’s or encourage the other officers on the hunt. THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Dangerous

    Chilling and tragic. Puts it all in perspective…

  56. Dawn

    R.I.P both of you.Our hearts and our prayers go out to these families.Bless these children who not have their father with them but let them know they are being watched over by these men who died for a job that is never paid enough for or given the acknowledgement deserved.To that baby who will only know stories of it’s father,I pray that the little angel will know that it has a gaurdian angel.

  57. Tony

    Only question that should be addressed….. Why was this piece crap even on the streets, after countless charges against him for all sorts of crime, he is able to roam the streets and kill cops. Way to go justice system, way to go!! Maybe when they find this moron that did this, they won’t run out of ammo as quickly as they did with that guy in the woods in Pasco county.

  58. bill olver

    how many times do the police arrest,these same felons, time time again are released from prison by the judicial system.
    it is time for 3 strikes youre out here.until that happens there will be chaos in the streets,and we know who is running the streets.


  59. vince


  60. Keith

    R.I.P to these officers, we had one here in detroit killed here on may 3rd by a scumbag with a similar record and i hope they both fry!!! But on a lighter note a piece of info for everyone Manson did not write or sing this song, i believe its nickelback where the hell have you people been?

  61. shagger

    Bubba, thank you for all you do for law enforcement. My self and my family just can’t belive this has happend to two young men who wanted to serve and were put to death by this thing…………..all my wishes for his persuints

  62. Bryan

    Things like this happen in this line of work, but over such a small warrant. Somethings never change in that community if you catch my drift.I hope he doesn’t turn himself in, so he looks like swiss cheese when there done with his butt.
    R.I.P Kocab and Curtis,thanks for what you have done.

  63. ilikeshaved

    2 excellent protectors of the peace, kill by a low life scumbag. My deepest feelings of sorrow go to the families. We in CA. are going through a rough time also. 5 CHP officers killed in 7 weeks here in the southland. great job to the BRN. on keeping use across the USA posted. hope sirus will keep you on!

  64. Danny Daneluk

    I live in Ontario Canada,,about an hour from Toronto,,Even though Im 1700 miles away I still feel great sadness for the families of these fine young men,,Thanks to Bubba and the boys for informing us about this,, God bless and be strong

  65. Nicholas

    Rip My brothers we’re 10-8 and we’re standing the watch now. Go forth to the Father, we’ll take the next call.

  66. WJBush Sr

    He can run, but he cannot hide forever.

    LEO’s will find him and deliver him to his maker. And his maker will deliver him straight to hell!

  67. Bryan

    So, I tell the truth like your show does on a daily basis and that’s the reason I listen, and you take my post off of here. The truth is the truth, some things never change in that community and they never will.

  68. troy conley

    It is so sad that 2 people lost their lives because mark ober did not do his job and prosecute this low life for the 36 drug and attempt murder and other charges.I am sick and tired of the good ole boy network justice system. This piece of crap should have been put behind bars a long time ago. May these fine officers r.i.p. My father was a firefighter for 34 yrs. coming from this background I can honestly say that I APPRECIATE all that you do BUbba .Nobody else has the balls in the media to stand up and support the 1st responders and call people out like mark lunsford or mark ober.Mark Ober should face jail time for this too.Love the show been a faithful listener since the 98 rock days.Keep pressing forward dont let up.

  69. chuck

    This is painful to listen to and my hearts out to the people close to the situation. We have seen a dramatic increase in these types of crimes in Omaha but not on the ones that protect us. BTLS keep up the good work of honoring those who serve all of us, and keep exposing the weakness in the system.

  70. Deputy William Carroll

    My prayers to the my fellow officers and their families. We know evil lurks in the night, we try and train the best we can. With the restrictions placed on law enforcement due to the courts letting these monster go, allowed people like Morris to walk our streets.
    May these fallen hero’s be our GUARDIAN ANGELS and watch over us who are still on streets every night.
    You will not be forgotten nor will your families. You will live on in the hearts of all of us who wear the uniform.
    God bless my brothers, may you rest in peace knowing we will cally on.

