Burning in HELL

April 9th, 2009 by admin

Are you a believer? If you were to ask the guys in the studio, some do and some don’t. Brent and Manson are non-believers so Manson wrote a song about it using the music of Eminem….like to hear it? Here it goes!

Listen to the on-air start & stop

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13 Responses

  1. C-Dubb

    awesome…..bubba wussed out with the disclaimer…

  2. Mike

    God has to LOL at this, if not… he needs to lighten up some.

  3. Stardust

    Real hardcore parody,I gotta laugh way to go Bubba Crew. Sirus subcriber from N.J. Long live The Bubba Army Stardust The One To Trust

  4. Ernie

    This bit was Awesome Get it on I-Tunes ASAP !!!!!!!!

  5. Trent

    Manson this is one of your best bits yet! Keep up the great work.

  6. David

    This is the best song ever. Only the weak minded sheep would be offened by this.

  7. jay

    love the song manson keep the heat going. the uncensored verison is even better. F**k the haters.

  8. Brian Bannon

    We need more secular content like this, and less wimp out disclaimers.

  9. smoke

    manson is the true profit.I pray to ned just like the jahoves(all orginized reliogion) pray to their fartale hero.And both our prayers get answered bout the same!praise manson christ!

  10. joinmeindeath89

    OMF, Bubba you wussed out. What could possible be offensive of this? Why do you have to apologize about this? And Spice, why do we have to be held hostage to your Christian’s way?

  11. shewter123

    great bit manson. lmao. bubba give manson his due.

  12. montana

    Shut the hell up bubba and let the music play!

  13. steve

    That was great.The parody and the rhetoric. It is so funny that the non believers know more than the believers. Fantastic!!

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