Billy Bob’s A Dumb-ass

April 23rd, 2009 by admin


Billy Bob Thornton was on Jimmy Kimmel talking about him being a dick to a Canadian DJ during an interview last week. But it was Billy Bob who was the dumb-ass and Jimmy was a pussy when it came to asking the hard questions. Why do people kiss this guys ass???

Listen to the audio from the show and you decide.

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10 Responses

  1. Jay

    Billy BooB..who cares?

  2. Jason

    Why do people kiss this guys ass? Funny you are trying to slam the guy, but yet you play a couple of sound clips of him almost everyday when you come back from commercial (ie Bad Santa). I don’t know I guess I missed the point of this article since I didn’t watch the Kimmel show.

  3. Pat

    Billy Bob is a mark..flat out. This guy is a pompous idiot and should not have been glorified by Jimmy Kimmel on his show. I think Kimmel should have stepped up and told Billy Bob what a douchebag he was on the Canadian show.
    Billy Bob…what a white trash loser.

  4. bill b. Hamilton Ontario Canada (near Toronto)

    BillBThornton was/is a complete A-Hole, BIGTIME, at his Toronto radio interview… i saw the complete interview, and the only point the host was establishing at the beginning was that he was best known for being an “actor”, as part of the introduction, not a question… everything else the host said related to the band! i felt totally turned-off to this guy; and his group members seemed to sense the ‘awardness’ BBT created when they started replying to some of the questions, although, i am not speaking for them……. i actually don’t even remember the name of the group, since the inappropriate, childish-type behaviour overshadowed what could have been an ‘upbeat’ favorable promotion of BBT + the band…….. try getting a real day-job BBT & see how most people live……… ty

  5. bill b. Hamilton Ontario Canada (near Toronto)

    PS; they wouldn’t likely be appearing on the Jimmie Kimmel show next with an ego and attitude like that…. Wah-wah-wah BillBob!!!thank you…….

  6. Paul

    I dont like the guy either but lets face it..He DID bang Angelina Jolie for quite some time.

  7. MurdaMooch

    Glad billy bob got booed off stage the next night at his show.

  8. greg

    I still remember how all you guys blew the oj interview. You guys didnt ask him any hard questions at all

  9. Ryan

    Bubba wants to give Tommy Lee Jones a hand-job imo!

  10. joe c


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