    My deepest respect, honor and sympathy from my family and my extended family at the Sarasota County Sheriff’s office

    Deputy William Carroll Badge 1025

  71. Det: Peter Girolamo

    From your Police Officer brothers of the NYPD, may you both rest in peace. And may your families be held in Gods arms through this tragic time while trying to figure out why this happened.

  72. Willy Horton

    Touching words by all. I’m sure these comments will make everything better. Everyone of you who wrote something is a true hero. Random internet posts about two guys nobody knew is clearly the right course of action. I just hope when I die, a bunch of hillbillies will post meaningless thoughts about me. Well done. You’re all heroes.

  73. Willy Horton

    BTW, Deputy Carroll – your grammar is atrocious. What are you, 12? There is nothing wrong with getting an education. You’re welcome. :)



  75. JJ

    I hope they can get more bullets in this peice of **** then they got in the dirtbag from Lakeland.

  76. Deputy William Carroll

    Sorry Willy, Typing on a phone can be difficult at times. Try and take your negative comments else where. I think my point was made. I guess you have nothing better to do than come on here and play English teacher.

    I hope this is much clearer for you to read. I have lost a nights sleep because of your post…NOT

  77. Donald Powell

    From Deputies of the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office in Idaho, May God bring peace to the families and welcome the Officers into the Ranks of Guardian Angels!!

  78. Hary Seaword

    I like how Manson makes parody songs about a dead baby and get heat for it. On the flip-side, he makes a mash-up and get’s praised. Technically, it’s not Manson’s song but a song, created by someone else, and pieced together with news casts…by Manson.

    Sorry to say but everything Manson creates, I change the channel or listen to podcasts.

  79. Tazzy

    first, first first, we were the First, Dave time it to see how long before everyone else announces it. Woohoo, what an honor Tubby, you announced it first. I’m so proud of ya big guy, i’m sure all the cops and families are proud of ya too. What a thing to brag about geezuz….

  80. Dan

    I have known 2 people named Willy Horton in my life, both shared similar features with the piece of rubbish that murdered these two officers of the law. I can’t help but wonder, who but a racist would make the comments that Mr. Horton made under these circumstances?

  81. jason

    r.i.p. gettleman

  82. dave long

    officers got shot over a stupid warrent dummy would have spent at most a week in jail now when caught its life if he makes it to court cops should be able to shoot first and ask questions later

  83. nicholas

    Willy horton!!! your a ******* tool that has nothing better to do with your life but to talk alot of **** you get your head out your ass these men risk there lifes for us as well as any other leo out there. if you cant respect that then move the **** out of our country. writing on here wont make it better but its an outlet to pay respect to these fallen heroes. And i hope you dies soon so we can talk about you. you ******* pussy

  84. nicholas

    and yes my grammer is at a tenth grade level BITCH!!

  85. Matt

    RIP in brothers, we have it from here. You just watch over us as we do what we do every day! Makes no sense, no sense at all…

  86. josh

    tears came to my eyes when I look at those photos, it just doesn’t make sense, to kill over a bad check, R.I.P

  87. Nicholas braden

    blk male here in tampa born and raised dnt waste taxpayers money excute dontae morris directly after the court proceddings courtney bentley i think it is, ok i understand her taking off after officers Curtis & CoKab was fatally shot. but forget that if that was me i probly wouldve stayed but lets say i drove off when i got to where ever i was going i wouldve mos def Called the police and to hear one of the officers legs was run over i think they should (prosecutor) her to the fullest extent of the law & who knows maybe officerss Curtis&Cokab Maybe Couldve Lived

    dont worry Cocab & Curtis Family ((((JUSTICE WILL BE DONE)))) CHIEF Jane Castor Assured Us Of That Thank You Girl & Welcome To Tampa Bay Love Nick B

  88. chris walsh

    i’m sitting her haveing some drink’s,i’m an old troubled punk from chicago that can’t beleave we don’t have more respect for those who help & proteced us.i love your show but i’m not going to put you over over these thoughts,you & everyone should put there hart’s out to those who put there lives out every day for us.i’m one that was that cind of person in the past,put everyone @ sometime need to grow up & be responseable,if @ anytime those who don’t like what i got say,kiss my ass & think about the familey’s suffering god if this is what is installed for those who wishes for those who have given there all.

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